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Commercial Flooring News


Interfloor now a part of the Victoria PLC Group was created by the merge between Tredaire and Duralay. Yet the company has been on the market since 1940. It has established itself as the largest manufacturer for underlay in Europe, providing also flooring accessories. Interfloor, being an internationally recognised producer, distributes to customers all over Britain and the world.

This phenomenal partner of ours has a giant range of products, amongst which are three of the most popular underlays – polyurethane foam, sponge and crumb rubber. Other quality products include adhesives, carpet edgings, tapes and tools. The ultimate goal of this company is to supply better products at better rates and help all brands be successful.

An aspect that The Flooring Group likes most is Interfloor’s environmental and ethical responsibilities the company has been preaching for over 70 years. There has been a positive increase in the use and production of underlay from recycled materials with at least 18% over the last few years alone, thanks to the company’s new production cycle. For instance, the crumb rubber is made of 80% recycled car tyres. And not to forget the Interfloor was the pioneer and first to launch and manufacture FCS certified carpet gripper back in 2011. They have also developed low emission adhesives and even invested in a manufacturing factory with less than legally required emissions – a step towards a cleaner planet. In 2012 Interfloor has adopted an Ethical Trading Policy – a ground-breaking base code they implement.

Overall, The Flooring Group has been extremely happy to collaborate with Interfloor.