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Commercial Flooring News

Going A Level Above – We Are Now An Amtico One Retailer!

The Flooring Group is glad to share with our customers – current and future ones – that we are a proud Amtico One Retailer. This is something more than just supplying Amtico`s products – we will provide you with personal recommendations including everything from design options to the installation and after-sale maintenance advice. Amtico products can suit any taste and budget – it doesn’t matter if you are a fan of the traditional or contemporary style, you will find the best flooring solution for you!

What makes Amtico so successful? Innovative manufacturing processes, experienced craftsmanship and design talent are just some of the elements that lie at the very core of the company. The products are long-lasting and of utmost quality and create functional yet stunning premises for you. The Flooring Group being a partner with such a reputable, globally recognised manufacturer, is proud to offer and supply a wide range of these high-class flooring solutions as well as expert knowledge and precise installation to our customers. We promise you that the products come with the reassurance of genuine provenance.

A note to our customers: Have in mind that Amtico supports the sale of flooring solutions only through a dedicated network of independent retailers that have proven to be experts in the field. If you choose to purchase a product on-line from an unrecognised retailer, we can`t offer a warranty. The Flooring Group is an esteemed provider of flooring services, therefore, choosing to work with us will ensure that you will get the best service worth of your money!

Visit one of our flooring shops or showrooms today and get acquainted with the marvellous collection of Amtico`s products we provide!