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Telenzo Carpets

The Flooring Group is pleased to announce our partnership with a company well established on the market, operating from generations. We present you Telenzo Carpets, manufacturing high standard carpet flooring in the UK found back in the 1970s with even deeper roots in this industry.

Back in the late 1960s the company found a new niche in carpeting of households and took full advantage of it, while adapting the new technology back then they have gained customer trust.

Fortunately they haven’t stopped further development of their products during the years. This provided them with both the experience and knowledge needed for assembly of a flawless combination between fabric, design and aesthetic suited for every household. Providing us with the best quality there is on the market even today.

Their modern technology and understanding makes today’s product suited for the demanding market, while keeping the long-lasting tradition and standard in carpet making of the brand Telenzo Carpets.

The Flooring Group will be very happy to make this bond between our companies as ever-lasting as Telenzo Carpets are. You are able to learn more about their special manufacturing through multi-ply yarn system on their site. As always, providing you with professional guidance, trustworthy content and only the outstanding products in the field.