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Lamett Flooring and The Flooring Group

Lamett and the Flooring Group share the same passion for quality flooring. As the strong product goes hand in hand with a strong service, this is a foundation for a long-lasting relationship. For the last 15 years, Lamett Flooring has become one of the most important players in the wood market in Europe.

From wood parquet to luxury vinyl, Lamett offers suitable flooring for any space. The Lamett range varies from low-budget floors to highly sophisticated parquet floor. It’s not every day that you buy flooring. So, take no less than the guaranteed top-quality.

Parquet is a wide-ranging term. There are both multi-layer and solid wooden floors. It is best to find out about the different types and finishes depending on the space for your floor. Lamett Flooring offers both oiled and lacquered wooden floors in the range, as well as solid and multi-layer floors.

Oiled parquet
The application of parquet oil is a saturation process: the oil penetrates into the wood grain of the parquet until it is completely saturated. This parquet oil can be applied either manually or mechanically.
In addition, a distinction is made in the drying processes.

Lacquered parquet
By applying lacquer, a film is created on the surface of the wood which completely seals off the pores of the wood. Lamett oak parquet is finished with a matt lacquer which mimics the appearance of oiled parquet as much as possible.

Parquet lacquer is applied perpendicular to the wood grain using a roller. Several layers are applied, and each layer must dry completely before the next layer can be applied. The total thickness of this layer of lacquer determines the wear-resistance of the parquet floor.

Solid wooden floor
Solid parquet consists of a solid block of wood in which a tongue and groove have been carved. Most people think that solid plank parquet is the top of the line in parquet floors.
But solid parquet is susceptible to shrinking and expanding and will often be advised against by the parquet layer.

If, however, you fully realise and accept that a solid plank ‘lives’ and can shrink or expand during winter and summer this is not a problem. A solid parquet floor is a very noble product.

Multi-layer parquet
Multi-layer or engineered parquet is composed of 3 or more layers of wood affixed to one another at right angles. The top layer is made of hardwood (e.g., oak) with a thickness of at least 2.5 mm.
The layers below are also made of wood products but then of pine or wood sheeting (e.g., plywood, pressed wood fibre (HDF), ….).

This type of parquet is the solution to the problems that may arise when using solid parquet.
Multi-layer parquet is much more stable than a solid parquet floor.