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Gradus Carpets

The Flooring Group has been retailing Gradus Carpets for many years to our Commercial London customers. Gradus Carpets explain their brand below;

Gradus was founded in 1966 and has evolved from a flooring accessories business, which still remains at the heart of its activities, into a fully fledged contract interior solutions provider.

With over 300 employees serving both the UK and International markets, Gradus offers solutions for floorcoverings, barrier matting, wall protection and lighting design, in addition to a comprehensive range of stair edging and floor trim profiles.

Our culture is built on problem solving, service and customer support, and the Gradus brand values of quality and expertise are implemented throughout all business activities to ensure peace of mind for all our customers.

Peace of Mind

The Gradus business goal is to provide Peace of Mind for all our customers, through quality, performance and service that you can rely on.

Whether it’s offering advice on product selection, guaranteeing product performance. or delivering the right product to the right place at the right time, we are committed to reducing risk for our customers.

In every aspect of our activities we take responsibility for the environment, and pledge to meet our present business needs without compromising our long term future environment.

People & Ideas

Our reputation as market leader in contract interior solutions is achieved through having a highly skilled, motivated and loyal workforce. We encourage the development of our employees and provide a stimulating and enjoyable place in which they can fulfil their potential. Indeed, several of our senior managers & directors have progressed ‘through the ranks’ to their current roles.

Innovation is at the core of our business, we encourage our employees to develop new ideas and suggest improvements to our processes and products.

We recognise the benefits of a diverse workforce and are committed to treating all employees with dignity and respect regardless of race, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion or belief.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability Pledge

” To meet our present business needs without compromising our long term future environment ”

At Gradus we recognise the importance of sustainable development within our business, and are dedicated to controlling and minimising the effects we have on ?the environment.

We have a firm set of environmental objectives providing a dedicated approach to sustainability in areas such as legislation, waste, training and recycling.

Fully accredited to ISO 14001:2004 we can demonstrate these processes and also evaluate any environmental impacts that may result from our activities, products and services.

At Gradus we will, therefore, continue to improve our environmental performance in line with our aspirations to be recognised as a world class company.


Gradus supplies carpets for contract use that excel in terms of functionality, aesthetics and ease of maintenance.

Gradus manufactures carpets in tile, broadloom and impervious backed options utilising a range of high performance nylon and polypropylene yarns, suitable for a wide variety of contract applications including commercial office, healthcare and education environments.

BRE’s Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM)
Gradus carpets now carry BRE environmental performance ratings for installation in education, healthcare, retail, office or multi-residential domestic buildings, such as care homes and university accommodation.  See individual ranges for full details.

Lok-Lift is a dry adhesive mesh carpet installation system which is fully releasable and 100% recyclable.  Lok-Lift is ideal for both broadloom and carpet tile installations and produces no odours or VOC problems, which are commonly associated with wet adhesives. Lok-Lift is quick, clean and easy to install and remove and can be installed over virtually any surface including carpet, concrete and vinyl.
Murray Cooney from Expo Floors specified and installed Gradus Lok-Lift in a sports stadium.  Commenting on the installation he said:

“Lok-Lift was the perfect choice of adhesive for the flooring as it allowed us to install the carpet quickly and easily, saving us time and money.  Not only did it benefit us as the contractor but also benefited the end user by allowing the floor to be used immediately after installation.  Lok-Lift was clean to apply and produced no odours or VOC emissions which benefited the installation process and also helped to create a healthier environment for the end user.”

Floor Trims


Transition strips reduce the risk of accidents for pedestrian traffic by providing a safe link between floorcoverings.  A transition strip can also provide a safe joint where wheeled traffic is expected and ensures that trolleys can move freely between different types and heights of floorcovering, reducing the risk of trolleys tipping over.

Available in a wide choice of shapes and colours, transition strips can be selected to either blend in with the surrounding floorcoverings or act as a highlight to help determine walkways and other circulation areas. 

