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Godfrey Hirst Carpets

The Flooring Group has recently started a new partnership with Godfrey Hirst Carpets, a company from Australia. Below, Godfrey Hirst Carpets retail their products;

Global Flooring Experts

Godfrey Hirst offers a wide range of high quality residential and commercial carpets. Australasia’s largest carpet supplier, we have operations in Australia, New Zealand and North America. Our range of modular carpet tiles and broadloom carpet is extensive and provides a variety of floor covering options. Nylon, triexta and wool carpets are all produced by Godfrey Hirst.

Carpet is available in a wide array of colours and textures to suit all decors.

Carpet is soft and warm underfoot.

Carpet provides a comfortable thermal indoor environment due to its insulating properties.

Carpet doesn’t crack or scratch.

Carpet creates a quiet indoor environment as it absorbs sounds and reduces household noises produced by footsteps, items dropped on the floor and chair legs scraped across a floor.

Carpet provides a safe and sure footing surface as it is not slippery and provides a soft landing in case of falls.

Fibre Types

The appearance, texture and longevity of a carpet are largely determined by its fibre type. Carpets come in both natural and man-made fibre types.


A natural fibre from sheep, wool is renewable and sustainable.

  • Wool carpets have a natural and soft luxurious feel.
  • The unique fibre structure is strong and hard-wearing and provides natural protection to help resist staining and soiling.
  • Wool carpets absorb noise so are quiet and naturally flame retardent so are safe.
  • Wool’s natural properties help keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Wool fibres are natural, renewable and biodegradeable.

Wool Blends

Wool, mixed with a synthetic fibre.

  • Wool blends are usually 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibre but also come in a variety of other ratios.
  • Offer the resilience and durability found in synthetic fibres with the natural appearance and luxurious feel of wool.
  • Mixing synthetic fibre with wool can help to hold the twist definition in some carpet styles, providing improved wearing ability and reduced shedding from short fibres.

eco+ Triexta

A new fibre made with 37% renewably sourced polymer from corn sugar*.

  • Extremely soft, it provides high stain, soil, wear and colourfast performance.
  • Triexta fibres are made with polymer from 37% corn sugar*.
  • *DuPont Sorona contains 37% renewably sourced ingredients by weight.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from the production of Sorona are 63% lower than nylon 6.

SPF Nylon

A synthetic fibre that helps resist fading from the sun and is stain resistant.

  • Available in a wide range of vibrant colours with long lasting colourfastness.
  • Fade resistance that is built into the carpet and doesn’t wear off, giving you the confidence to open up your home and let the sun shine in!
  • Great stain resistance properties that make it easy to clean.


A synthetic fibre.

  • Nylon carpets provide long term resilience, durability and stain resistance.
  • As nylon fibres readily accept dye they have a large colour palette.
  • Is a versatile fibre type that can be made in many carpet styles.


A less expensive synthetic fibre.

  • Polyester carpets are less expensive.
  • Beautifully soft, they are well suited to low traffic areas.
  • Are less luxurious but still soft and provide good colourfastness.


Polypropylene is a less expensive synthetic fibre manufactured from man-made materials.

  • Polypropylene carpets are less expensive, colourfast and resist most stains.
  • Usually manufactured into loop style carpets, they are great for low traffic areas.

Our carpets are created in either cut pile, loop pile or a combination of the two styles. The following information will help you to select the best style to suit your needs and create the look that you are after. 

Cut Pile

Cut pile carpets are manufactured by cutting the yarn loops which produces an upright pile that has a more luxurious, formal look than loop pile.

Cut Pile Plush

A soft velvet and even upright finish with a formal look

  • The pile is short and slightly twisted
  • Can display tracking from footprints and vacuuming
  • Sometimes called velvet or velour carpet
  • cn-godfrey-hirst-cut-pile-plush-1

    Cut Pile Twist

    A luxurious feel and a smooth textured finish.

    • The pile is highly twisted and lies in different directions
    • Hardwearing and maintain their finish, so ideal for high foot trafficked areas
    • Textured finish is less likely to show shading or tracking



    A luxurious feel and stylish, less formal, shaggy appearance.

    • The long pile lies in different directions providing a deep texture
    • Extremely durable
    • Available in variations of thick and thin as well as long and short pile
    • Carpets with longer pile than Frieze are known as “shag piles”


    Loop Pile

    Loops of yarn create a stylish finish with a soft, smooth feel and can have a range of distinctive patterns created by a combination of higher and lower loops.

    Level Loop Pile

    A distinct textured loop finish created by a simple loop.

    • Well suited to heavy trafficked areas
    • Do not show footprints


    Multi Level Loop Pile

    A textured finish made using loops of various heights.

    • This style is also called High-Low Loop pile
    • Can be used in a random or sequenced design to create textures or patterns
    • Extremely durable



    A textured loop pile in straight rows.

    • Comes in a variety of patterns and textures
    • Loop heights can vary to produce different patterns and textures


    Combination Cut and Loop Pile

    These carpets have a combination of cut and looped yarns and can create sculptured effects such as squares, swirls etc. Many different patterns can be achieved in a wide range of styles.

    Level Cut and Loop Pile

    A stylish finish with a soft, smooth feel and a range of distinctive patterns created by a combination of level loop and cut pile.

    • Wide range of lineal patterns
    • Patterns can create the illusion of space in a room


    Textured Cut and Loop Pile

    A stylish finish with a soft, smooth feel and a range of distinctive patterns created by a combination of level loop and cut pile.

    • Creates a visual affect with patterns
    • Has a textured finish

    Carpet Colours

    Colour is one of the most important things to consider when choosing carpet. It can change the look and feel of a room and bring your floor to life. Carpet is available in lots of stunning colours. Here are some tips to help you choose the best colour carpet for you.


