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Commercial Flooring News

How to choose the correct floor for your home?

Тhe Flooring Group has listed a few key points that may come in handy when choosing what type of floor to install. The top choices are always between laminate, engineered wood and solid wood. As it will be shown the final decision depends on the budget, the personal preferences and the entire interior design. Playing safe and rustic with solid wood will be a very classy and stylish option. Yet, the maintenance may be a little difficult to deal with. The engineered wood planks are more affordable and ecologically more safe. They have a good water resistance and provide both aesthetic feel of a real solid wood and sustainability beyond expectations. The laminate on the other hand is very cheap and easy to install, has risen in popularity due to its practicality and functionality. In the end it is a matter of personal decision and budget and we at The Flooring Group have only the highest quality suppliers to make the correct and best choice.