Gradus offers a comprehensive range of transition strips, which include Clip-Top, Clip-Top fx, MTS, Euro-Clip, PPS, Trans-Edge, Cable Ducts and Specialist Floor Trims

Skirting & Cappings


Skirtings, cove formers and capping strips are used to provide a clean, neat solution for junctions where the floor meets the wall. Solutions are available to suit most applications in terms of safety, performance and aesthetics. Gradus Stratum skirting is a cost effective pvc alternative to wood skirting, providing a low maintenance hygienic solution to wall base finishing.

Capping Seals, Carpet Caps and Tile Caps can be used with Cove Formers as an alternative to a full skirting.

Stair Edgings & Trims


Providing the most extensive range in the UK, Gradus stair edgings (stair nosings) can help to reduce accidents on stairs as well as helping to provide an ‘inclusive’ environment giving access to all building users.

Stair edgings are used to define the edges of steps in line with guidelines in Approved Document M (ADM) of The Building Regulations 2010 and BS8300:2009+A1:2010. They also protect the edges of floorcoverings from becoming worn or damaged, prolong the life of the floorcoverings and prevent trip hazards from occuring.

Gradus stair edgings are offered in a choice of materials and four profile designs to accommodate most step shapes. A choice of gauges is offered to suit most floorcoverings, whilst single, double or multiple channel options are available dependent on traffic levels and conditions.

Slip-Resistant Surface Finishes


Safety Track™ is a heavy-duty slip-resistant surface finish that can be used on ramps, walkways or anywhere where a risk of slip exists. Safety Track consists of a silicone carbide resin carrier with a self adhesive backing.

Stairtile Slip-Resistant Flooring


Stairtile is a rubber composite material designed to provide a hard-wearing, slip-resistant finish for stairs and floors. It can be installed in a wide range of applications such as shopping centres, car parks and other high usage circulation areas. It can be used as a complete stair covering or as an insert set into terrazzo, wood and concrete. Stairtile is suitable for use in both internal and external applications and is available in a choice of 4 colours. 

When used on step edges, in order to ensure that the guidance in Building Regulations Part M is followed, Gradus recommends a minimum width (front to back) of 50mm to ensure a sufficient degree of colour contrast is achieved.  Stairtile must be set as close to the leading edge of the step as possible. When Stairtile discs are used to define a step edge, they should have a diameter of 50mm and be set as close together as possible.

Tread Alert Tactile Surface


Tread Alert is a rubber tile with raised ribs that acts as a tactile warning surface for the visually impaired to recognise a change in level.  Tread Alert has been designed to meet the criteria for tactile surfaces as stipulated in the DTLR publication ‘Guidance on the use of tactile paving surfaces’.

When used correctly Tread Alert helps to ensure the provision of an inclusive environment as recommended in BS8300:2009+A1:2010 and the Joint Committee on Mobility of Blind and Partially Sighted People.

Tread Alert should be used at the approach (top and bottom) to a flight of internal stairs and installed according to the ‘Guidance on the use of tactile paving surfaces’.

Trans-Edge Heavy Duty range


A range of heavy-duty aluminium slip-resistant stair edgings (stair nosings) incorporating extremely durable slip-resistant insert materials suitable for internal and external use.

The ideal choice for specification in areas such as railway stations, car parks, airports and heavy industry.

Expansion Joint Covers


Gradus JointMaster® Expansion Joint Systems protect a building’s appearance by covering up expansion joints. They also help to protect expansion joints from dirt and debris and create a safe transition between floor coverings for pedestrian and wheeled traffic. Gradus JointMaster® profiles offer a simple yet practical range of expansion joint covers.Each profile has been engineered to provide different features and benefits to cover a range of different joint widths and installation types.

Barrier Matting Systems

An effective barrier matting system, when correctly specified, will help to minimise the risk of slip accidents caused by wet flooring, reduce maintenance costs and improve the appearance of internal floorcoverings by significantly reducing the amount of dirt and moisture tracked into a building.

Gradus barrier matting cannot only be used at a building’s entrance and access points but also in other areas that are subject to increased risk of soiling and heavy wear.  In many cases the optimum performance is achieved by combining different types of barrier matting.

