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The Flooring Group has been selling Junckers, suppliers of premier wood flooring, for a long time now. Please see below for more information on Junckers, in their own words;

Our service to you

As Europe’s leading manufacturer of real solid pre finished hardwood flooring we specialize in supplying floors for both large and small projects in the sports, commercial and residential segments all over the UK and Ireland.

We are UK based and have 11 full time technically qualified Area Sales Managers along with a full time office based technical department to help you make the right decision on specifying the correct hardwood floor.

Our approved flooring contractor scheme allows us to fully guarantee not only the manufacture of the flooring system but the installation and maintenance as well. Contact us for further details.

Junckers Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Junckers Industrier A/S and has been in the UK for 50 years. Over this time we have supplied over 5,000.000m? of flooring for projects, both large and small. This gives us the confidence in been able to offer and stand behind 25 year warranties on major projects.

Based in Witham in Essex we can supply samples, brochures and full technical information on the specification, installation and maintenance of our flooring and we have a number of distributors, stockists and Approved Flooring Contractors all over the UK.

Junckers offers 4 RIBA Accredited Core Curriculum CPDs and 1 BIID Approved CPD

Case Studies

Oil and Lacquer Case Studies

Flannels, Manchester
Hardman Fold Schoold, Failsworthl
Royal West of England Academy
Dundee International Sports Centre (DISC)
Heathrow Terminal 3

Flooring Case Studies

BBC Auditorium Cardiff
Oasis Academy
Crystal Palace, london
The Place, London
Heritage centre Gateshead
Wigmore Hall, London
Wimbledon Museum, London
University of Essex, Colchester
HBOS, Edinburgh
Peugeot garages
Heathrow Terminal 3
MOD Loughborough
Commonwealth Games 2002, Manchester
Crawley Leisure centre
Museum of London.
Central School of Music and Dance, London
Putney Wharf apartments, London.
Millfield School
The SAGE, Gateshead
University of Liverpool
Handball arena, London Olympics
Agnews Art gallery, London
Welsh Institute of Sport, Cardiff
Atkis art gallery, London
Stanley Gibbons stamp shop, London
St David’s shopping centre, Cardiff

Specification Service

Junckers is a member of NBS Plus and is also a RIBA Accredited CPD Core Curriculum provider.

Contact us for our NBS specification writing and CPD service on 01376 534 729


Junckers is FSC and PEFC Certified. Most of our production is from wood sourced under PEFC Certification chain of custody guidelines.

14mm and 22mm Junckers Solid hardwood flooring boards are A+ rated in the Green Guide to Specification.

Owner Structure

F. Junckers Industrier A/S is a Danish company owned 100% by Junckers Holding A/S. Junckers Holding A / S is 100% owned by an investor group consisting of Junckers’ management.

The company is headquartered in Koge, Denmark.

In everyday language F. Junkers Industrier A/S is called Junckers Industrier A/S, Junckers or Junckers Group.

Investor Information

The supervisory board of F. Junckers Industrier A/S consists of
Holger C. Hansen (Chairman)
Nikolaj Vejlsgaard (Deputy Chairman – Partner, Axcel)
Asbjorn Berge (Consultant)
Michael Kragh Rasmussen (Chief Communications Officer, Velux)
Katja Hansen (Employee Representative)
Michael Lund Thrane (Employee Representative)


The executive board and the group management team are overall responsible for the results and development of the Junkers Group.

The executive board consists of CEO Carsten Chabert. The group management team consists of CEO Carsten Chabert and Group Vice President, Supply Christian Mide-Andersen. The support functions are managed by Kenneth Enevold, Group Finance. Programme Manager, Peter Eriksen is responsible for Executive support.


Flemming Juncker was a young visionary Danish Master of Forestry. The young forester knew that the economic viability of the Danish forests was in a poor state. It was necessary to find new ways of using much of the wood that had so far been used as firewood or left to perish in the forests. Flemming Juncker started the sawmill in 1930 in order to cut 40,000 beech railway sleepers for DSB (The Danish State Railways). For this purpose he had rented 7,000 m? from Koge V?rft (Koge Shipyard) and bought a gang saw in Sweden.

The production of sleepers was carried through but is was intended as a one-off event. The residual wood was sold to Koge Tr?varefabrik (Koge Woodworking Factory). The cooperation stopped and Juncker had to find other ways to dispense with the residual wood.

This was the beginning of the beech parquet board, two rows of staves assembled on a “Lindermann Jointer”. The beech parquet board was to drive Swedish Deal boards out of Danish housing market. The plan succeeded – and the foundation for today’s product was established.

Flemming Juncker personally

Flemming Juncker was very energetic and full of ideas. He was deeply interested in the drying of beech timber and the further use of the residual wood from the flooring production.

During the period from 1938 till the beginning of the fifties, Flemming Juncker did not participate in the day-to-day management of the factory, but after that he left his stamp on the sawmill until the reconstruction in 1976 when he withdrew from the day-to-day management.

The laboratory facilities of the sawmill were enlarged considerably by Flemming Juncker as this area was one of his many areas of great interest. Today, Junckers is recognized globally as being an expert in wooden flooring and wood technology.


