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Manx Carpets

The Flooring Group present you Manx Carpets. Our reliable and competent partner provides high-quality carpets for over 30 years for residential areas.

Over the years Manx Carpets has built a reputation for service, quality and reliability. Manx Carpets is a licensee of the British Wool Marketing Board and produces some of the finest wool rich twist pile carpets in the country. The company has Twist, Easy Living, Natural, Eco and Carefree collections that offer wide range of high-quality carpets. Not only Manx carpets provide comfort, warmth and rich colour to home interiors but the company has environmentally-friendly policy that ensures all the dyes used in the colouring process are the most eco-friendly available in the market. A lot of the Manx carpets are backed with jute that is another natural-growing material. Manx has proved its expertise, tradition and craftsmanship through the years and is constantly looking for ways to increase the contribution to the well-being of the environment.