In line with The Building Regulations and British Standards, barrier matting is required to help provide safe access for all users of buildings, including wheelchair users, in line with the Equality Act 2010.

LED Lighting Systems


Gradus Lighting is a specialist business offering a range of extra low voltage decorative LED products primarily for use in the Leisure sector in environments such as cinemas, nightclubs, casinos and cruise ships.  These systems can also be used in areas where non-intrusive lighting is required such as lecture theatres and museums.

With over 25 years experience in the design and manufacture of illuminated decorative and safety flooring accessories, Gradus can provide product and installation solutions that are easy and safe to install. Bespoke products and adaptations of existing products can be produced to create specific light effects for customised applications.

Gradus offers a full project management service which includes quotations, site installation and management through to on-going maintenance and aftercare.

Wall Protection Systems


Gradus offers a comprehensive wall protection system for walls, corner and doors, providing an essential barrier against damage caused by the general flow of wheeled and pedestrian traffic.

Helping to minimise the need for ongoing repair and maintenance, Gradus Wall Protection Systems also reduce life cycle costs and improve the overall appearance of the interior.

Products in the range include handrails & combi-rails, wall guards (crash rails, bumper bars), corner guards, bed protectors & locators, door protection and Sanparrel PVC-u sheet.

Gradus Wall Protection is ideal for all contract environments including pharmaceutical, education, healthcare, hospitality and commercial office.

Safety & Protection Systems

Gradus Safety & Protection Systems are designed to protect buildings and equipment from damage by providing both a visual and physical barrier to impact, and also help to minimise damage when impact does occur. Pedestrian safety is also improved by keeping vehicles and pedestrians separate which helps to minimise the risk of accidents. This comprehensive range is ideal for applications such as service areas, loading bays and car parks.

Commercial Office

Interior solutions to help create functional and attractive working environments

  • A wide range of co-ordinating products designed to enhance and protect commercial office interiors. Select from carpet, stair edgings, floor trims, barrier matting and wall protection systems
  • Ensure safe, accessible buildings that help provide inclusive environments for all users
  • Select products from a company that recognises its impact on the environment and is committed to offering sustainable products and solutions


Interior solutions to help create effective learning environments

  • Create attractive and functional environments with a wide range of co-ordinating products designed to enhance and protect education interiors
  • Ensure safe, accessible buildings that help provide inclusive environments for all users
  • Select products from a company that recognises its impact on the environment and is committed to offering sustainable products and solutions


Interior solutions to help create restful and healing environments

  • Create attractive and functional environments with a wide range of co-ordinating products designed to enhance and protect healthcare interiors
  • Ensure safe, accessible buildings that help provide inclusive environments for all users
  • Select products from a company that recognises its impact on the environment and is committed to offering sustainable products and solutions


Interior solutions to help create homely and restful living space

  • Create welcoming and functional environments with a wide range of co-ordinating products designed to enhance and protect residential interiors
  • Attractive living space for care homes, university accommodation & sheltered housing
  • Ensure safe, accessible buildings that help provide inclusive environments for all users
  • Select products from a company that recognises its impact on the environment and is committed to offering sustainable products and solutions


Interior solutions to help create safe, functional and attractive retail environments

  • A range of products designed to enhance and protect retail interiors.
  • Ensure safe, accessible buildings that help provide inclusive environments for all users.
  • Select products from a company that recognises its impact on the environment and is committed to offering sustainable products and solutions.

Leisure & Hospitality

Interior solutions to help create accessible and attractive leisure and hospitality environments

  • A range of products designed to enhance and protect leisure and hospitality interiors.
  • Create warm, welcoming environments that encourage visitors and customers.
  • Ensure safe, accessible buildings that help provide inclusive environments for all users.
  • Select products from a company that recognises its impact on the environment and is committed to offering sustainable products and solutions.

ISO 9001

Accreditation with the BSI ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System confirms that Gradus is committed to providing the best possible service in order to satisfy its customers’ needs and expectations for high quality products. This is done by involving all personnel in the continuous improvement of products and services through its focus on quality, design and performance.

ISO 14001

Gradus Pledges to meet it’s present business needs without compromising it’s long term future environment.

