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Commercial Flooring News


The Flooring Group is pleased to introduce you our new supplier Flexr. We are happy to share the same business values and relationships with customers built on trust, loyalty and a guarantee for a first-class service!

Our partner has been in the flooring business for more than 50 years – similar to our company, through the years, Flexible Reinforcements Limited has realised that clients praise the most accuracy, competence and high-quality before and after sale service.

Flexible Reinforcements Limited has a highly motivated workforce that is dedicated to providing the best possible service – meeting the needs of the demanding flooring market is what Flexr does best!

Flexr is a privately owned independent company that works closely with a number of manufacturers across the world. As we already mentioned, Flexible Reinforcements Ltd has been manufacturing and distributing PVC sheeting for more than 5 decades. The company offers a wide range of products – Rectaleen Calendered PVC; Flexiban Polyester Reinforced Scrim Laminates; Weavetop Polyester Reinforced Laminate; Bondwave Nylon Reinforced PVC sheeting; Expanded PVC Foam; Ring Mechanisms; Athena Vinyl; etc.

Athena Vinyl is a remarkable collection that is available in a tile or full rolls. It is inspired by Athena – the Greek goddess of arts and crafts. Athena Woven Vinyl incorporates a combination of timeless hues and contemporary designs. Flexr prides their Athena Vinyl collection as it is a practical flooring solution for both residential and commercial installations.

The Flooring Group is looking forward to working with Flexible Reinforcements Limited!