At the 50th anniversary in 1980 the company name was changed from Junckers Savv?rk (Junckers Sawmill) to Junckers Industrier. On that occasion a new logo was designed by Mogens F. Jensen, who was advertising manager in Junckers at the time. Many people see the logo as a picture of the Danish flag, which is fine with us. Actually, the logo represents ‘JI’ for Junckers Industrier.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Since the beginning of Junckers, CSR has been an integral part of the way we conduct our business.

In 1930, long before it became trendy or politically correct, the young forester Flemming Juncker searched for ways to utilize and preserve one of our most valuable resources – the forests. At that time there was very little focus on environment and sustainable forestry. When Flemming Juncker implemented his ideas about care and sustainable utilization of the forests, his company and the beautiful Junckers floors were born.

At Junckers, we believe in sustainability and we support initiatives which improve environmental awareness. Complying with environmental legislation and environmental regulations is of paramount importance to us, and in areas where we see further possibilities of improvement, we strive to do more. This is done eg through co-operation with both FSC, PEFC and other certification schemes.

We think it is imperative for the environment that the society at large, governments and the corporate world cooperate internationally for further reduction of the energy consumption, the consumption of fossil energy and the CO2 emission. We will only succeed in protecting our planet, the future climate and the conditions of life if we work together.

In 2009 Junckers began analyses and research within CSR. The area is large and complicated but CSR is very consistent with Junckers’ other environmental work. Junckers will work towards the UN’s Global Compact principles with documentation by means of the GRI system (Global Reporting System). For the time being it is an internal ongoing process with step-by-step implementation.

Our corporate social responsibility is based on our business principles and values which combined reflect our position towards the code of conduct we want to signal through the way we do business. The way in which we conduct our business is based on values such as openness, trust, respect and responsibility.

This means that we maintain respect for the law, respect for the environment, respect for people and their rights and that we take responsibility for minimising our energy consumption and for ensuring a safe and healthy working environment with job satisfaction for our staff. Thus our focus and objectives about improvements concern CSR within human rights and anti-corruption, environment and energy as well as employee conditions.

Human rights and anti-corruption

In addition to employee rights, human rights in a company perspective are about a healthy and safe working environment. In Denmark, these areas are widely governed by legislation and collective agreements; but we also want to act in accordance with high ethic standards and respect laws and cultures outside Denmark.

We are against corruption, blackmail and bribery which must not be offered, promised, given, accepted, tolerated, demanded or consciously benefited from.

Environment, Energy, Timber and Products

At Junckers, the work within environment, energy and working environment was intensified from approximately 1998. This was done in recognition of the fact that being located in the middle of Koge, we were responsible for not causing unnecessary inconvenience for neighbours or the immediate environment. Junckers was certified within environment and working environment and has since then worked systematically with environmental improvements, energy savings and better working environment for our employees. Most recently we achieved the right to sell wood floors of  FSC® – and PEFC-certified timber – another step towards increased sustainability and better environment.

In a global world it is, however, no longer enough for a major company only to improve itself continuously on a local level. Thus Junckers also wants, wherever it is possible and relevant and both by ourselves or by our subsidiaries, to influence customers, suppliers and the local community to focus on initiatives that contribute to ensure legal and sustainable forestry and consequently sustainable products, more effective energy utilization and good working conditions in accordance with UN’s Global Compact principles.


As for the environment, Junckers is certified according to ISO 14001. Additionally, the environmental management system also comprises areas such as working environment (OHSAS 18001), energy, safety in connection with electrical work (SKS) and sustainable timber ( FSC®- and PEFC).

Our most significant, potential, local environmental impacts are wood dust, waste water and noise. As extensive facilities to purify air discharge and waste water have been established over the years, the environmental impacts have today been minimised, and Junckers meets regulatory requirements with an ample margin. The environmental impacts are measured regularly as part of observing the Company’s environmental approval.

Energy and CO2

Junckers is an energy-intensive industry using substantial volumes of energy for the drying and processing of wood. The energy primarily comprises steam and electricity. The steam is supplied to the company by the neighbour – a wood-fired CHP plant to which Junckers’ residual wood (sawdust, wood chips, saw-cut log ends and other residual wood from the production) is supplied. All transport of wood and steam takes place in closed pipe systems and the two enterprises are thus in a kind of energy symbiosis. Additionally, the CHP plant produces electricity which is supplied to the public electricity grid from which Junckers’ electricity is bought.

Information about energy consumption and CO2 emission is available in the environmental impact statement and begins when the timber is fetched in the forest, through production and until it is placed in the warehouse as finished products. The energy consumption relating to the carriage of materials, internal transport, employee car use, carriage of products and energy for the actual production process is included in Junckers’ CO2 accounts.

Wood is considered as CO2 neutral material because the wood has accumulated the same volume of CO2 during its growth as it releases by incineration. The incineration of our residual wood in the wood-fired CHP plant releases more energy than we can consume; as mentioned above, the energy surplus is used to produce CO2 neutral electricity for the society. Sale of biofuel from Junckers is also to the advantage of society’s CO2 accounts.

Because of our large volume of residual wood we generate a large CO2 surplus to the advantage of society. Related to the Company’s floor production this is a CO2 surplus of more than 20 kgs/m?.

Certified timber

About 2/3 of our purchase of timber logs come from certified forests in Denmark, Germany, Poland and Sweden. The forests are certified according to the internationally recognised certification schemes  FSC®- and PEFC. In general, we work consciously and actively on increasing the share of certified timber.