Achieving the BSI ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System proves that in line with aspirations to be recognised as a world class company, Gradus will continually strive to improve its environmental performance.

This will be achieved through a set of Environmental Objectives & Targets which measure the Company’s effectiveness.

Gradus Product Showcase

The Gradus Product Showcase is an informal opportunity for Gradus to bring an exhibition of products directly to you. 

We have designed them to be flexible and informative and they can be arranged at a time and date to suit you. They typically last around 2 hours and in this time people drop in as they wish and Gradus personnel are available to discuss our products generally or address specific requirements.

They are often booked over lunch time and we are happy to work with you to provide lunch or if you prefer a different time, a variety of snacks.    

BS OHSAS 18001

Gradus views health and safety as a key priority which plays an integral part in all activities including the maintenance of quality and standards. The improvement of its health and safety record is a key business goal. It is therefore, the policy of the company to provide and maintain a working environment which is, so far as is reasonably practicable, safe and without risk to health. This includes avoiding risk to the community from the company’s activities.

Gradus believe that an excellent organisation is by definition a safe organisation. In the same way that Gradus is committed to excellence in its products, it follows that the minimisation of health and safety risks to those who work and visit its sites is, therefore, consistent with all objectives of the Company.

Supply & Fit

Working closely with a wide range of end users and main contractors and in a variety of market sectors, Gradus Contracts offers a supply and installation service on a selection of? Gradus products including, barrier matting, wall protection and lighting systems.

Project Management
Gradus Contracts provides a professional, expert service to its clients and can value engineer projects to suit individual requirements. The contracts team at Gradus will manage the project in conjunction with Gradus manufacturing and logistics from survey and specification through to installation and hand over, removing risk and saving time for the customer.

Design Service

Although a wide selection of standard product exists we are aware that sometimes something different is required, and therefore Gradus offers a bespoke service where our customers can create products and colours to suit exact design requirements. Gradus utilises a CAD design system and in-house tooling & manufacturing to rapidly produce bespoke profiles to individual customer requirements.

Bespoke profiles and colours may be subject to minimum quantities and lead times.

CPD Seminars

Gradus is one of the original members of the RIBA CPD Providers Network and currently offers a full range of RIBA assessed and approved CPD seminars covering:

The Specification & Design Considerations of Stair Edgings
The Specification & Design Considerations or Wall, Corner & Door Protection systems
The Specification & Design Considerations or Barrier Matting Systems

The seminars provide information to make the specification of each product simple and effective, and clarify the situation concerning current legislative guidance including BS8300:2009+A1:2010, Approved Document M (2004) of The Building Regulations 2010, BS8493:2008 (Light Reflectance Values and Colour Contrast), Health Building Note 00-04, Health Building Note 00-10 and The Equality Act 2010.

All seminars are part of the RIBA core curriculum syllabus and earn double CPD points for those attending the seminars.

Declaration of Performance

From 1st July 2013, under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) it will become mandatory for manufacturers to draw up a Declaration of Performance and apply CE marking to any construction products covered by a harmonised European standard.

The CPR aims to break down technical barriers to trade within the European Economic Area.

Gradus carpet products fall under the harmonised European standard EN14041 and Declarations of Performance can be downloaded from this page.

Wall Protection
Gradus wall protection products fall under the harmonised European standard EN15102 and Declarations of Performance can be downloaded from this page.

5 Day Matting Service

Gradus offers a 5 day manufacturing service – available for Esplanade 8500, Esplanade 8000, Esplanade Plus, Esplanade 1500, Esplanade 1000, Topguard, Topguard Plain, Tyreguard and Access on all orders up to 20m². Please note the following exclusions/conditions apply:

a.5 day matting service refers to the production time for manufacture i.e. goods will be available for despatch within 5 working days.
b.5 day lead time applies upon receipt of purchase order and all information required to commence manufacture
c. Delivery times vary and in some circumstances will incure a charge
d. Excludes shaped and/or logo mats
e. 5 day manufacturing lead time is subject to stock availability.

