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Dural Flooring

The Flooring Group retails Dural Flooring to customers. Below, Dural explain their brand further;

Company Profile

Dural Concrete Flooring is a 50 year old Toronto based company specializing in resurfacing and leveling of concrete floors. Dural’s staff is unionized, fully insured and easily bondable. All employees are WHMIS and Fall Safety Certified, most with many years of specialized in-house training.

Dural does not sub-contract their work. All equipment and vehicles are company owned. Dural does not utilize third party logistics, delivery systems or warehousing.

Our Toronto Facility houses our tools, equipment, vehicles and warehouses 1000’s of bags of material. We always have the tooling and materials available to complete our customer’s work.

Dural has an excellent reputation for delivering quality work on time, and has enjoyed completing in 2012 alone over 6000 suites/homes in the Greater Toronto Area. Dural has never had a law suit or litigation concerning material, workmanship or quality of work.

Dural is a proud member of the Canadian Construction Association, the Toronto Construction Association and the Mississauga Construction Association.

Mission Statement
To earn the respect of our customers and trade partners by doing the best and becoming the best we can in order to continue building pride and self-esteem for our profession.

Our Vision
To develop Dural Concrete Flooring to be the leading concrete service company by pursuing excellence, craftsmanship and growth.

Our Values

  • Quality
  • Commitment
  • Craftsmanship
  • Teamwork
  • Family
  • Growth

Concrete Services

Dural Flooring offers service excellence and we enjoy a continued working relationship with industry leading general contractors, condo builders, property managers and home owners.The following is a list of services that Dural Flooring provides;

Concrete Floor Leveling
Dural can provide a flat floor using laser levels to determine the variance. Using self leveling products or our own proprietary material. Dural can prepare the floor to receive any finished floor covering, such as tile, carpet, engineered flooring or hardwood.

Concrete Restoration
Dural uses heavy duty industrial planetary diamond grinders with a dust recovery system to restore rain damaged or washed out floors.

Concrete Balcony Repair
Dural can re-slope balcony surfaces to eliminate water pooling and eliminate precast balcony pockets. Precast staircases and landing can be ground and patched to look like new.

Parking Garage, Ramp and Curb Repair
Dural can repair parking garages, moving rooms and garbage rooms and prepare floor surfaces prior to traffic toppings or weather proof membranes. Dural can cut, patch and reconstruct any concrete part of the garage and floor drain recessing can also be completed.

Flooring Removal
Dural can remove glue, tile mastic and epoxies to prepare a floor for new floor coverings such as carpeting, hardwood and tile. Using gas, propane or electrical planetary diamond tipped floor grinders Dural can return the floor to “back to base build”

Concrete Finishing
Dural can steel trowel finish most concrete slabs and polish or stain the concrete to suit the project. Dural’s industrial epoxy finishes will provide your floor with a solid long lasting finish for years to come.