    • Neutrals such as beiges, creams and charcoals are colours that go well with any colour scheme

    Bright and Bold

    • Use bright bold colours such as oranges, reds and blues to lift a floor and make a statement

    Dark or Light?

    • As well as the visual appeal, the colour of your carpet affects the appearance of the size of a room
    • Dark colours on the floor can make a room appear smaller whereas lighter carpets open a room up and make them appear brighter and larger


    • Choose a carpet colour that works with your home’s decor and your lifestyle
    • Calming colours such as blues, greens and neutrals suit quiet rooms such as bedrooms and studies
    • Bright coloured carpets suit more lively areas of the home and contemporary decors ie family rooms, play rooms and childrens’ rooms


    • Darker, multi-coloured and patterned carpets are especially effective at hiding soiling compared to solid shade, lighter carpets
    • Darker colours are popular with families with children or pets for that reason. But did you know that they show up fluff and light stains requiring more frequent vacuuming?
    • With today’s advanced technology and stain resistance easy to clean lighter colours are very popular as well

    Fibre and Colour

    • Nylons have an array of bold colours as well as neutrals
    • Wool carpets come in more natural tones
    • Solution dyed nylon (SDN) come in a more limited, subdued colour palette

    Carpet Star Ratings Explained

    Godfrey Hirst carpets have independent ratings so you can select the right carpet for your floor. It’s important to think about the level of foot traffic in your home and select a carpet with a suitable rating to match.

    Selecting a suitable Godfrey Hirst carpet for your needs is easy. You can check the quality of a carpet from its Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS) rating. Just look for these yellow and blue residential (ACCS) ratings label on the back of the sample.

    ACCS Ratings Labels

    When shopping for carpet you can have complete confidence in ACCS ratings as the scheme is administered by the Carpet Institute of Australia and testing and classification is undertaken by independent and impartial experts.

    The carpet is tested and star rated on its performance properties. Each carpet is rated according to its suitability for use in varying traffic levels in residential homes from light, medium, heavy to extra heavy duty. Carpets are rated out of 6 stars. The more stars the better quality carpet.


    The ratings table is an indication of the minimum quality of carpet required for an area. However more stars indicate a carpet will perform better and keep its appearance longer. You should seek to buy the highest quality carpet you can afford so that you can enjoy your carpet for as long as possible.

    Each carpet is also tested as to its suitability for stairs. As carpet installed on stairs is subject to very concentrated wear, suitability for stairs requires a minimum residential rating of heavy duty (3*) rating identified on the label by the stair icon.

    Environmental Certification Scheme

    For ACCS environmental certification, a carpet must meet stringent environmental performance standards and tested for its volatile organic compound emissions, noise reduction and thermal insulation properties. The ECS has 4 certification levels, ECS Level 4 certified carpet being the highest environmentally performing.

    The carpet manufacturer must also comply with an Environmental code of Practice relating to good environmental practice in manufacturing.

    Be sure to ask your retailer about the ACCS certification for the carpet you are buying. For more information visit

    Carpet questions we commonly answer at Godfrey Hirst

    What is the best carpet?
    The best carpet depends on your lifestyle. Consider the following:

    • Do you have a family that spends a lot of time at home?
    • What are the high traffic areas around your home?
    • What is the likelihood of staining (from mud, food, etc)?
    • Do you have pets?
    • Do you want to create a certain style?
    • What is your budget?

    Which is better: wool or synthetic carpet?
    Both fibre types have great characteristics; neither fibre type is better than the other. A quality carpet is made with superior materials through a well-monitored manufacturing process using the latest technology. This level of craftsmanship will produce a carpet that offers maximum performance.

    How do I find a great carpet?
    You can check the quality of the carpet from its independent grading. The main bodies that relate to Australia are the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS) and the Woolmark/Woolblend Mark and

    How wide is carpet?

    The standard width for carpet in Australia is 3.66 metres; however, some styles of carpet are produced in widths of 4 metres.

    Do you need a special vacuum cleaner for different styles of carpet?
    We recommend you use a different vacuum cleaner for different carpet styles. For low cut pile carpets, we suggest a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush that agitates the pile and loosens the soil for easier carpet maintenance. When vacuuming loop pile, cut-loop pile or berber carpet, we recommend that you turn the brush off or change the head to prevent excess fuzzing. For thicker carpets with a higher pile, the height of beaters may be raised and/or suction level reduced to make vacuuming easier.

    Do I need stain protection on wool carpets?
    NO! Wool carpet has a natural ability to resist dirt, stains and spills.

    Who will install my new carpet?
    Usually your retailer will offer installation as part of the sales package or after-sales service. Installation should be discussed with your retailer during the sales negotiation. All carpet should be installed on new underlay that is compatible with the quality, and proposed use, of your carpet and otherwise in accordance with the Australian Standards Association Carpet Installation Recommendations AS2455-1995 and the Godfrey Hirst Carpets Recommendations for Installing Tufted Carpet (as set out in the Godfrey Hirst Carpet Maintenance and Guarantee booklet or unless otherwise specified.

    The “Australian Carpet Classification Scheme” is the independent testing and grading scheme for carpet by the Carpet Institute of Australia.

    Preventing or inhibiting the build up of static electricity.

    The hessian or synthetic material on the back of the carpet.

    A combination of wool and nylon to obtain a mixture of a particular fibre.

    Tufted carpet is 3.66 metres wide. 

    The ability of the colour within fibres to be retained when subjected to sunlight, spillages, rubbing and various solvents. 
    Some of our products have improved colour fastness. Clickhere to view them.