Gradus matting can offer you a broad range of solutions for all applications, with a range of products to suit all levels of foot and wheeled traffic, with primary mats that can be shaped to your specific requirements.
In addition to this, Gradus matting can also offer you a co-ordinated barrier matting system as part of our full supply and fit package, with products that meet the guidance of The Building Regulations Approved Document M and BS 8300:2009+A1:2010.

Matting Template Service

Gradus offers a matting template service in selected geographical locations for primary matting in order to ensure an accurate fit on site.

• Save time
• Reduce risk
• Save money

Specialist Interior Solutions for Healthcare from Gradus

There is optimism within the medical market place, with a total of 520 healthcare sector projects, worth circa ?1bn, currently in the pipeline for 2014/15 with further expenditure expected from 2020 onwards, according to Whitehall’s Construction Pipeline.

As a market leader in wall protection systems for the NHS and a specialist in carpets for the healthcare sector, in addition to supplying barrier matting and flooring accessories, Gradus is ideally placed to help project managers create fit-for-purpose, safe and inclusive environments that are built to last.

Gradus can support projects from beginning to end, offering specification advice through to providing supply and fit services for products such as wall protection and barrier matting. Gradus can also help to ensure that the correct products are selected and installed, providing a balance between safety, hygiene, comfort and aesthetics to achieve inclusive and welcoming environments for patients, staff and families.

Gradus offers a wide range of proven contract interior products ideal for healthcare environments. Recent applications include installations at; Elmhurst Short Stay Service, where wall protection was supplied and fitted as part of a refurbishment project valued at over ?1-million; the Kent Institute of Medicine & Surgery (KIMS), a ?95-million, seven-acre state-of-the-art hospital development; and The Queen’s Medical Centre Campus in Nottingham, where Gradus XT stair edgings were installed to improve safety by increasing the slip-resistance at the leading edge of the steps.

Gradus supplies on-going services to a number of healthcare groups, including Nuffield Health, where its carpets and wall protection systems have been installed. In addition, Gradus has experience in providing LED step lighting to establishments that provide teaching facilities and have lecture theatres such as The Christie Hospital in Manchester.

Lynette Bowden, Product Manager for Gradus, added: “We have a proven track record in successfully supplying tailored solutions and project management to the NHS and private healthcare environments. Thanks to our experience, we understand that products within the healthcare sector need to be fit for purpose, reduce maintenance costs and must help to provide a safe and inclusive environment.

“We realise that healthcare specifiers may be working across multiple projects at any one time, with a variety of suppliers and manufacturers, so aim to make the specification of our products as simple as possible.”

Improve Your Learning Environments with Gradus

With the recent announcement that The Priority Schools Building Programme 2, a capital funded project, will be undertaking rebuilding and refurbishment projects across 277 schools from 2015 to 2021, it looks likely that the education sector is set to see some noticeable rejuvenation in the not so distant future.

Lynette Bowden, Product Manager for contract interiors specialist Gradus, comments: “With the projected UK population growth having a huge impact on the need for school places, university applications rising to an all time high, and The Property Data Survey Programme reporting that 95 per cent of English school buildings require maintenance work, there is an array of refurbishment and new build opportunities in the education market. 

“At Gradus we have extensive experience supplying educational establishments and know that products need to be robust to withstand heavy wear and tear. We also realise the need for the products to be visually appealing to create comfortable, friendly teaching and living environments for both students and staff.”

Gradus is ideally placed to help specifiers and project managers create fit for purpose, safe, inclusive educational environments that are built to last. Gradus can help to ensure that the correct products are selected and installed, such as wall protection, barrier matting and LED lighting systems, from specification advice through to supply & fit services.

Gradus offers a wide range of proven contract interior products ideal for education environments. Recent applications include; UCLan (University of Central Lancashire), where stair edgings and matting reduce the risk of slip accidents on stairs and at entrances; GradPad Wood Lane Studios, where carpets, matting and stair edgings help to create safe, modern and vibrant student accommodation; and Mid Kent College, where exterior stair edgings have created safe access to and from the campus car park.

