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Marmoleum is a prime linoleum brand which The Flooring Group has been selling for many years. Below, Marmoleum further detail their brand;


97% natural raw materials, 72% rapidly renewable, 43% recycled content 

Marmoleum, Forbo’s main linoleum brand, is a natural floor associated with sustainability, durability, high quality and innovative design. Our Marmoleum collection includes solutions for virtually any type of application. Discover the versatile world of Marmoleum with over 300 colours and more than 12 different structures to choose from, available in sheet and modular tile formats.

Marmoleum stands for versatility in application as well as in colour and design. What makes Marmoleum special is that it is created from natural raw materials that give it its unique performance attributes.

All Marmoleum floors now include Topshield2, a double UV cured finish that takes care of beautiful floors with a lasting apprearance retention, resulting in the flooring solution with the lowest costs of ownership over its life-time.

Why choose Marmoleum?

As long as the sun shines and the rain falls we can continue to make Marmoleum

• 97% natural raw materials, 72% rapidly renewable and a 43% recycled content
• There are no phalates, plasticisers or mineral oil in Marmoleum
• Marmoleum is biodegradable and burning it delivers a higher calorific value and thermal energy that outweighs the energy used in production giving a full life cycle circle
• Installation offcuts and production waste is recycled back into our product ensuring optimal raw material utilisation

• Colour palette of over 300 choices across a variety of marbled, patterned, solid and linear design effects
• Marmoleum modular tile collection for bespoke design and unrivalled creativity
• Off-the-floor applications with Furniture Linoleum and Bulletin Board 

• Topshield2 water based polymer which is UV cured finished, delivering floor performance in the real world that results in lower cost of ownership over its long life time
• Specialist acoustic and static control versions available
Marmoleum, a natural talent
There’s a craft to making really good Marmoleum. Fortunately, we’ve had 100 years experience in getting it just right. Forbo’s Marmoleum is made from 97% natural raw materials. So it’s no surprise that it is the world’s leading sustainable resilient flooring. Marmoleum is what it is, a genuine authentic floor.

How it’s Made
• Made from 97% natural raw materials, 72% of which are renewable and will grow back within 10 years
• The flax plant is where we derive Marmoleum’s key ingredient, linseed oil. 
• Marmoleum is made with 43% recycled content to reduce the need for virgin raw material
• Marmoleum is 100% biodegradable
• Of all the electricity we buy, 100% comes from renewable sources. This means our linoleum production sites are part of an effective environmental management system and achieve ISO14001 certification.

How it Performs
• Our Marmoleum performs well from the minute it’s installed, but it also becomes stronger over time, making it more durable. And because it lasts for so long, and is so easy to clean, Marmoleum has a very low cost of ownership
• Topshield2 finish, which, together with naturally antibacterial ingredients, means the floor is hygienic and needs less cleaning with fewer harmful chemicals
• Approved by Allergy UK and with TVOC’s 30 times lower than the European norm and CO2 emissions 50% lower than other resilient flooring, you can relax knowing that Marmoleum contributes to a healthier indoor environment
• Through our Back to the Floor scheme, we can collect installation off-cuts from our Marmoleum floors and recycle them back into Forbo products at our plant in Kirkcaldy, Fife. 

Celebrating 150 years of Linoleum

Frederick Walton 
Frederick Walton discovered linoleum and patented its manufacturing process in 1863. It is quite remarkable that a product, discovered in the days of gas lights and horse-drawn carriages, is still used in applications for which it was originally designed, such as flooring in healthcare and educational facilities.

Floor performance in the real world

The reality of day-to-day life for a floor covering is that it encounters both use and abuse without being able to balance its performance with prescribed cleaning and maintenance regimes.

Topshield2 has been designed to ensure that Marmoleum meets the demands of everyday use, to give you a floor that gives lasting performance over time.

Topshield2 provides you with a floor covering that:
• Is naturally bacteriostatic
• Is resistant to hand disinfectants
• Has excellent stain resistance
• Is efficient, easy to clean and quick drying
• Soils less and picks up less dirt
• Has improved scratch resistance
• Is easy to maintain
• Can be renovated

Creating Better Indoor Environments

Forbo’s Marmoleum has been awarded the prestigious Allergy UK Seal of Approval as, with the correct cleaning and maintenance regime, it won’t harbour dust mites, contributing to a better indoor environment for all.

Infection Control

Marmoleum’s ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria stems from the natural raw materials that go into its production, namely linseed oil. An inherent property of the product, the anti-bacterial qualities of Marmoleum won’t diminish over time, giving peace of mind and constant protection from the moment it is installed.

Sustainable yet durable

Particularly suitable for use in healthcare and education environments, Forbo’s Marmoleum floor covering is a versatile product that gives character and quality to a very wide range of applications.

Easy to cove and with uni and matching weld cables available, Marmoleum provides the ideal hygienic flooring solution required in healthcare settings. To find out more visit our HEALTHCARE SEGMENT SECTION 

Tough, durable and attractive, Marmoleum will stand up to the demands of daily school life thanks to its unique Topshield2 surface finish. to find out more, visit our

How it is made, our footprint

From how we run our factories to how we choose our ingredients, the way we make our floors is a big part of how we meet our mission to create better environments.

How it is made, our footprint
From how we run our factories to how we choose our ingredients, the way we make our floors is a big part of how we meet our mission to create better environments.