The remaining logs come from uncertificated forests in the same countries where legal and sensible forestry is, however, ensured by the national legislation in itself.

Since 2006 Junckers is CoC (CoC = Chain of Custody) certified and, therefore, entitled to sell products which are certified according to the PEFC scheme (certificate no. 183285) and since 2010 also according to the FSC scheme (BV-COC-001400 and BV-CW-001400).

For trading products, which today account for less than 5% of Junckers’ revenue and are purchased globally, it is our aim to increase the share of suppliers which are certified. 

(CE, Declaration of performance, indoor climate, etc)

Junckers solid hardwood floors are produced without using insecticides, ie PCP (pentachlorfenol), or laminating adhesives. This ensures that hazardous materials such as volatile organic compounds are not discharged into the air. Since our floors do not harbour dust, it is possible to create and maintain a healthy indoor climate – ideal for people suffering from allergies.

Since 1 March 2009 all our floors are CE marked. This implies that the floors must comply with certain common EU standards relating to eg fire resistance, environment (release of chemical substances), compressive strength, friction and reflection of light for sports floors.

For lacquers and oils we comply with REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals), and our lacquered and oiled floors comply with the demands to the Danish Indoor Climate Labelling; by the way Junckers was the first manufacturer in Denmark to achieve this approval from the Danish Technological Institute.

Employee relations

To Junckers, responsible employee relations signifies that our primary aim is to generate profits in order to contribute positively to maintaining and creating jobs. And this must be done in a decent way – we keep our promises, we perform to the best of our ability by mobilizing all knowledge and competences and we take responsibility.

Furthermore we want to be a social-minded company in the local community where we focus on job satisfaction and a good atmosphere, health care and the inclusive labour market both for present and new employees.

We believe that learning, training and competence development are important factors in the ongoing professional, commercial and social development of the company and the job satisfaction of the individual employees. Therefore, we must offer our staff good opportunities for professional, supplementary training and managerial competence development. At the same time, it is the responsibility of the individual employee to acquire new skills and the necessary knowledge to be able to attend to the actual tasks and to go through a forward-looking development.

We want to encourage job satisfaction through dialogue, job enthusiasm and workplace assessments both within the physical and the mental working environment. Job satisfaction, health care and safety are important elements in our strategies and policies in order to create improvements in areas such as absence due to sickness, dismissals, retention of seniors, personal development reviews, merit-based pay, competence development and working environment.

The most important responsibility of our employees is to protect themselves, their colleagues or a third party against any kind of accident which may occur in connection with our activities and our environmental certification contributes to this.

As for working environment, Junckers is certified according to OHSAS 18001 and, as part hereof, policies and strategies have been drawn up both within health care and the inclusive labour market. The certifications and the environmental management system ensure that Junckers work to continuously improve the working environment in a structured way, including the prevention of occupational injuries and attrition. As an important side benefit, the Company’s actual and potential costs relating to absence due to occupational injuries and insurance premiums etc are reduced.

Junckers floors are available in a wide range of the beautiful types and characters of wood. This product section is your guide to the whole range of Junckers wooden floors.

Junckers Ltd provides solid floors, floor related products and services with focus on quality, performance, flexibility and environmental care.

The company was founded in Denmark in the 1930s and Junckers Ltd has been a wholly owned subsidiary operating in the UK since 1961 – with a wide range of own produced products Junckers today has a global presence with a strong position and a well-founded reputation.

The brand is shared between:

  • Floor solutions for Sport and Dance
  • Floor solutions for Commercial and Housing projects
  • Wood care solutions


With Junckers you get a genuine and timeless floor, that unites aesthetics, experience and functionality. The possibilities of creating any impression through the selection of the floor are unlimited. Dark, exotic wooden floors like Merbau or Jarrah fit well into large, light open rooms. The contrast between a light wooden floor such as Ash and dark furniture is also a beautiful and inviting combination. With the exception of bathrooms, all our floors are suitable in most of the rooms in your house: Livingroom, bedroom, hallways, kitchens, homeoffice etc.

The Urban Collection

The best hardwood floors are real genuine hardwood and that means solid throughout, why compromise with an engineered board. Do it right the first time. Our floors are definitely NOT engineered. 

Solid hardwood flooring is the choice of anyone who wants the best. Why would anyone want less?

Its naturally superior to engineered floors – you only have to walk on it to feel, see and hear the difference. We don’t engineer out the quality.

Go for real wood – Solid beauty and quality all the way through, not just on the thin top surface.  We don’t take away the hardwood and give you back something lightweight and cheap.

Successfully used with under floor heating for over 40 years and totally guaranteed – we led the development of this and our floors will never delaminate.

Junckers is the leading brand in Solid Hardwood – used by architects and designers the world over.

Junckers  boards are 100% certified hardwood – some engineered boards only certify the softwood inner cores.

Manufactured in Denmark, to high standards. Look at the quality of the finish on our floors – manufactured by us – it is furniture quality.  

We are not just distributors but Europe’s largest manufacturer of solid hardwood flooring and we have been supplying the UK with High Quality solid hardwood flooring for over 50 years.

Junckers has the largest Nationwide Technical Service in the UK.

