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How to Make the Best of Your DIY Installation? – Tips by TFG

Many people decide to take up on DIY flooring installations as they feel confident enough to carry out the procedure themselves. In reality, the best way to ensure your project will last is to rely on professionals. However, if you pride your DIY skills watch this video. You will learn how to achieve best results with the right flooring options – we gathered some of the solutions that are most suitable for DIY installations. You can even cut them with a utility knife! Alterna and Cushion step both come in almost 40 designs each. Luxe plank is a smart choice for the homeowners that love the feel of hardwood. Peel and stick flooring shows very good water-resistant qualities but temperature fluctuations can damage it. Scratamax doesn`t insulate very efficiently but comes in a variety of option including multicoloured slate and hardwood. Leather tiles, FLOR flooring, Mannington Sobella and Reztec flooring are another options that are very practical for a DIY installation. What do you think? Stop by at our new Fulham & Chelsea flooring showroom and check out some samples yourself!