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Flock Carpets

The Flooring Group has long been selling Flock Carpets to our customers. Below, Flock Carpets further detail their products;


Produced by Flock

Flock presents an extraordinary range of carpets beautifully designed and exclusively made with 100% of the best wool. Laneve is a superior natural fibre with unique credentials, premium performannce and great integrity; expectional natural luxury ro change your home and reflect your mode of living.

Castlepoint Station is a well known coastal property located in the Wairarapa region of New Zealand’s North Isalnd, 64 kilometres (40 miles) east of Masterton. The Station is 9,200 acres (3,750 hectares) with 7 miles (12 kilometres) of coastline. The sheep and cattle breeding property has always been renowned for its production of premium quality carpet wool with excellent whiteness which is desired by the world’s best carpet makers. The Station has been farmed since 1847 and the wool used to be loaded from the Castlepoint beach and shipped by sea to London where it was highly sought after. Emily and Anders Crofoot purchased the property in 1998. They emigrated from a family farm in the United States and live at Castlepoint. Tom Bush is the farm manager and has responsibility for the 20,000 sheep and 1,000 head of beef cattle on the property. There is a wonderful team culture on the Station and great respect is shown for the people, the livestock, and the land. Long term sustainability of the land is as important to the business as profitability in this pristine environment.

 Flock Carpets is part a of a new but enthusiastic company callet Flock Living.

They offer a totally new approach to the ageing world of carpets. The have come up with a bold collection of carpets that bring something new into the market. They do not follow the normal lines of the mainstream carpet manufacturers.

  Their carpets are constructed to perform exceptionally througout the hous and come in a few bold and modern designs.
  All their products are made of Laneve New Zealand wool.

  • Arcott
  • Ariano
  • Arles
  • Braunes
  • Brecknock
  • Charollais
  • Faeroes
  • Ossimi
  • Oxford
  • Perendale
  • Portland
  • Uda

Cable knit, Tartan, Waves, Lace and Zig Zags – Flock’s range of broadloom carpets are pleasingly different. By introducing patterns and colours that are subtle and elegant, with wonderful attention to detail, Flock’s designs add interest to the floor without over powering. The soft, muted colours perfectly compliment each of the designs, with cream, pale grey and taupe in the Perendale cable knit style to more exotic, dark tones in the Faroes design, which is based on an ancient oriental pattern.

All Flock’s carpets are made in high quality New Zealand wool that makes them durable and resilient with a wonderful surface lustre and colour clarity. The company has partnered with Wools of New Zealand and has chosen to use only their premium wool fibre, called Laneve™. Laneve™ wool allows the customer to trace the fibre right back to the farm it came from—farms where the highest standards of sheep welfare and farming methods are guaranteed and certified through a special scheme. Each lot of wool gets assigned a trace code, which follows it right through to the end user.

There are 12 designs which include Arcott, Brecknock and Braunes – tartan designs in various colour options; Charollais – a beautiful lace pattern based on an 18th C design; Arles—a traditional floral in contemporary colours; Ossimi – a subtle zig zag; Oxford – fine stripes in complimentary colours; Portland – a soft wave texture; Perendale – a soft cable knit; Ariano – a small pattern in tonal shades and Uda – stylish squares in smart colour combinations.

STYLE – Modern
TYPE – Product
CATEGORY – Walls & flooring
SUB CATEGORY – Carpets & rugs