    Lineal Metre
    Lineal refers to either 3.66 or 4 metre wide carpet.

    Pile Height
    The height of the pile calculated in millimetres.

    A structure of interwoven fibres that produce a textured appearance.

    To wind together two or more threads of yarn, so as to produce a single strand.

    The base used to support and provide extra cushioning to installed carpet installed.
    Glossary and definitions provided by Godfrey Hirst Australia.

    Here are some basic carpet cleaning tips to help you keep your carpet looking good.

    • Always blot, never rub or scrub
    • Immediately scoop or blot up as much of the spill as possible, working from the outer edge towards the center to avoid spreading
    • For most common household stains, treat with warm (not hot ) water
    • For wool/wool blends, add one teaspoon of laundry detergent approved for wool and one teaspoon of white vinegar to each litre of warm water. Otherwise as the Stain Removal Guide
    • Alternatively, try Godfrey Hirst Spot Out™ Carpet Stain Remover
    • Pre-test a small inconspicuous area of the carpet to ensure against damage and possible colour change
    • Press dry the carpet with clean white cloth or paper towel in between treatments
    • Once treated, apply water with a cloth until the carpet no longer feels sticky or soapy, then blot up with a clean white cloth or paper towel
    • Place several layers of paper towel or cloth over the cleaned area and place a flat weight on them to absorb remaining moisture
    • If unsuccessful, call a professional carpet cleaner immediately

    Stain Removal Tables


    Be courageous with colour and have fun with your workspace decor this Autumn. Colourful workspaces can uplift your mood and keep your creativity flowing throughout the day and this explosion of colour will definitely help motivate and inspire!

    The large patterned panelling surrounded by bold, solid shades adds interest without dominating or overwhelming the entire room. Similarly, keeping your furniture and styling in basic black and whites completes the look and provides the ideal contrast.

    Using a bright, solid floor as the foundation makes a statement and keeps the room feeling cosy and comfortable, which is important during those long days. Godfrey Hirst’s ‘Cascade Falls’ in colour Tangerine is the perfect base, but for the not-so-adventurous try a dark charcoal like Woodland Grey or Slate.

    Breathe life into your decor by celebrating these bold colours and modern patterns.

    The Home Team – Renovation Wrap Up

    It’s tools down at The Home Team after 10 weeks of excavation, heavy lifting, sanding, painting, planting and polishing! The renovation is finally complete and Julia, James and Anthony have exceeded all expectations with the transformation of this magnificent family home. It’s definitely time for a beer by that stunning new plunge pool!

    Every detail has been beautifully executed in this grand residence, from Julia’s creative style touches in every corner and on every shelf, through to James’ automation of the home security, lighting and other electronics. The well thought out floor plan, statement furnishings and artwork all impress from the moment you walk through the front door and into the grand entrance.  On one side of the hallway are the bedrooms and bathrooms, each fitted and styled with today’s family in mind. In addition to the family bathroom and guest powder room, the master bedroom features a walk-in wardrobe and an ensuite for the ultimate parents’ retreat.  At the end of the hall you find yourself in the rumpus room, filled with bold colour and a huge window overlooking the pool and deck area.

    To the right side of the building are the main living, dining and kitchen areas, which includes the tremendous marble bench that extends all the way along the kitchen space and through to the spotted gum deck. Open plan living is the epitome of the modern Australian home space, and The Home Team has ticked all the design boxes for layout, functionality, fittings and personality.

    Throwing open the bi-fold doors on a hot Summer’s day also means double the entertaining space, with plenty of room for the extended family and friends to gather in.  It’s easy to visualise Mum and Dad around the new BBQ and breakfast bar with a refreshing drink while the kids are bounding down the stairs to the immaculately landscaped lawn area, and who could resist a dip in that pool!

    Godfrey Hirst was proud to be the flooring experts for all bedrooms and living spaces, including that clever little cinema room tucked underneath the house! The Home Team installed our beautiful eco+ carpet Sunrise in the master bedroom and two kids’ bedrooms in the colourSummerstorm, a calm and sophisticated dark grey. Julia demonstrated how the right grey is the perfect chameleon for your interior, as it suits a variety of rooms and decors. Whilst it worked with tranquil pastel tones of pink and lilac in the bedroom to create a peaceful parents retreat, it turned up the volume on creativity and playfulness in both the boy’s and girl’s bedrooms. 

    Grey was also the colour of choice for the cinema room, but for this space a luxurious Hycraft wool carpet in a chunky level loop pile fitted the brief.  In addition to adding value to your home, a wool carpet has fantastic insulating qualities and will keep the room warm in winter and cool in summer.

    Our exciting new range of Godfrey Hirst Timber flooringwas the star of the living, dining, kitchen, hallway and rumpus areas. Godfrey Hirst worked with Julia and James to select a product from our range that showed off the natural beauty of timber in a modern blonde tone. Regal Oak Handcrafted in the colour Dover was the obvious choice, with the beautiful knots and grains of oak timber creating a floor that was unique to The Home Team.  The versatility of timber is demonstrated in the different ways that Julia styled each room, particularly when comparing the vibrant fresh colours of the rumpus room against the calming relaxed shades used in the living space.

    We hope you enjoyed this masterclass renovation as much as we did, and hope that Godfrey Hirst gave you confidence in choosing your own flooring types, flooring finishes and carpet styles in colours that will suit the look you want to achieve for your home.

    The Home Team, Week 8 – Renovation Reflections

    Now that renovations are moving into the main living areas, we thought it was time to look back on what The Home Team has achieved on the show so far.  Each week the house is emerging as a modern, functional home designed to meet the requirements of today’s busy families.