Lynette adds: “Investing in the right products, whether it be stair edging for outside steps or wall protection for classrooms, can improve value for money over a projects’ whole life, by reducing upkeep costs and eliminating the need to upgrade.”

Gradus Supplies Carpets to Mitsui & Co.

Mitsui & Co. Europe PLC, which trades in the investment of commodities such as metals, machinery, plastics, and textiles, selected a range of Gradus carpets for the refurbishment of their office on St. Martin’s Le Grand, London.

The company used Gradus’ bespoke floor plan design service to help create a functional and attractive working environment.

Various Gradus carpets were installed throughout their head office, including Times Square which was installed in a selection of colours on the 8th floor.  Grey was selected as a base colour for use in the circulation areas with Red and Light Blue being used to complement the grey and to highlight specific areas.

On the 9th floor, shades of beige and brown from the SqMile, Wall Street and Wall Street Stripes ranges were installed alongsideTimes Square, helping to differentiate various zones, such as meeting rooms, offices, corridors and lounge areas.  Gradus offers a wide choice of carpet ranges, which coordinate and work well together and can therefore be used to differentiate different zones of a building or to create a unique design statement.

Joseph Bond from Mitsui & Co. Europe PLC said: “With this refurbishment project we wanted to give our offices a fresh look. We are really pleased with the products installed as they are both stylish and hardwearing.  Gradus’ floor plan design service helped us to create a welcoming and attractive, yet functional working environment.”

Karen Burman, Product Manager for Gradus, adds: “Our carpets are an excellent choice for busy office environments as they excel in terms of functionality, aesthetics and ease of maintenance.  The carpet ranges installed at Mitsui & Co. Europe work well together to help to differentiate different areas of the building whilst creating a bespoke design scheme.

Light Grey Extends Times Square Range

Times Square Light Grey has been added to the range of contemporary carpet tiles from Gradus. 

Times Square offers versatility and can be used to enhance an interior by customising the floor to complement a specific design scheme.  For example, the colours can be used to emphasise particular zones within a building, such as breakout areas, seating areas and walkways.

Karen Burman, Designer and Product Manager for Gradus Carpets, comments: “Light Grey has been designed to complement the other colours within the Times Square range, providing more opportunities to use the colours together creatively to create unique floor designs.” 

The Times Square range is available with a 12 year wear warranty and is produced with an 85% recycled content polyurethane cushion backing which offers excellent acoustic benefits.  Times Square is suitable for a wide range of contract applications including commercial office and education environments. 

Gradus Helps Welcome Visitors To Historic Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park in Milton Keynes, a secret base for code-breakers during the Second World War, has undergone an ?8 million restoration, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The formerly derelict wartime Codebreaking building, Block C, has been transformed into a vibrant Visitor Centre.  In addition, the iconic Codebreaking Huts 3 and 6 have been sympathetically restored for visitors to experience how it was to work in wartime Bletchley Park.  Finally, the landscape has been returned to its 1940’s appearance enabling visitors to step back in time.

In order to prevent dirt and moisture from being carried into the building by foot and wheeled traffic, Gradus’ Esplanade 1500primary barrier matting in closed construction with PVC wipers has been installed at the main entrance to the Visitors Centre.  Five further mats, in closed construction with Boulevard 1500 polypropylene wipers in Tempestas (black), have been fitted at additional entrances.

Gradus’ Esplanade 1500 primary barrier matting provides an effective surface for the removal of dirt and moisture, helping to improve safety by reducing the risk of slip accidents. 

Karen Burman, Marketing Product Manager for Gradus, adds: “We are honored to have been involved in the restoration of such a historically significant site.  The men and women of Bletchley are credited with bringing an early end to the Second World War by cracking the German’s Enigma machine.

“The matting system in place will not only increase public safety and prolong the lifecycle of surrounding floorcoverings, but will also enhance the appearance of the entrance to the Visitor Centre, creating a clean, smart and welcoming first impression.

“Esplanade 1500 can be specified in open, closed or scraper construction and is a durable yet low-maintenance matting system ideal for a variety of internal applications subject to heavy foot and medium wheeled traffic.”

