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Everything You Need to Know About Merbau – Pros & Cons

Merbau flooring started gaining reputation of a high-quality solution just like oak. This wood is found in the Pacific Ocean Islands and Southeast Asia – the tree grows in wet areas and provides great characteristics. The Flooring Group professionals will share with you both the benefits and drawbacks it has. Merbau timber is very easy to work with and offer a wide range of colours to suit any taste – ranging from yellow shade to deeper brown, this flooring solution is suitable for both residential and commercial premises. Experts say that it is very stable when it comes to humidity so you should not have any concerns even if you want to install it in kitchens and bathrooms. As any other flooring type, Merbau has some drawbacks you should consider – some people say that it can trigger mild allergic reactions such as runny nose. If you are an enthusiastic DIY-er, have in mind that Merbau is very recommended to be professionally installed as it requires a special know-how of the process.