    The master bedroom has been transformed from dark and dreary to a parent’s retreat that exudes style and comfort, and now features a walk through wardrobe leading to a private ensuite.  Featuring fresh pastel toned manchester and quirky, functional furniture, Godfrey Hirst eco+ carpetalso provides a luxuriously soft surface that creates instant comfort as soon as your toes hit the floor.  Available in a designer range of colours that will suit any interior, this range also features outstanding performance.

    The two kids’ bedrooms are now fun, creative spaces for the kids to call their own.  Both these rooms featured the eco+ product Sunrise, and showed how you can use the same neutral base in various spaces but accessorize with different furniture, accessories and decorator accents to create completely different looks.

    Kids’ bedrooms are a fantastic opportunity to be brave and use bold colour, and Julia certainly achieved this in the boys’ bedroom.  Powerful orange and sunshine yellow create an overall fun colour palette, and teamed with some unique toys and accessories.

    A major change at the back of the house involved converting an old sitting room into a relaxing rumpus room with a huge window that overlooks the new plunge pool basked in sunlight.  This was the first area to featureGodfrey Hirst Timber, with our Regal Oak Handcrafted in colour Dover.  This particular product and colour is smoked rather than stained, to provide a fresh, blonde ash base to the room’s palette that shows off the natural variation of real timber.

    The dining room has also taken shape, with plenty of timber furniture and furnishings chosen to complement Godfrey Hirst Timber flooring.  Neutral bases allow for brightly coloured artwork, and lighting and furnishings to star, in this fantastic open plan living space, also featuring a beautiful open log fireplace ready for cold winter nights.

    The kitchen is also progressing into a modern and functional area, overlooking the fabulous new deck, garden and plunge pool.  The Australian way of living has been carefully considered with indoor/outdoor entertaining being the focus.  In addition to a gorgeous stone benchtop and the latest in cabinetry and appliances, the new kitchen’s major feature is that stunning timber ceiling panelling.

    As we reach the final weeks of The Home Team, we look forward to seeing the team put those finishing touches on the home and the big reveal on its completion. 

    Happy New Year from all at Godfrey Hirst!

    The Home Team, Week 6 – Ensuite Complete

    At the end of another week on The Home Team, the master ensuite was completed and work on the main living zones began.

    The ensuite features another example of neutral fittings, styled with statement accessories to create a personalised space.  This lets you to change up your style as your taste changes, and also provides  a neutral base if you decide to put your home on the market.

    Installation of Godfrey Hirst Regal Oak Handcrafted timbertook place, and Julia began to bring furniture into the dining area.  A dining table, unique chairs and a pendant light made from amazing coloured glass were the first key pieces introduced, and looked fantastic against the ashy blonde tones of our engineered timber boards.   Julia provided some handy hints on choosing the right dining table and chair combination of your home.

    James was busy getting things rolling in the kitchen, choosing luxurious stone benchtops and helping the experts install bi-fold windows which will open up to a fantastic entertaining area on the deck.  We also saw the start of a jaw-dropping ceiling installation which will be a main feature of the kitchen.  These pre-fabricated timber cladding panels complement the natural beauty of our floorboards, and create a beautiful point of interest in this well thought out space.

    Anthony was busy preparing a garden bed for a maple tree, demonstrating how to install irrigation yourself to ensure long lasting, healthy growth.  He also undertook some maintenance on Julia’s indoor plants, as well as scolding James for cutting the water supply to his bamboo trees!

    You can now bring the beauty of timber to your bathrooms and laundries with Godfrey Hirst Floors Vinyl Plank.  Keep an eye out for Godfrey Hirst Vinyl Plank product Omega in the laundry in upcoming episodes of The Home Team – the colour chosen matches up beautifully to Regal Oak Handcrafted Timber.

    The Home Team, Week 4 – Timber Flooring Triumph

    This week Anthony added some citrus trees and recommends that every garden should include at least a lemon tree.  He showed how you can fit one into smaller garden spaces, and we loved the vibrant orange he chose for his pots!  How great will they look once some lemons start appearing on the tree? He also showed how to trim those fantastic Buxus balls, and installed outdoor tiles that provided a grand staircase down to what will become the fire pit.

    We also saw the first glimpse of Godfrey Hirst’s fantastic new Timber flooring range installed in the rumpus room. Our Regal Oak Handcrafted product in colour Dover will stretch through the kitchen, living, dining, hall and rumpus areas. This particular colour is an on-trend blonde oak, with interiors shifting towards flooring that shows off the raw, natural beauty of real timber. Stay tuned to The Home Team to see James show you how easy it is to install our engineered timber yourself – no nails, no glue and you can walk on your new floor straight away.

    Julia gave some fantastic interior style advice, including how to measure and choose a rug, select different furniture finishes that complement each other and introduce pops of coloured accessories. The rumpus room has a fantastic holiday vibe, and her choice of mints and turquoise is going to look fantastic overlooking the plunge pool once it is filled.

    Did you also notice the desk and shelves James put together using our leftover floorboards? This is a great idea for your using up spare pieces of timber, particularly as we suggest you always allow for wastage when ordering your new flooring. Our online calculator can help you determine how much flooring to order.

    James worked with the professionals to install a ducted air conditioner, as well as selecting a unique finish concrete for the driveway. He also showed us the latest in internal door packages, which come complete with a door frame and are easy to install yourself.

    The Home Team, Week 2 – Setting The Foundations

    Week 2 of Network 10’s The Home Team saw resident interior expert Julia Green style both the master and girl’s bedrooms with luxurious Godfrey Hirst eco+ carpet.  On trend pastels were mixed with pops of eye-catching colour, all set against the deep twist of the Summer Storm Grey carpet to create breathtaking spaces, oozing with personality.