Gradus Welcomes Shoppers to St Johns

St Johns Shopping Centre is located in the heart of Liverpool’s City Centre and has over 100 shops, ranging from high street fashion retailers to more specialised stores. A sleek and safe entrance is now greeting shoppers and workers entering the building thanks to Gradus barrier matting, which is designed to withstand heavy foot and wheeled traffic. 

Esplanade Plus primary barrier matting, with Boulevard 5000HD wipers in Jackdaw, was supplied and fitted in the St Johns Way entrance to the shopping centre, helping to reduce the number of slip, trip and fall accidents.

Esplanade Plus removes heavy soiling at the point of entry and has excellent moisture retention properties. This can help to maintain the lifecycle of surrounding floorcoverings and increase the safety of the staff and visitors using the building.

Robert Bradley, Deputy Centre Manager at St Johns Shopping Centre, said: “We are delighted with the standard of matting installed by Gradus and the positive effect this has had at the St Johns Way entrance to the centre.

“The new matting gives the entrance a sleeker, more modern and professional appearance to shoppers entering St Johns.”

Lynette Bowden, Marketing Projects Manager for Gradus, adds: “A well-specified barrier matting system will not only increase public safety and prolong the lifecycle of surrounding floorcoverings, but will also enhance the appearance of the entrance by creating a clean and welcoming first impression.”

NEW Gradus Carpet Collection Brochure

Easy to navigate, the brochure has been divided into sections to help readers find the right product to match their design and performance requirements.  The sections within the brochure include ‘Zonal Performance’, ‘Colour Themes’, ‘Carpet Collection’ and ‘Case Studies’.

The Zonal Performance section offers advice on how to create a coordinated design scheme with the necessary performance requirements for specific areas within commercial office, education and healthcare environments.  This includes examples of floor plan designs and installation photography for each sector.  In addition, a zonal performance chart is included which lists each carpet range, its recommended areas of application and its A+ BREEAM ratings.

The Colour Themes section includes the full colour range from all carpet collections.  It features eight categories covering the full spectrum: cool blues, classic greys, brights, refreshing greens, natural browns, warm terracottas, dramatic reds and purple and lilac hues, making it easier to find the right carpet to match a specific interior design scheme.

All carpet ranges are listed by product under the Carpet Collection section and are split into groups comprising Premium Carpet, High Performance Contractor Carpet and Secondary Barrier Carpet, with installation photography to show specific product ranges.

New products featured in the brochure include Streetwise, Lafite Connect Space and Boulevard StripeHD.
Streetwise is a new range of carpet tiles with a textured aesthetic designed for random installation.  The range is available in five colours including grey, blue and beige.

Lafite Connect Space is the latest addition to the Lafite Connect carpet tile range, offering a linear design in four colours that can be installed either quarter turn or brick bond. The brochure includes installation photography to demonstrate the versatility of the Lafite Connect range, showing how the designs can be used together and also used alongside the Emphasis carpet tile range, which features a palette of bright accent colours.

Boulevard StripeHD is a new secondary barrier carpet available in two colours.  It has a linear design and can be used alone or can be used to coordinate with other Boulevard products.

Karen Burman, Product Manager for Gradus Carpets, comments: “The latest edition of the Carpet Collection Brochure provides customers with a handy guide to all our carpet products.  Floor plan designs, installation photography and case studies show how products can be used to meet specific design and performance requirements across a variety of market sectors, providing inspiration and advice to help our customers plan their carpet installations.”

Gradus Makes An Entrance At Viables Business Park

Viables Business Park is a prime out-of-town destination in the South East. Located in Basingstoke, 45 miles south west of London, it is occupied by several well-known businesses.

The main building at the site services several companies and experiences heavy footfall on a daily basis, it is therefore important that it is a safe and welcoming environment for staff and visitors.

Esplanade 8000 from Gradus has been installed as primary barrier matting in the main reception. The matting significantly reduces the amount of dirt and moisture being tracked into the building at Viables, helping to minimise the risk of ‘slips and falls’ caused by wet flooring.

