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Engineered And Real Wood Vs Laminate Flooring

One the main reasons to choose laminate over the real wood is the price. Laminate is a very cheap source material and keeps low rates and fast installation. Yet, there a few things to consider. The final printed image is not to be changed over the course of time, and the longevity of the flooring is disputable. Once installed, it cannot be treated to be brought to life. It must be fully reinstalled. On the other hand, the engineered wood is a little bit more expensive but can be re-sanded and stained if need be. And we are all aware of the practical aspect of the real solid wood planks. No printed image can bring the cosiness and the rustic feel in a room like wood does. And it also worth mentioning that the life of a real or engineered wood is at times longer. This put into money will make them the cheaper.