    Julia shared some fantastic tips and tricks – select a darker carpet for the bedroom to create the illusion of depth and space – and we loved the upcycling of 1950’s doorknobs into nifty hangers for the bedroom.  Speaking of upcycling, did you know that when you install new carpet, you can use your leftover sections to make floor rugs and hallway runners?  Speak to your local carpet retailer for more information on carpet and rug edging and binding.

    Andrew visited a garden mulch and soil centre to show us how green waste is recycled back into products for the garden.  He also planted some beautiful screening bamboos and set up a clever irrigation system that can save you a lot of time and effort!

    James was busy knocking together furniture and accessories for the girl’s bedroom, as well as getting the exterior of the home sorted with concrete, new roof tiles and gutters.  He also selected spotted gum solid timber for the deck.

    We learned how much you can save on heating and cooling just by insulating your home and James showed how easy it is to install roof insulation yourself.  A Hycraft wool carpet can also help inside, by absorbing and releasing moisture in the air to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

    The Home Team, Week 9 – Finishing Touches

    Wishing all our customers a Happy New Year!

    The Home Team is now in its final weeks and the team is busy applying the finishing touches for added style and value. In the kitchen, Julia has added a gorgeous printed glass wall panel featuring a pear outline. Doubling as a piece of artwork and a handy alternative to a blackboard for shopping lists and reminders, no space in the house has spared Julia’s creative touch.

    Styling of the living area was completed, with a more subtle colour palette to create a relaxed social hub. OurRegal Oak Handcrafted timber flooring provides a fresh, neutral base and the natural beauty and elegance of timber is a standout feature of the space. Julia has also selected furniture pieces that are versatile as well as cosy, allowing for a number of guests to get together.

    Outdoors, Anthony’s focus was out front, boosting street appeal with a feature reflection pool, more stunning buxus balls and carefully trimmed hedges. Formal, sophisticated wow factor at the entrance of the home provides a first impression for visitors or potential buyers. Anthony’s carefully planned landscaping and garden features add personality, whilst complementing the more functional elements such as the driveway.

    The boys won the battle on the extra room downstairs, and a man cave/theatre room was revealed as an extra retreat. This space features our Hycraft carpet Caribbean, a luxurious wool carpet in a stunning level loop pile for a textured yet soft feel underfoot. Paired with vibrant beanbags and a brightly coloured storage unit, the warm grey of Carribean in colour Dominica created a cosy and inviting space for a long movie which is conveniently adjoined by the wine cellar!

    The natural properties of wool make it ideal for every climate; insulating for warmth during winter chills, cooling for relief through sultry summers, and keeping room temperatures just right during cool autumn nights and sunny spring days. There is a Hycraft wool carpet to complement any style of home, and you can browse the full range here.

    James highlighted the attention to finishes in the home, with coloured light switches available as alternatives to traditional plain white used in most homes. Available in a variety of finishes, including bright colours in the kids’ bedrooms and leather in the cellar. He also showed us how to dig stump holes yourself, as he prepared for the deck and flooring foundations. Levelling is particularly important when preparing to install an engineered timber, laminate, bamboo or vinyl floor. Prior to installing our floorboards, the subfloor must be clean and level to ensure a beautiful finish! Check out our installation instructions for further information.

    The Home Team, Week 7 – A Renovation for Christmas

    Merry Christmas renovators!  Have you been living in a demolition site right up to the festive season, awkwardly preparing meals and eating from your lap?

    If this is you, we hope you’ve conquered your renovation in time to relax and have taken a leaf from The Home Team and installed some eco+ triexta carpet.  Not just extra comfortable, eco+ is so easy to clean.  If one of the nephews accidently drops a gravy loaded piece of turkey on the floor, or Uncle Bob spills some red wine on Boxing Day watching the cricket, you can rest assured those stains will come out by just using cold water!*

    Luckily for The Home Team, the kitchen has been installed just in time for Christmas.  Featuring the latest designs in cabinetry and appliances, the new kitchen also has fantastic bench space, which runs the length of the room and connects the kitchen/dining areas to the outdoor entertaining space.

    The team also completed the powder room, a handy little inclusion close to the living areas.  This area provides an opportunity to mix up the wall finishes and features some modern wallpaper.  Wallpaper has been reinvented from its former reputation as stale, floral patterns and is now available in popular designs and patterns. Tile finishes were also mixed up, with the same blue stone colour used, but in a unique pattern.

    James also helped the experts install the new laundry fit out. You may not have noticed, but in this area we stepped away from timber for the flooring and installed our Vinyl Plank product Omega in colour Golden Oak Light. Omega Vinyl Plank is perfectly suited for wet areas such as laundries and bathrooms, and is also extremely scratch and wear resistant. Available in a variety of realistic timber patterns and colours, the Godfrey Hirst Vinyl Plank rangeis another flooring option that is easy for the DIY handyman to install.

    We also caught our first glimpse of how the team is making use of the space downstairs, with a cellar and theatre room being installed just off the garage.  We are pleased to be installing some beautiful Hycraft pure wool carpet, with our new product Caribbean being specially chosen for this space by Julia to create a luxurious theatre feel. 

    Work on the pool was back in action, with the screening and decking being installed to facilitate summer sunbaking sessions!  We love the compact size of the plunge pool, which provides a great area for the family to cool off on hot summer days, whilst not compromising on backyard space to play.  Anthony also took us through some great Australian native plants that won’t take over your entire garden, as well as showing another handy irrigation tip.