Removing dirt at the point of entry to the building also helps to enhance the appearance of the entrance, and protect adjacent floorcoverings, making it a particularly cost effective way of reducing long-term cleaning and maintenance costs.

Esplanade 8000 is suitable for use in the most demanding environments. The matting system comprises silver anodised aluminium scrapers and rigid PVC-u carriers, joined together using stainless steel threaded bars. The mat incorporates either, heavy duty carpet wipers made from 100% solution dyed nylon (in a choice of three colours – Orca, Shark and Marlin), for extremely effective moisture dirt removal or black PVC wipers for scraping off dirt.

Rigorously tested to ensure suitability for use in both interior and exterior environments, Esplanade 8000 achieves a low risk of slip using the Health and Safety Laboratory ramp test for slip-resistance.

Lee Howells, site manager at Oakmont Construction, comments: “A significant proportion of footfall at Viables Business Park passes through the main reception so it is important that the entrance is as safe as possible. We chose Esplanade 8000 from Gradus as it helps to reduce slips and falls, whilst also helping to maintain the appearance of other flooring surfaces within the building.”

Lynette Bowden, Marketing Projects Manager for Gradus, adds: “Esplanade 8000 is an incredibly durable matting system ideal for commercial applications like Viables Business Park, where a heavy duty solution is required.

“In addition it can be manufactured to most shapes and sizes as well as being available on the Gradus five-day manufacturing service.”

Gradus Steps Up To The Mark At Mid Kent College

Mid Kent College is one of the largest further education and training providers in the South East, offering an extensive range of courses for beginners to advanced learners.

Thousands of people pass through the campus each year and, as such, the college needs to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for students, staff and visitors. TEX stair edgings from Gradus have been installed on the exterior steps leading up to the main entrance and in the car park. The heavy duty aluminium stair edgings were selected with Firestorm (bright yellow) insert, providing both slip-resistance and visual contrast.

Suitable for both exterior and interior applications, Gradus TEX profiles have performed well in accelerated wear tests. They have also been independently tested for slip-resistance by the Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL), providing a reduced risk of slip in both wet and dry conditions.

Profiles are ideally suited to exterior use and heavily trafficked internal stairways close to entrances and access points. They have been subjected to accelerated UV weathering tests and are chemical resistance tested to ISO175, making them the ideal choice for specification in areas such as car parks, motorway footbridges, railway stations, airports, sports stadia, outdoor arenas and heavy industry.

Kevin Drynan, Director at flooring contractor HD Flooring, comments: “A significant proportion of footfall at Mid Kent College passes through the main entrance so it is important that the stairs leading up to this are as safe as possible. We chose TEX stair edgings from Gradus as they offer slip resistance in wet or dry conditions, an important consideration for external areas.”

Lynette Bowden, Product Manager for Gradus, adds: “Slips and falls on stairs are one of the main causes of injury. Gradus’ TEX stair edgings have been developed for use on stairs where slips and trips are more likely to occur for example in exterior environments subject to the elements or on interior stairs close to entrances. They are ideal for use in this type of application, helping to reduce the risk of accidents and create a safe environment on campus.”

Gradus Sponsors Construction Cup

The Construction Cup aims to bring together all disciplines of the construction industry to raise money and awareness for great causes.

This year’s event took place on two consecutive days at Wembley Stadium and Oxford Brookes University Sports Centre and raised ?4,387 for Mind.

These latest efforts bring the overall fundraising total for the Construction Cup to over ?15,000 since the event started in 2011.

Lynette Bowden, Marketing Projects Manager for Gradus, comments: “We are proud to have been involved in this competition, which raised awareness and funds for a very worthwhile cause.”

Stuart Ward, Project Architect at IBI Nightingale, which organises the competition, said: “The Construction Cup was set up to bring all disciplines of the industry together to raise money and awareness for great causes. I’m pleased to say the event goes from strength to strength each year and involves some of the highest profile names in contemporary construction.

“The money raised goes to some very worthy causes, while teams enjoy a relaxed and social atmosphere which allows them to network both on and off the pitch. We couldn’t organise such a widely successful and inclusive event without the support of generous sponsors such as Gradus.”