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Commercial Flooring News

Granorte Cork Flooring

Our latest addition in the Flooring Group Ltd supplier chain is Granorte. This a Portuguese family owned company that was founded in 1972. They have started by recycling cork waste by other manufacturers. This allowed them to gain access to an affordable resource and develop their own and better production process.

Throughout the years they have expanded their cork technological solutions. With a steady growth and carefully minded financial decisions, Granorte has identified themselves as sustainable and advanced manufacturers, that focus in environment and customer satisfaction. They expand their cooperations with suppliers and customers with the sole purpose of providing the best solution possible.

The Flooring Group Ltd. praises not only the environmental benefits of Granorte products but their use of raw materials, which have no harmful VOC emissions. With Granorte all customers will enjoy warmth, comfort, and quietness further to better indoor air quality standards.
Granorte provides training and motivational schemes for all their partners to ensure full customer satisfaction. They maximise their value and quality of their productions and maintain continuous quality management.