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Commercial Flooring News

Kingsmead Carpets And The Flooring Group Present Carpets To Suit Any Taste

The Flooring Group has had a perfect partnership with Kingsmead Carpets – a leading carpet retailer that provides customers with everything from sourcing, to new carpets and related products, down to professional advice of how to maintain or treat them. The company uses only top quality British resources to provide the best possible products to its audience. Kingsmead Carpets offer a huge range of colours, shades and sizes to meet every client’s demand. One of the most praised advantages of choosing Kingsmead Carpets is their innovative WOW (Wool Owners Warranty). That specification allows their carpets to be as fresh as new for an extremely long period of time. Their products hold up to 15 years a perfect resistance against wear and tear and stains. All Kingsmead Carpets products can be found in our carpet and flooring stores all over London.