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Commercial Flooring News

Hot New Flooring Trends For 2018

On the threshold of the new 2018 year, The Flooring Group has listed the most preferred types of flooring, that are growing in popularity among Brits. As traditional as they are, Englishmen would always opt for wooden floors, which explains why solid wood still keeps the highest in demand position. Second, comes the Bamboo – a relatively new type, extremely popular among environmental activists. It posses qualities that are to be found in no other flooring. Next in line and holding the third position is the recycled carpet. Following the contemporary trends of nature preservation and limiting the source and production chain, this type of flooring is not only good but affordable. The fourth position is held by Cork – a relatively new flooring, but with excellent performance in insulation and heating. Cork flooring is perfect for small and large areas with no difference to installation and sustainability. The Flooring Group partners with top British brands of manufacturers and are always available to provide excellent products at affordable prices. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us today!