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Greentimber – Solid Hardwood Flooring & Skirting Boards

Greentimber is a company based in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire. They manufacture high-quality solid hardwood flooring, hardwood mouldings, skirting boards, flooring trims and all round sections in Walnut, Maple, White Oak, Cherry, Ash, etc. Their enormous 20,000ft2 facility houses a very modern sawmill and a new timber moulding line. To satisfy every taste the company imports Temperate Hardwoods from the USA, Canada and all over Europe.

The Greentimber purchase and import of hardwoods into the UK is a very specific and well-maintained system to ensure the best product is available to the clients.

The company specialises in extra wide and long hardwood flooring and have the reputation for good quality, accurate machining and excellent levels of customer service. The orders can be completed within a very short period due to the large stock of raw material and trained expert wood machinists. Greentimber stands for sustainable sourcing and sustainable business.

During the sawing and the machining production, all the wood waste and sawmill residue is separated and then recycled, so it can be used in many more and different ways. The sawdust and wood shaving, for example, are being used in the poultry industry for bedding and nests. The off-cuts and solid wood waste from the saws go into kindling wood, while the larger off-cuts are being sold to hobbyists and arts & crafts enthusiasts for small woodcrafts.

The Flooring Group is glad to partner with Greentimber – a reputable company which purchase and import are legally sourced in accordance with all import countries state and federal laws. Greentimber only purchases from certified producers that are registered and audited by the recognised schemes (FSC/PEFC/SFI).