    We look forward to seeing the completion of the home in early 2015, and bringing you more inspiration for your new home or renovations. Merry Christmas from all at Godfrey Hirst!

    The Home Team, Week 5 – Bathroom Renovation

    Week 5 of The Home Team saw the gorgeous rumpus room styling completed by Julia.  The finishing touches included a bespoke desk and shelves handcrafted from left over Godfrey Hirst Floors Timber, with an eclectic mix of books, artwork, small storage pieces and miniature designer accessories.  Julia continued to show us how to be bold with colour, by introducing vibrant artwork and statement furniture pieces.

    James showed how easy our Timber range is to install yourself, with some great tips about ensuring you stagger the joins for extra stability.  With a 5G Insta Clic™ locking system, installation is simple for the home handyperson.  The boards click together to form a strong floor and, because there are no glue or nails required, you can walk on your floors straight away. 

    Godfrey Hirst Arriba Underlay™ was installed to provide a moisture barrier between the subfloor and our engineered boards. This is an important accessory when installing ourtimber, laminate or bamboo floors, as it stops moisture from getting into the board and compromising the structure.  In addition, our Arriba Plus Underlay™ provides acoustic insulation, reducing the sound of footfalls.

    Work on the bathroom steamed ahead, with the daggy old pastel pink bathroom of the original home a distant memory as the new space comes together.  The team has blended a modern mix of bluestone and marble tiles that complement a well thought out use of space.

    Julia introduced a variety of visual elements to ensure the bathroom was far from clinical.  She brought in some luxurious, textured towels to feature on the custom timber and copper towel rail and, with help from James, she hung some woven baskets filled with plants to add life to the space.

    Anthony started to piece together the grand entrance for the front of the house, showing off the versatility of blue shaded stone tiling.  He also had the fantastic idea of growing your own tree in a garden pot, so that when the festive season rolls around you can bring the tree inside to decorate.

    The Home Team, Week 3 – Backyards and Bedrooms

    What a busy week 3 on Channel Ten’s The Home Team!  The team continues to demonstrate the great benefits of getting your hands dirty in your own home renovations, and when to seek out the experts for those complex jobs.

    Julia demonstrated the stain resistance of our Godfrey Hirst eco+ Sunrise carpet, with most common household stains being removed with just cold water.  This makes eco+ perfect for kids’ bedrooms and play spaces, where messy thrills and cordial spills are aplenty.  Julia showed us that even some wayward wall paint could be removed from the carpet by blotting at a stain with a wet, clean cloth.

    The versatility of our Sunrise carpet in colour Summer Storm was on show again, providing a neutral base to show off Julia’s bright colour palette in the boy’s bedroom.  She encouraged viewers to be brave with colour when styling their rooms. There are so many ways to use a Godfrey Hirst carpet as the base for your home’s style statement.  Check out our interior trends for colourful interior inspiration.

    The double sided bedding featured on the hanging bunks is artwork in itself, featuring a jungle animal pattern on one side, and a vibrant leopard print on the reverse.  Matched with textured cushions and quirky accessories, this room is a design statement as well as a fun creative space for youngsters. 

    Planning for The Home Team’s huge kitchen space began.  James outlined the design, which includes a huge breakfast bar that extends outside to the deck space.  Julia also visited a kitchen design store for the latest in cabinetry and gadgets, including cupboards that gently spring open at just the touch of a hand – genius!

    A huge, round component of the garden was installed, with Anthony putting together an amazing display of Buxus balls.  He also provided some great tips on choosing lawn seeds and checked in on the progress of the plunge pool.

    The team showed how their choice of Godfrey Hirst timberreally complements the eco+ carpet installed. The Regal Oak Handcrafted range has the natural beauty of real, hardwood oak, with unique knots and grains in each board.  Selected colours are also available in an extra wide board. The colours are created by smoking the boards which provides colour all the way through the timber, unlike staining where the colour is only surface deep.

    The Home Team, Week 1 – The Beginning

    Week one of Channel 10’s exciting new DIY renovation program The Home Team is done and dusted. As the flooring provider for this great project it was exciting to see the Team off to such a great start.

    There’s a long way to go before this old lady becomes the modern family home as visioned by the architects. The Home Team is undertaking a giant project, and the demolition is just the beginning. Rather than glamourising the reality of renovating, it was great to see The Home Team getting their hands dirty and showing how you can transform your own home and save money by doing as much as you can by yourself!

    This week focused on some great starting points, including important pre-renovation asbestos and roof checks. James also demonstrated how easy it is to remove old kitchen cabinetry yourself!

    Anthony began to de-clutter the garden to make way for his new vision – we can’t wait to see that plunge pool!

    Julia was kept busy planning the styling of the main bedroom, combining complementary flooring, paints and blinds. What a fantastic, fresh colour scheme she has put together! Julia has provided some great tips on matching all these elements to ensure they create the look you want. Check out our carpet inspiration section for more Godfrey Hirst interior tips.

    Did anyone feel a sense of nostalgia with that old pink carpet? This would have been a real luxury when this house was built in the 1950’s, when interior design took a huge leap post WWII. Manufacturing since 1865, Godfrey Hirst Carpets may very well have supplied this one! Homes at the time featured bold, inviting colours that made a statement, and The Home Team’s carpet would have been a vibrant, patterned pink that any 1950’s housewife would have been proud to show off!

    Unfortunately the colour has dulled and fibres worn, and there’s no room for daggy old carpet in the new plans. James demonstrated how easy it is to rip up old carpet yourself.

    1. Vacuum your old carpet first to remove excess dust
    2. Use gloves and a mask to help keep a safe workspace
    3. Flick up the corners of the carpet with a crowbar
    4. Slice the carpet into small sections with a stanley knife and it should be easy to rip apart
    5. Roll into small manageable sections and you’ve saved yourself some labour costs!

