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Commercial Flooring News

Fibre Flooring

The Flooring Group and their new supplier Fibre Flooring are happy to collaborate efficiently making more and more customers satisfied with the quality of our flooring options. The companies solely rely on environmentally-conscious solutions that are not only very sleek but eco-friendly too.

Fibre Flooring provides an outstanding range of flooring products that reflect both traditional and contemporary designs. We guarantee you that no matter if you choose to rely on statement wool stripes or on the timeless sisal boucles, your floor will be both durable and aesthetically appealing.

The company is run by professionals who are passionate about flooring and creating great design options. The brand is trusted and established as they were one of the pioneers in the introduction of natural flooring in the UK. Having long years of experience and knowledge in the industry, we can say that Fibre Flooring is based upon tried and tested principles.

You can get a rich variety of carpets according to your needs. Find numerous of options and browse through Fibre Flooring`s collections of natural carpets, wool carpets and rug borders.

The Flooring Group takes pride in working together with such a prominent partner – we are looking forward to extending the list of our happy customers!