The leader in Solid Hardwood Flooring – Affordable, Stable and Dependable – Cost Effective.

Our solid hardwood floors can be installed like any engineered board, fast and easy and dependable. Choose Junckers for peace of mind and it will last a lifetime.

The Original Collection

Straightforward authenticity, light and timeless comfort are keys to Junckers Original Collection of Nordic hardwoods, beech, ash and oak. These woods blend into classic interiors with natural ease, earned through generations of familiar service. Yet their understated, soft composure equally serves as a pleasing complement to the clean lines of modern architecture. Original Collection floors are classical and confident, enhancing any interior style with their unaffected naturalness.

The Luxury Collection
(Textured & Coloured planks)

Indulge in a world of select woods, sumptuous dark tones and a through-and-through elegant feel. The warm and exotic colours will provide unflustered weight to any space and at the same time, simply carry the room. White walls and ceilings rise from the floor, and the sense of spaciousness is certainly heightened. Give in and enjoy – Luxury Collection floors are designed to fill your life with luxurious pleasure and style. 

The Design Collection 
(Textured & Coloured planks)

In a creative universe where every interior detail and element is carefully selected and serving a purpose, a specially designed floor will complete the individual design story and amplify the total experience of your living area or workspace. Delve into the possibilities of new finishes, reflective surfaces, pearl shines, enhanced textures, bright colours or subtle tones – the naturalness of solid wood remains ever present. Add a twist in classical surroundings or make a bold statement. But most of all: Give the floor a thought – give it an idea.

Single Stave Floors
A floor every bit as individual as you are.

Each of the classic solid single stave block patterns combined with different types of wood will create a unique expression and provide an exclusive feel to your room. The patterns can be used across the entire floor or in various combinations to create friezes and frames. for instance to define a sitting area. Of course, we will also be pleased to help you with a specific pattern of your own design.

Junckers oil and water-based seals

Elegant, lasting glow combined with high resilience and easy maintenance. From matt to shiny gloss.

Junckers foundation and finishing oils

Ideal floor treatment that generates exclusive glow, depth and hardwearing strength. You can apply our seals on top for even higher resilience.

Junckers PROFESSIONAL hardwax oil

Faster to work with than traditional oils this treatment has better water-repellent properties for a stain-free surface. Scratch resistant and possible to patch-repair.


In every building project – either designing a new building or refurbishing an existing one – many flooring challenges become apparent.

The new floor must adapt to the subfloor rather than require costly adjustment, and installation must be fast and easy.

Additionally it should be possible to meet various technical demands, such as incorporating under floor heating, meeting acoustic requirements or conceiling cables and pipes underneith the floor.

This is where the value of a well-designed floor becomes clear. And that’s why – thanks to three different installation options – Junckers floors overcome these challenges.

Clip System

Fast and flexible
The firm and stable floating floor is perfect for underfloor heating as it adjusts to seasonal changes in temperature and humidity. Impact noise is significantly reduced – making it perfect for multifloor buildings. In addition this type of floor perfectly complements other floor finishes like tile, stone and carpet. Installed with the unique Junckers Clip System, the finished floor is not more than 1-2 milimetres higher than the floor board itself.

Junckers is almost unique in being able to fit solid wood as a floating floor directly onto concrete subfloors without the need for battens and the extra height that this demands.

Glue Down System

Stable, with an ultimately solid sound and feel

A glued-down installation enhances the feel and sound of a solid wooden floor even more. Glue-down is becoming a popular and appropriate solution for large, open spaces where footstep or drumming noise needs to be minimised.

All Junckers floors can be bonded to any subfloor such as concrete or wooden materials with the unique, environmentally friendly Junckers Parquet Adhesive. Gluing the wood onto the subfloor also opens up the possibility for complicated patterns.

Junckers Batten System

Traditional installation
Junckers housing batten in combination with the DuoWedge levelling system provides a fast an economical flooring solution. The locking DuoWedge is easily mounted on the battens and correct height and levelness of the floor is ensured without use of nails and tools. Levelling the floor is therefore done in less time than by using standard packing materials – leaving ample space for pipes, cabling, insulation, underfloor heating or other utilities.

Junckers – nobody does it better

With Junckers Woodcare System you can give your floor or wooden furniture the exact look, that you wish.

Wood is a living material, that becomes more and more beautiful every year. When using Junckers Woodcare System you can be sure that you treat and maintain your wooden floors with the best your wood require.

Junckers Woodcare System is a complete line of products that has been thoroughly testet. They are easy to work with and allows us to meet the high requirement for floor finishes, at any time – any place.

Nobody knows more about wooden flooring and how to treat wooden floors than Junckers. With more than 50 years’ experience with producing lacquers and oils you are sure to get the best results by using floor finishes from Junckers. Junckers is the essence of minimalistic Danish design and is always in the picture where Danish and international architects are in the front. With good reason we have a certain knowledge when it comes to treatement and maintenance of wood.

Floor Finishes

Junckers pre-finished floors all have hard-wearing factory applied surfaces in either lacquer or oil. However, in high-traffic areas, areas subject to spillages of liquids and floors subject to a high degree of maintenance long-term maintenance of a Junckers floor might include resealing to protect the surface. This is quite normal to all wooden floors and the reason why Junckers is specializing also in maintenance products. This way we do what we can to help protect your investment.

