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Jacaranda Carpets

The Flooring Group has been retailing Jacaranda Carpets for some time. Below, Jacaranda Carpets detail their luxury brand;


At Jacaranda we believe that our carpets are genuinely interesting because of their textures. We admire the slight quirkiness and irregularity that can only be handmade. From our chunky boucles and bold stripes to our smooth, dense, luxurious Heavy Velvet; our carpets and rugs are warm, textural and tactile, but never boring.


We hand-knot Himalayan rugs from pure Chinese silk or wool sourced from the high plateaux of Tibet. We weave carpets from high quality New Zealand wool, but also from undyed wools chosen from around the globe for their natural colours. We stitch rugs from leather hide and we are able to border our wool, TENCEL® and viscose carpets in cotton, linen, leather or suede.


We love the range and subtlety of natural hues, their ability to make a statement or to fit naturally into a wide range of interiors, both contemporary and traditional. They can look stylish but timeless. They are easy to live with too.


Many of our products are handmade not mass produced, these floor coverings are woven on traditional wooden looms that require no electricity or are knotted by hand. We weave mainly from pure wool and natural fibres, which we leave undyed where possible. We visit our manufacturers regularly, and all our rug suppliers are GoodWeave registered and inspected.

We love handmade textures as well as natural colours and materials. We buy what we like. We take pride in being innovative and different. Above all, we believe that we can provide carpets, rugs and runners; using ethical and environmentally sound production practices, without compromise to quality, design or style.

Jacaranda supplies broadloom carpets, rugs and runners to retailers and interior designers. If you are a trade customer please contact our office for orders and quotes. If you are a consumer do please make contact too, as we can put you in touch with one of our trade customers in your local area.


Jacaranda is happy to reserve stock for 48 hours.


While every effort is made to manufacture to the correct size, slight variations are unavoidable and natural fibres can shrink as they move to a different climate. For broadloom we advise that the customer order 3% more length than is required. Hand-woven rug sizes may vary by up to +/-2.5% and Himalayan by up to +/-5%.


As with all natural products, colours may vary slightly between production batches. Please state at time of order where carpet cuts are to adjoin, so ensuring that those cuts are supplied from the same colour batch. The colour of samples may also change over time especially if exposed to strong sunlight. If an exact colour match is essential, please reserve stock and ask Jacaranda to send a cutting from that batch, we will be happy to oblige.


Please fit carpets over a good quality solid underlay (unless using a double stick method). Stretch all carpets onto double grippers. Do not use power stretchers which can damage any carpets. All cut edges should be sealed using seaming cement and heat seaming tape should be used for all seams and joins. A light shear may be necessary along seams for some velvets. Do not apply self-adhesive carpet protector which can attach to pile, then pull threads when removed. Any variations to standard fitting instructions appear on the relevant product pages (Simla, Abha, Heavy Velvet, Rampur, Ranila, Satpura Stripe, Chatapur, Santushti and Rajgarh).


Our labour intensive processes are integral to the creation of our ‘characterful’ textures and wonderful natural colours. They cannot and do not set out to mirror the uniformity of ‘machine made’ carpet. Any slight variations in colour and weave in our products are part of their ‘handmade character’ rather than ‘faults’.

At Jacaranda we take quality control very seriously and each roll or rug is checked and rechecked. Despite our best efforts however the odd genuine error does slip through and strange things can happen in transit.

Please ensure that all products are checked and any problems reported within 48 hours of delivery. If your floorcovering arrives with damaged packaging, please note the damage on the delivery note before signing for receipt. If you have any doubts about the product, please phone our office before fitting. Jacaranda cannot take responsibility for problems reported after the carpet has been cut and fitted.


Vacuum carpets regularly using an upright cleaner on cut pile carpets, or a cylinder machine with a smooth nozzle on any carpet with loops. Avoid using all cleaning chemicals sold for home use, some of which can discolour carpets. Detergent residue can become sticky when dry and subsequently attract dirt. For an overall clean we recommend a dry extraction method carried out by a professional cleaning company. Leather floor coverings are better swept with a soft brush.


All wool cut-pile carpets will shed fibres when new to create fluff. This is normal, not related to quality, and will not affect appearance or durability of your carpet. It is simply wool fibres released from the yarn ends where they are cut to create the pile. Vacuum regularly and shedding will soon cease.


Uneven tufts can sometimes occur in hand-woven carpets. Dogs, cats or stiletto heels can catch and pull loops proud of the pile. Carefully cut these tufts or loops with sharp scissors, do not pull as you may damage the carpet.