    We also welcomed Julia to Godfrey Hirst, and walked her through some great tips on choosing a new floor. Oureco+ range of triexta carpets is so soft, she just had to kick her shoes off and sink her toes into the luxurious pile. Our new range of timber floors are going to look fabulous in those living areas in the coming weeks!

    The Godfrey Hirst website is a great start for you to narrow down some of our fantastic product options, and find yourlocal retailer where you can view samples in store.

    Channel Ten’s newest DIY show – The Home Team

    Anyone renovating their home knows how hard it can be to make the right choice in material, appliances, finishes and colours. Channel Ten’s newest renovation show, The Home Team, can give you expert DIY advice for your home!

    Godfrey Hirst is excited to be associated with The Home Team and, as a market leader, we were the obvious choice for flooring in a major renovation project. Hosted by Melbourne’s top boutique builder, interior stylist and award winning landscape designer, this unique new series follows the transformation of a Melbourne house from rundown renovator’s delight, to a luxury family haven.

    Over the next few weeks our team of flooring experts will work closely with builder James Bawden and interior stylist Julia Green to guide them through important decisions such as the importance of colour in carpet, making the right carpet choice for a space and much more. The Home Team will give you industry advice from construction all the way through to those finishing touches that give your home its own special personality. From selecting the right steel frame, to advice on how to choose the right flooring for your newly renovated masterpiece, The Home Team has all the tips you need for those important decisions.

    Not sure which carpet is best? Looking for advice on the right colour for your interior? Godfrey Hirst has the right advice for your renovating project. Together with The Home Team we can help you to design a renovation with the latest trends that will transform your home whilst adding value to your most important asset.

    Interior Trends – Tropics

    Longing for a holiday? Turn your home into the ‘place you’d rather be’ with tropical looks inspired by faraway climates. Scandi palettes combine with bright prints and pops of warmth for a relaxing home getaway. 

    Soft furnishing and spaces to relax with Godfrey Hirst eco+ carpet create a tranquil space for family.

    Love the look? You can add the carpet swatches from our real life examples to your project Favourites by clicking the heart   on any image.

    Introducing Pacific View

    Inspired by the modern coastal family home, Pacific View is the latest twist pile carpet in the Godfrey Hirst eco+ range.

    Customise your home with colours inspired by nature, and softness that even your youngest family members will enjoy. eco+ triexta fibres have a ‘kinked’ molecular structure which means the fibres are more flexible to resist wear, crushing and matting and continue to bounce back into shape.

    The Pacific View range also features superior stain protection – all you need is cold water to remove common household good and beverage spills!

    Introducing Godfrey Hirst Floors

    Introducing Godfrey Hirst Floors. Godfrey Hirst now offers the latest and most classic timber and timber look flooring solutions. From carpet to engineered timber, Godfrey Hirst has you covered!

    The new range incorporates German made laminate coupled with natural Australian and exotic hard woods, beautiful wide board oaks with distinct distressed and ochre finishes, strand woven bamboo and luxury vinyl planks. “Colour and finish were key in developing the ranges” explains Andrew Henderson, Godfrey Hirst Floors National Manager, referring to the fresh colour palettes which introduce charcoal tones and pared back neutrals.

    Godfrey Hirst Laminate offers the distinctive look and feel of timber without the price tag. The German manufactured laminate print layer offers the highest quality ultra-realistic natural aesthetic, while the wear layer provides a heavy duty product for busy homes. Laminate technology has become so advanced, it can be a challenge to spot the difference between Godfrey Hirst Laminate and real timber. The 5G locking system ensures stability, strength and ease of installation.

    Godfrey Hirst Timber is available in multiple widths, species and finishes, these boards are a showpiece for any home. A mix of “traditional and modern colours with both polished and rustic finishes were selected to compliment emerging interior colour trends” says Henderson “but also to complement our top selling carpet colours”.  Godfrey Hirst Floors Timber also features the 5G locking system. Unlike solid timber floors which can take weeks to install and complete, engineered boards can be installed and walked on the same day.

    Godfrey Hirst Bamboo is a stylish, strong and durable, cold pressed, strand woven board. Including a variety of carbonised shades, these Bamboo boards are high quality, heavy duty and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accredited.

    Godfrey Hirst Floors Vinyl plank is heavy duty, suitable for wet areas including bathrooms and commercial kitchens; this modular option is fuss free flooring for high traffic areas without compromising on look.

    To complete the package, Arriba™ and Arriba Plus™ underlay can be used with all Godfrey Hirst Floors and matching trims and accessories are available for all ranges to create the perfect home environment.

    All Godfrey Hirst Floors products are backed with Australian warranties to ensure your floor looks great for years to come. Godfrey Hirst has local after sales support you can count on.

    Godfrey Hirst are now your one stop shop for flooring!

    Season’s Greetings

    Godfrey Hirst Carpets wishes you a safe and happy festive season.

    2013 has been a great year with the launch of our new website, great new colour palettes and the introduction of great new eco+ ranges.

    We are looking forward to 2014, with the unveiling of Godfrey Hirst Floors’ exciting new ranges of Timber, Laminate, Bamboo and Vinyl Plank flooring options. 2014  will also see us celebrate 150 years of manufacturing in Victoria at our South Geelong site.

    Celebrate the holidays and the New Year with a fresh look – view the Godfrey Hirst range and find your local store.

    New! ‘Vintage Mix’ Interior trends gallery

    For treasure hunters, eclectic tastes or lovers of bygone eras, the new tips for how to create the perfect ‘Vintage Mix’ are in our Interior trends gallery.