But remember, there is not better way to protect any floor than using felt pads under chair, bed and table legs.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The higher the quality of the floor, the easier it should be to clean and maintain. A premium quality solid floor will retain this benefit, making regular cleaning and maintenance as easy as possible, so your investment remains beautiful and functional throughout its life.

Only Junckers cleaning products, designed to clean and maintain the surface finish, should be used.

We have a complete range of maintenance products – from daily cleaning materials to professional products.

An office, a restaurant, a hotelroom and our residence all need frequent cleaning. This is best done by vacuuming, cleaning or damp mop the floor to remove dust and grit. Damp clean with Junckers Sylvacleaner using a well wrung out cloth or Junckers Mop kit.

Junckers Maintenance inspection for Commercial Flooring

You can now contact Junckers direct to arrange a free of charge site visit (Mainland UK only) to discuss the maintenance schedule and how to keep your Junckers floor in the best condition for years to come. Junckers will be able to give you one to one advice on short and long term maintenance of your floor plus schedule cleaning and answer any questions you may have.

Junckers can also introduce you to the Junckers Approved Maintenance Contractors list whose work is fully warranted under the JunckerCare scheme. This service will save you time when you need to contact and arrange a suitable contractor to conduct re-lacquering of your floor and make sure you receive the correct maintenance information form Junckers direct.


Everyone wants to be able to say “mission accomplished” when looking back at a successful project. To facilitate this Junckers provides a number of services.

Trust and comfort are important factors when making a large investment, which a solid hardwood floor usually is. Therefore, through close dialogue and personal relations we make your needs and requirements our key to providing the highest quality products and service on the market.

For more than 75 years Junckers has provided extensive service to large projects all over the world. And, we are never more than a telephone call away. Which is your next project?

Technical services

We are always at your service ready to guide you on the choice of product, design, application, use and maintenance. If you are just looking for initial information our document please click on the below link to our Technical Information index which provides immediate basic product information.

Most importantly it is our skilled staff, who perform the training at the floor academy and perform site inspections.

Project Service

Everyone wants to avoid unnecessary cost following a floor installation. If you include Junckers Project Service in your project, we will help secure that the project is managed properly with the optimal cost efficiency. Through Junckers Project Service you will have a complete overview of the project ensuring correct site management, minimizing the risk of installation errors by training the installers (on-site Floor Academy performed by Junckers Technical Service), minimizing the risk of delays by carefully planning deliveries through Junckers Packaging and Delivery Service, and other potentially cost drivers.

Your contact person at Junckers also instructs in the best maintenance procedures and provides inspiring solutions to the draft proposal from the architect.

Contact Junckers for further details.

Packaging & Delivery Service

On-time delivery is crucial to keeping down the capital cost on a project site. Timely arrival of the correct products on a delivery truck, specially packed for immediate and correct distribution into various installation areas is just one example of the advantages of using Junckers Packaging & Delivery Service.

This is all made possible through our dedicated Customer Service Center and Junckers’ extensive network of logistics partners. 

We are basically able to pack and deliver any order size with any mix of products anywhere in the world at any time adding important value to our partners.

Floor Academy

We take great pride in our products and through our own team and our distributors, wish that every installation and long term maintenance procedures follow the same. Hence, at our facility we provide professional training to ensure correct understanding of the products, perfect installation and after care.

We even take the Floor Academy on tour to provide on-site training and supervision prior to and during an installation. This is our way of making sure, that you can enjoy your solid hardwood floor immediately after installation.

CPD Seminars

Junckers offers 4 RIBA Accredited Core Curriculum CPDs.
1. Hardwood sports flooring
2. Installation of hardwood flooring.
3. Selecting and specifying the correct hardwood floor.
4. Maintenance and finishes for hardwood flooring.

Underfloor Heating

Solid wooden floors – Ideal with Underfloor heating

The key to a comfortable indoor climate

Today, underfloor heating is more popular than ever before. This is because it is not only a comfortable solution to home heating, but also because it is increasingly cost-effective. Modern buildings are very well insulated, and this means that underfloor heating systems can maintain a comfortable indoor climate white operation at lower temperatures.

Wood has a natural innate warmth, and unlike most tiles and ceramics it is warm and comfortable whether the heating system is switched on or off. This makes Junckers solid hardwood flooring the ideal surface for underfloor heating.

Junckers and underfloor heating
There is more than 70 years experience and expertise in a Junckers floor. Here are some of the factors that make Junckers the preferred choice for the installation of underfloor heating:

  • Junckers’ floors are firm and stable due to the controlled low moisture content of our pre-finished floorboards.
  • All our products are tested with the leading manufactures of underfloor heating systems. 
  • Junckers’ flooring is suitable for installation in both new buildings and renovation projects. 
  • Junckers’ unique clip system allows boards to be swiftly fitted directly onto screeded subfloors containing underfloor heating pipes.
  • Junckers’ batten systems can also be used in conjunction with underfloor heating systems.
  • Junckers flooring is adaptable and can be installed in almost any setting, and adjusted to most underfloor heating systems. Junckers’ floors are suited to both electric or hot water systems.

We recomend that you contact the Junckers Technical department for full detailed guidance and advice when incorporating Junckers flooring over under floor heating systems.