Furniture can depress or crush carpet pile over time. This effect can be reduced by occasionally re-arranging heavy furniture so that the weight is not concentrated in one place.


Act fast to pick up any solids and to blot up liquid with plain absorbent paper. Blot gently, changing paper as necessary. Do not rub or scrub as this can ‘burst’ the pile surface causing permanent damage. Leave the pile laying in the natural pile direction or restore gently to correct direction using a clean clothes brush. Leave to dry naturally.


For wool carpets only, dilute any remaining residue or stain with cold water (never hot) on a clean cloth, then blot and dry as above. Repeat as necessary. For unusual or stubborn stains always seek professional advice from a reputable cleaning company or visit for advice. Avoid carpet cleaning chemicals sold for home use, which can discolour carpets or leave a dirt attracting, sticky residue.

Viscose carpets are more delicate than wool. Water changes the texture of the viscose, causing the pile to reflect light differently to give the appearance of a stain. Do not add water and do not rub or brush the pile. For all stains consult a professional carpet cleaner straight away. They should recommend cleaning of the entire carpet (rather than spot treatment) using a dry extraction rather than a wet cleaning method.

The TENCEL® yarn used for Jacaranda’s Simla and Santushti broadloom has the same beautiful lustre as viscose but is more hard-wearing and better to clean. Water spills will not affect its texture, and if they leave a slight yellow ring, this should disappear with time and wear. TENCEL® can be professionally cleaned with care. Avoid carpet cleaning chemicals sold for home use, which can discolour carpets or leave a dirt attracting, sticky residue.


When deciding whether or not to stain proof your new carpet, please consider that stain proof treatments:

  • Should be applied by a professional company with a good reputation
  • Must be reapplied at regular intervals
  • Can slow the rate of soiling and buy extra time to deal with spillages
  • But can never offer complete protection
  • And can lead to a false sense of security

It is normal for new wool carpets to ‘shed’ fibres especially where footfall is heaviest. If protective chemicals are lost with these fibres, carpets can soil faster in heavy traffic areas leading to uneven appearance.


The largest of our carpet collections. These distinctive and characterful textures can be created only on traditional, hand-operated wooden looms, where they are woven from natural (often undyed) wool, TENCEL® or viscose.


A small but growing group of carpets, chosen for their fine, quality textures or environmental credentials. Our Natural Weave broadloom is 97% recyclable and GUT registered.


Jacaranda stocks several styles of hand-woven rugs from luxurious deep pile pure wool velvets, though chunky boucles, to lustrous viscose and TENCEL® rugs. Standard sizes range from 120x180cm to 250x350cm.


All Jacaranda’s hand-woven rugs can be made to measure. In addition Jacaranda regularly makes bespoke rugs from all their broadloom carpets styles.


The world’s most beautiful and long-lived rugs are hand-knotted. Jacaranda’s Himalayan rugs are hand-knotted in Nepal. We stock several designs at 200x300cm and 250x350cm. We can make customers’ own designs and customise ours.

Jacaranda can colour match the Himalayan hand-knotted rugs. For orders over 50m2 we can also colour match several broadlooms: Heavy Velvet , Rajgarh, Rampur and Ranila.

Colours can be matched to fabrics, paint samples and pantones or by using the Chromatone poms set held at our head office and London showroom. There is a small ‘matching charge’ so that Jacaranda can provide colour swatches for customer approval.

  • Wool and viscose yarn arrives at the factory in hanks
  •  Woollen weft is transferred from hanks to bobbins
  • Cotton warp is prepared for the loom
  • Carpets are woven on traditional wooden looms 4 or 5m wide
  • Each loom is worked manually by 3 to 4 strong operatives
  • Without the help of electricity
  • Using a traditional wooden shuttle
  • Loops are woven over metal rods
  • Which are hand cut to create the pile
  • Here a smaller loom is used
  • To weave felted yarn into a ‘Pebbles’ rug
  • Carpets and rugs are stretched onto grippers and backed with latex
  • Actionbac is applied to the damp latex for structural stability
  • Newly backed carpets used to be dried in the sun, but now huge ovens provide constant drying temperatures all year round
  • Handwoven rugs receive a secondary cotton backing then are hand sewn round edges
  • Every rug and roll is checked, any tufts snipped or tiny imperfections repaired
  • Velvets are sheared. This is why rolls can vary in pile height and a light shear is sometimes necessary along seams
  • No carpet leaves the factory before a final check and a signature to its backing by Jacaranda’s quality controller
  • It’s then rolled
  • Wrapped and hand sewn into protective packaging for its journey west.