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Hot New 7 Trends In The Wood Flooring For 2017

Wooden floors have always been amongst the preferred flooring types. A recent survey puts that type in the leading position of people’s choice for their homes and offices. Natural wood in all its variations dominates the market, but nowadays the trends are somewhat different. During the mid 2010s the colours and stains have reigned over customers wishes. Darker woods are easier to maintain, while lighter ones bring warmth and cosiness to one’s home. The new movement towards grey and cloudy staining will help enlarge the rooms and not frame them with sharp angles. New geometrical lines and figures are taking over the invisible ones lines of the wood – style, and fashion all in one! Home floors are no longer shiny ones, rather matt finished and more relaxing than ever. All the hype for the mirror gloss is left for hospitals and other sterile facilities. Diversity and style can be found in all trends. Old materials transformed into new and modern ideas for a future strongly based on the past.