Under floor heating is a cost-effective and generally comfortable heating system, which is becoming increasingly popular. However not all types of flooring possess the qualities necessary to benefit fully from this.

Wood in itself has natural innate warmth, and thanks to the controlled and consistent moisture content of our boards, this makes it the preferred choice for underfloor heating, as – unlike most tiles and stone – it is warm and comfortable with or without the system being on.

Thanks to the Junckers Clip System, a floating floor can be installed over the majority of modern underfloor heating systems, such as electric or piped hot water systems fitted within a screeded subfloor, which give an even heat distribution. We can even accommodate underfloor heating systems contained with battens or joists.

As with almost all natural materials, wood is affected by seasonal changes in climate. Wood expands when humidity is high and contracts slightly in a drier atmosphere when fine natural gaps can appear between the floorboards. However, the Junckers Ship’s Decking system, where neoprene strips absorb the movements in the floor avoids this.

Welcome to Junckers Technical Information 

Velkommen til Junckers Teknisk Information

Here you have full access to all data sheets and safety data sheets on Junckers full product range

Facts of a Junckers sports floorboard

The Double dovetail
Junckers 2-strip solid hardwood floors are manufactured from two rows of staves assembled by means of a carefully machined double dovetail joint.

Using a dovetail joint to assemble the floorboard allows the staves to move individually and this creates a floor free of tension.

Unique press-drying proces
The beech staves undergo a unique press-drying process at the factory.

Compared to similar flooring products on the market, this creates an outstanding strength and stability of the wood.

Floorboard dimension
Thickness: 22mm
Width: 129mm
Uniform floorboard lengths of 3700mm.

Each floorboard covers approx. 0.5 m? – ensures quick and easy installation.

The 2-strip floor boards are tongued and grooved on all four sides.

Factory finished – ready for use
Junckers floorboards are factory finished products and ready for use when fitted.

The surface is treated with several coats of hardwearing polyurethane lacquer.


The right surface for squash and racketball
Extremely fast games such as squash and racketball needs a surface with a high degree of friction and together with any of Junckers approved EN 14904 subconstructions the Beech SylvaSquash floorboard offers the necessary performance characteristics for these types of sports.

Junckers SylvaSquash comprises a solid 22 mm thick Beech floorboard, champion grade.
The floorboard is unsealed with a slightly roughened surface (60 grit finish) and this provides the high level of friction required by the sport, while still keeping risk of injury to an absolute minimum. The natural light colour of beech makes it easy to follow the ball in play.

Junckers SylvaSquash floorboards are accredited by England Squash, SRA and WSF.

prefinished with lacquer
An unsealed finish is the first recommendation by the SRA, England Squash and the WSF, but SylvaSquash floorboards are also available with one coat of factory applied polyurethane lacquer.
This makes the floor less sensitive to dirt, easier to clean and provides longer durability of the surface.

Facts of a Junckers sports floorboard

The Double dovetail
Junckers 2-strip solid hardwood floors are manufactured from two rows of staves assembled by means of a carefully machined double dovetail joint.

Using a dovetail joint to assemble the floorboard allows the staves to move individually and this creates a floor free of tension.

Unique press-drying proces
The beech staves undergo a unique press-drying process at the factory.

Compared to similar flooring products on the market, this creates an outstanding strength and stability of the wood.

Floorboard dimension
Thickness: 22mm
Width: 129mm
Uniform floorboard lengths of 3700mm.

Each floorboard covers approx. 0.5 m2 – ensures quick and easy installation.

The 2-strip floor boards are tongued and grooved on all four sides.

Factory finished – ready for use
Junckers floorboards are factory finished products and ready for use when fitted.

The surface is treated with several coats of hardwearing polyurethane lacquer.

Who is your partner

When you choose a Junckers sports floor you get more than just a floor.

You get a total solution from a reliable supplier with more than 80 years of experience of own produced floor boards and more than 50 years of experience of own produced lacquer and oil products.

Junckers controls the production process from cutting the tree in the forest to delivery of the prefinished floor board on site.

We deliver the finest quality products and this fact has during the years ensured the company a well-founded reputation with a strong position on the global market.

Each year we produce more than 1.1 million m? solid hard wood flooring and more than 1.2 million liters of lacquer and oil.

Characteristics of a JI sports floor 

A solution for any purpose
Junckers offers both portable and permanent sports floor solutions. All tested and approved according to the worldwide recognized European standard EN 14904.

The floor solutions are suitable for any type of indoor sport or dance event and furthermore the selection of portable floors allows extended use of existing floor spaces. This could be temporary installation over ice rinks or as a tournament floor following a team in a specific sport.

We have a broad product range of 22mm solid hard wood floor boards containing all types of wood species suited for sport and dance. This provides the opportunity of choosing different look and feel of the floor.
The floor boards are always supported by a subconstruction delivered either as a single layer batten system, a two layer batten system or installed floating on a supporting mat. Solutions for even and uneven subfloors are available and most geometric requirements can be matched.

Our solutions offer the ultimately flexibility of use and the many years of experience has allowed us to develop floor solutions suitable for almost any indoor condition or environment.

A floor with outstanding strength and stability
When you chose a Junckers sports floor you get a very durable solution. The floor boards are flexible, tension free, resistant to indentation and able to cope with a huge load capacity.