    Vintage collections add subtle hints of colour to your home decor while a textured or heathered Godfrey Hirst Carpet will help you achieve the look in any space while still keeping it fresh and modern.

    Make an Entrance

    First impressions last. Make an impression you will adore returning home to everyday with a beautiful entrance or hall space. New to our interior trends gallery is ‘Make an entrance’. The ‘Make an Entrance’ story has practical tips, home decor and styling ideas for your entrance way.

    Godfrey Hirst Spot Out™

    As Australia’s largest carpet manufacturer, Godfrey Hirst knows all about carpet care.

    That’s why we’re excited to introduce Godfrey Hirst Spot Out™ Carpet Stain Remover.

    This non-toxic, quick and easy to use carpet cleaning spray helps remove stains as well as prevent re-soiling. It’s Australian made and helps remove a wide range of stains, including grease, oils and protein based stains such as gravy, eggs, milk and some tannin based stains.

    Godfrey Hirst Spot Out™ Carpet Stain Remover is suitable for all carpet types, including wool, is certified by WoolSafe, and will not deteriorate carpet fibres.

    Made with a PH neutral formula, it’s gentle on carpet but tough on stains. This ready-to-use solution also removes food spill odours.

    Available to purchase from carpet retailers in 500ml spray bottle, Godfrey Hirst Spot Out™ Carpet Stain Removergives you extra peace of mind

    For more information, visit your local carpet retailer or call 1800 630 401.

    New Sunrise carpet

    Introducing Sunrise! – the newest product in the Godfrey Hirst Carpets eco+ range.

    With 18 modern colours to choose from, there is a colour for every room in the house.

    Triexta carpets are the most exciting development in carpet since nylon. Godfrey Hirst eco+ carpets have a unique combination of luxurious softness AND wearability. eco+ trixeta fibres have a ‘kinked’ molecular structure which means the fibres are more flexible to resist wear, crushing and matting and continue to bounce back into shape. As one of the world’s most luxuriously soft carpets, you will feel like you’re walking on a cloud.

    Godfrey Hirst eco+ is an Australian made triexta carpet manufactured with Sorona® polymer. Derived from corn sugar, the Sorona® polymer in eco+® places less reliance on non-renewable resources and generates less greenhouse gases to produce than other synthetic fibres. Godfrey Hirst eco+ offers a wide selection of naturally inspired colours, that will look stunning in any decor.

    *DuPont™ Sorona® contains 37% renewably sourced™ ingredients by weight. Greenhouse gas emissions from the production of Sorona® are 63% lower than nylon 6 (CISO standard 14040) 

    DesignBUILD 2013 FUTURELIVING finalist

    Godfrey Hirst Carpets are proud to announce that eco+ Sunrise was awarded second runner up for best new product across DesignBUILD 2013 Future Living.

    Future Living exhibited a home consisting of 55 sustainable products including eco+ Sunrise carpet. The Winners of Future Living DesignBUILD 2013 were awarded for raising the benchmark in terms of sustainability, design and style.

    Godfrey Hirst eco+ carpets offer new levels of resistance to stain, soil and wear in addition to colourfast performance. The eco+ is also softer on the environment, featuring next generation DuPont Sorona polymer made from natural corn sugar^ that generates less greenhouse gases to produce than nylon*.

    And eco+ offers luxurious softness that your toes will adore. Available in 18 colours, eco+ Sunrise carpet has a colour to suit any decor.

    For more information on Design Build and the ‘Best New Product’ awards visit:

    *Greenhouse gas emissions from the production of Sorona® are 63% lower than nylon 6 (CISO standard 14040).
    ^Sorona® contains 37% renewably sourced ingredients by weight

    Autumn 2013

    This autumn, colour is all about light, breezy and clean cut looks. Update your home this season with a new Godfrey Hirst carpet in calming hues. Channel Autumnal European style with clean neutrals that reflect our everyday surroundings or make a statement with a bold colour inspired by the changing seasons.

    Textured looks mirror natural surrounds this season with a modern take on the traditional seasoned hues.  Lineal loop finishes will create the effect of space in a room, create interest and are a modern take on textured design.

    Visit our Inspirations and Your GH pages for more interior design inspiration.

    Miners test eco+® Carpet

    DuPont Australia has demonstrated the outstanding stain and soil resistance of Godfrey Hirst eco+ carpet by inviting it to 10,000 miners with dirt covered boots on the floor of their stand during the 2012 Queensland Mining & Engineering (QME) Exhibition at the Mackay Showground.

    After a busy weekend, hoards of people were invited to tramp their dirt covered boots through Godfrey Hirst eco+ carpet, many wondered whether the carpet could handle the mud, grass, soiling and wear.  But sure enough, using only hot-water extraction (steam cleaning) the dark stains and soiling all washed away, leaving the carpet looking like new.

    Godfrey Hirst eco+ is the first Australian Made carpet to be made with DuPont’s breakthrough Sorona renewably sourced polymer.   As seen in the short video eco+ has astounding stain, pet, soil, wear and fade resistance.  With its unique molecular structure, eco+® triexta carpet fibres perform similar to a spring, making the fibres more resilient, crush resistant and durable.  eco+ carpets also features luxurious softness.  It’s the unique combination of softness and durability that has made eco+ so popular among home owners.

    Godfrey Hirst eco+ carpet gives you the confidence that stubborn household stains and soiling will come right out with just cold water and steam cleaning.  Godfrey Hirst offers lifetime stain, pet and soil guarantees.  There’s also a 25 year wear and colourfast guarantee, all backed by local Australian aftersales service you can count on.