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Commercial Flooring News

Health & Safety Policy

The Flooring Group is happy to announce our recent changes in the Health & Safety Policy. We consider this to be crucial to any functioning business with risk involved in the work process. We have uploaded this information in our site, serving as a good example of how a professional company operates and assures a safe environment for our loyal operatives.

The whole document is separated in the following 3 aspects:

I. First is the policy statement, which officially states the company’s responsibility towards the health and safety of its personnel and other general information enabling the achievement of the current ideas. All of this is signed by the Managing Director and accessible in all sites and workplaces.

II. The organisation on the other hand focuses on the health and safety responsibilities. The company structure is presented here along with the duties of all employees depending on their position in the institution.

III. The arrangements section basically confirms that the employees must go through safety training, this ensures safer and hazard free surroundings during the working process. Some of which are: Health and safety booklets and site rules, Induction training, toolbox talks, refresher training and other.

The Flooring Group hopes that more businesses state their internal enhancements towards providing a better working atmosphere and happier, more secure employees. Because we all know that this equals an overall better performance of our work and increasingly satisfied clientele. Make sure to check our policy if you would like to see more in-depth information about us.