These properties can only be obtained through our special developed production methods. The 2-strip solid hardwood floor boards are manufactured from two rows of staves assembled by means of a carefully machined double dovetail joint. Using this mechanical joint allows the staves to move individually in the finished floor board.

Prior to assembling the staves undergo a unique press-drying process at the factory and compared to similar flooring products on the market, this creates an outstanding strength and stability of the floor.

A floor constructed to cope with changes in the indoor environment
As wood is a natural product, it will always adjust to moisture fluctuation in the surrounding environment. When you choose a Junckers sports floor you get a solution where the expected moisture fluctuation of the indoor environment already is taken care of in the system. 

There are two reasons for this. First of all, Junckers floor boards are always conditioned to an average moisture content of 8 % (±2 %). This ensures even expansion and contraction. Secondly, expected moisture fluctuation is built into the floor during installation.

These factors allow installation in indoor environments with moisture fluctuation from 10-95% and ensure a stable floor that does not get subjected to moisture related damages like cupping or crowning.

Save time and protect the environment during installation
All Junckers sports floor boards have lengths of 3700mm and a width of 129mm. Each floorboard covers approx. 0.5 m?. The surface is pre-finished and treated with several coats of hard-wearing polyurethane lacquer. This provides a sports floor easy to install and ready to use when fitted. Hazard to the environment coursed by an extra working process of sanding and lacquering are saved. All in all a timesaving and environmental friendly floor solution.

Technical support

Not only does Junckers provide the sports floor solution. We also offer sales service before, during and after installation. Our professional technical team is ready to assist at any time and thereby helping to ensure completion of your project according to schedule.

Our broad range of standard solutions meet most requirements, but we also assist on projects where special geometric solutions are required.

To specifiers, architects and builders we provide all necessary system specifications and arrange seminars for installers to ensure problem-free installation. We work with certified installers.


All Junckers sports floors have unique area-elastic characteristics and are tested and approved according to the European standard EN 14904. The standard is worldwide recognised and specifies the requirements of performance to a sports floor.

This ensures that the most important safety and sport technical properties at any time are guaranteed and you get a multi-purpose floor that supports the game and protects the players.
Find the 5 key factors of performance below.

A shock absorbing floor minimises the risk of injuries. Test results display the percentage of shock energy absorbed by the floor when landing after a jump.
The floor’s ability to absorb shock depends on its ability to flex when exposed to a dynamic load. Test results display the floor’s vertical deformation in mm when exposed to a dynamic impact equivalent to that of light jogging.
A good ball bounce increases the ball control and the speed of the game. Test tesults display the rebound achieved by the floor as a percentage of the rebound measured on a concrete floor.
Correct friction is important when ball players move rapidly on the floor, and the ideal friction number is between 80 and 110. A friction number less than 80 makes the floor too smooth. A friction number above 110 makes the floor too rough.
The floor’s ability to withstand rolling loads is important in circumstances where e.g. carts and retractable seating are utilised. Test results display whether or not the floor can withstand a rolling load of 1,500 N (approx. 150 kgs).

Maintenance and refurbishment

Junckers sports floors are delivered with a long lasting and hard-wearing surface treatment of water-based polyurethane lacquer. This means that vacuuming, use of a micro fibre mop or a well wrung cloth is more than enough to keep the floor in good shape on a daily basis.

However floors used for certain sports do periodically require a bit more care and as part of the total solution we have a range of maintenance products such as resin remover, degreaser and mild soup products.

We also produce our own sports lacquer. The lacquer is approved for sports use according to EN 14904 and has a very high ability to bond with the existing surface. This allows a light screening of the floor followed by one coat of sports lacquer and if years of very hard wear demand a more comprehensive renovating, it is also possible to sand the floor down to do a complete restoration.

Our maintenance products contribute to a long lifespan of the floor and ensure that there never will be any insecurity of which product to choose when maintenance of the floor needs to be conducted.

Junckers 25 years warranty scheme (Only UK)

As part of the total solution Junckers offers a unique care scheme including a 25 year lifetime warranty on the product, installation and maintenance of the floor.

The care scheme offers the client, specifier and builder the opportunity of ensuring correct fitting of the floor, highest quality of the product and long term maintenance to be carried out correctly by an “Approved Flooring Contractor”.

This ensures a floor always functional and with no unexpected costs for at least 25 years.

Life cycle costs 

By choosing a Junckers sports floor you can be sure to get a solution lasting for many years.

Usually only a minimum of maintenance is necessary, but if needed the 9.5mm wear layer of a Junckers solid hardwood floor board allows sanding and re-sealing of the surface 8-10 times. The floor can be restored to its original condition over and over again.

We also test durability equivalent to 25 years of use and together with the unique options of renovating the surface, we do see Junckers sports floors more than 50 years of age in a very good condition.

In the long run a Junckers sports floor is one of the most economical and environmental friendly solutions available on the market.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating, perfect match with a Junckers sports floor
Junckers sports floors are guaranteed for use with underfloor heating, both electrical and hot water systems. Our floors allow complete utilisation of the valuable characteristics provided by a floor heating system.

Our floor solutions in combination with a floor heating system provide the best conditions for comfortable and uniform heating, easy maintenance and saving energy without compromising the comfort. In other words, we have the solutions meeting the demands of a modern building.

Environment and certifications

Sustainable forestry and environmental responsibility
Junckers’ manufacturing process uses 100% of the wood. By-products such as bark, chippings and sawdust are used to fuel the on-site power plant providing electrical power and steam for use in the production of our flooring in Koge. Actually the contribution to the production of energy is larger than what is possible to use at the factory and therefore the plant also provides electricity for the Danish national grid. This means that Junckers leaves a CO2 positive foot print.

Junckers is chain of custody certified and therefore entitled to sell products certified according to the PEFC and the FSC schemes.

These facts ensure installing of a product from a supplier guaranteeing sustainable forestry and conducting manufacturing processes with social and environmental responsibility.

ISO 14001
Junckers is certified according to ISO 14001 and the European EMAS scheme. Additionally, the environmental management system also comprises areas such as energy and safety in connection with electrical work.

CE – Declaration of Performance
All Junckers sports floors are CE marked. This implies that the floors must comply with EU standards relating to e.g. fire resistance, environment, release of chemical substances, compressive strength, friction and reflection of light for sports floors.

Danish Indoor Climate certificate
A Junckers sports floor contributes to a healthy indoor climate without static electricity or degassing.
Our solid hardwood floors have been certified according to the Danish Indoor Climate organisation by the Danish Technological Institute.

BRE Global Green Guide 
Junckers 22mm solid hardwood flooring boards correspond to the online generic specification for hard floor finishes, Element number 821580002, which achieves a summary rating of A+ within commercial buildings”.

Junckers partners

FIBA – The international federation of Basketball
Junckers has for many years been partner with FiBA and all Junckers sports floor solutions are accredited by FIBA for competition in level 1, 2 and 3.
Read more about the Basketball rules and regulation on the official FIBA webpage

WSF, World Squash Federation
Junckers SylvaSquash floor boards are accredited by England Squash, SRA and WSF
Read more about the Basketball rules and regulation on the official webpage of WSF

BWF, Badminton World Federation
All our sports floor solutions are accredited by BWF.
Read more about the Basketball rules and regulation on the official webpage of BWF


1. From where do Junckers get the solid hard wood sports floors?
Junckers do not import floor boards. We manufacture the floor boards and control the complete process in our own factory in Koge, Denmark.

2. Do only solid hard wood floors get affected by moisture fluctuation in the environment?
No, all types of wooden floor boards absorb humidity from the air and will expand and contract during a season.

3. Why do you sometimes see floor boards cupping or crowning?
Cupping or crowning occurs on both solid hard wood floor boards and engineered floor boards when installation of the floor is not done in consideration of moisture fluctuation in the surrounding environment or according to the laying instruction. 
Also poor site conditions like moisture from the sub floor or heavily use of water can create this type of problem.

4. Do solid hardwood floors expand and contract more than engineered floors?
Climate chamber tests show that engineered floors expand and contract less than solid hardwood floors. Engineered floors however, only function in environments with limited moisture fluctuation, typically 35-65%. Due to lack of flexibility in an engineered floor board, it is common to see tension between the different floor board layers and this creates a very high risk of delamination.

5. Is Junckers solid hardwood floor more stable than an engineered floor board?
Yes, this because you get a floor very durable, tension free, resistant to indentation and able to cope with huge load capacity. These properties are obtained through our 80 years of experience and special developed production methods.

6. Do I need dilatation joints in a Junckers sports floor?
No, due to the built in expected moisture fluctuation, dilatation joints are not needed.

7. Is a solid hard wood floor expensive to maintain?
No, a Junckers hardwood floor is delivered with a long lasting and hard-wearing surface treatment of polyurethane lacquer and vacuuming, use of a micro-fibre mop or a well wrung cloth on a daily basis is more than enough to keep the floor in good shape.

8. How many times can a Junckers floor board be sanded?
8-10 times due to the 9.5mm wear layer. In average 5 times more compared to engineered flooring. However this is only needed, if years of very hard wear demand a more comprehensive renovating. Usually a light screening followed by one coat of sports lacquer is more than enough to keep the floor in shape. See more here

9. Is the stability of the floor affected when sanding down to the upper dovetail joint?
No it has no relevance for the stability as the floor board has two dovetail joints.

Approved flooring contractors

Why have the Junckers Approved Flooring Contractor Scheme?

This innovative new concept was developed by Junckers Ltd in response to a growing number of requests from customers like yourselves for professional flooring contractors whose work is of such high quality and reliability that it can be guaranteed.

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of hardwood flooring, with access to skilled craftsmen across the country, Junckers is in an ideal position to select the very best.

How are members selected?

Every single member has been carefully chosen for the quality of their workmanship, technical knowledge and experience, loyalty, reliability, financial status and above all excellent customer service.

What does this mean to you?

Reassurance and total peace of mind in the care of our flooring.

We are very keen to ensure that the Junckers floor remains in both a good serviceable condition and maintains its beautiful finish. This is not only for aesthetic reasons but for health and safety ones too.

The Code of Practice – for more than just a good job

Every member has signed a binding agreement with Junckers to abide by a code of practice, set out to ensure that the highest standards are maintained and met in every aspect of their business practice. In other words in addition to quality workmanship, you can be sure that all members will give you a fair and competitive price, will be honest in their dealings with you, will carry adequate insurance cover, will respect your building, and will comply with any relevant health and safety or building regulations.