UK Manufacturing

Unlike many of our competitors, the majority of the products we sell in the UK are made in the UK.

All our plants are certified to ISO 14001 and use renewable electricity.

Life Cycle Assesment
In 2009, Forbo Flooring Systems started a programme to reduce our division’s environmental impact by 25% by the end of 2015, versus the baseline year of 2009. 

To measure our progress, we calculate our environmental impact according to the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) model of mass weighted mix for all products made. This involves calculating all environmental impacts from cradle to installation, and we also include the energy consumption of all our offices and Forbo owned warehouses worldwide. The LCA measurement system is independently verified.

Green design principles
We conscientiously apply green design principle to all our products and processes. In order to live up to our promise to reduce our environmental footprint by 25% in 2015, all our collections are engineered and designed to commit to this goal.

With every new product we want to:
– Increase efficiency in the use of resources
– Minimise damage or pollution from the chosen material 
– Reduce to a minimum any longterm harm caused using the product 
– Ensure that the planned life is appropriate in environmental terms

Green information
We provide environmental datasheets for our products which are available to download at any time. Importantly, if a particular product doesn’t meet a relevant standard or criteria, this is noted on the sheets.

Social Accountability International has established one of the world’s preeminent social standards – the SA8000 Standard for decent work, a tool for implementing international labour standards – that has improved the lives of over a million workers. SA8000 guides employers to consider the importance of each job and to recognise the equal dignity of each person involved in the supply chain – from the worker to the retailer to the consumer. To download our certificate, please click hereSA8000

The SA8000 Standard leverages the power of business and consumer to purchase products made from workplaces that enrich, not denigrate, the livelihoods of people. 

All Forbo products sold in the UK, with the exception of Colorex, are manufactured in a SA8000 certified facility.

If there is any further information or issues that you would like to bring to our attention, please contact Mark Bauer, our SA8000 Management Representative, BY E-MAIL

All Forbo products sold and made in the UK are produced using 100% of electricity from Renewable sources

Reduce, Renewable, Reuse, Recycle
The key to our success in implementing our environmental policies lies in the application of our “4 R’s” : Reduce, Renewable, Reuse, Recycle. A number of initiatives have been rolled out across the business, and it is our commitment to continuing and improving ourselves to achieve our environmental aims.

Reduce: energy, landfill, raw material consumption
Renewable: electricity, natural & sustainable raw materials
Reuse: production waste across all sites
Recycle: product and sampling take back schemes


Forbo offers a wide range of installation, cleaning and maintenance products via our sister company Forbo Eurocol and a number of local UK partners. 


414 Euroflex Lino Plus

Low solvent, fast tack linoleum adhesive.

Suitable for:
Marmoleum sheet (inc. Marmoleum Acoustic)
Marmoleum Modular planks & tiles
Bulletin Board

Article reference: 414
Order unit: 14kg
Coverage: Up to 32.5m²


646 Eurostar premium

Very low-emitting, moisture-resistant flooring adhesive. Wet set application method. 

Suitable for:
Marmoleum Modular planks & tiles

Article reference: 646
Order unit: 12kg
Coverage: Up to 50m²


614 Eurostar Lino Plus

Very low VOC-emission linoleum adhesive with a high initial grab for the installation of linoleum in sheets and tiles, linoleum aquajet designs and borders, and cork-underlayment. Roller-castor-chair resistant.

Suitable for:
Marmoleum sheet (inc. Marmoleum Acoustic)

Article reference: 614
Order unit: 11 kg
Coverage: Up to 42m²


615 Eurostar Lino EL (EC-1 conductive)

Solvent-free conductive linoleum adhesive with a high initial grab, very low VOC-emission. Electrical resistance < 105 Ohm, Very low VOC-emission, micode EC 1, solvent-free, non flammable, easy and safe to apply, high initial adhesion strength, favourable spreading capacity, roller-castor-chair resistant. Suitable for: Marmoleum Ohmex

Article reference: 615
Order unit: 11 kg
Coverage: Up to 42m²


540 Eurosafe Special

Solvent-free floor covering adhesive with a high initial grab for the installation of PVC floor covering in sheets and tiles, cushion vinyl, PVC backed carpet, rubber floor covering in sheets and tiles with a smooth back and polyolefin floor covering. Solvent-free, non-flammable, easy and safe to apply, high initial adhesion strength and final bond strength, favourable spreading capacity, roller-castor-chair resistant.

Suitable for:
Marmoleum Decibel

Article reference: 540
Order unit: 13 kg
Coverage: Up to 52m²


640 Eurostar Special

Very low VOC-emission floor covering adhesive with a high initial grab for the installation of PVC floor covering in sheets and tiles, cushion vinyl, PVC backed carpet, rubber floor covering in sheets and tiles with a smooth back and polyolefin floor covering. Very low VOC-emission, emicode EC1, solvent-free, multi-purpose application, easy and safe to apply, favourable spreading capacity, high initial and final bond strength, roller-castor-chair resistant.

Suitable for:
Marmoleum Decibel

Article reference: 640
Order unit: 12 kg
Coverage: Up to 53m²


530 Eurosafe Cork

Solvent-free wall and floor covering adhesive with a high initial grab for use on permanently dry walls, floors and stairs.
Non-flammable, easy and safe to apply, high initial adhesion strength.

Suitable for:
Bulletin Board

Article reference: 530
Order unit: 13.5 kg
Coverage: Up to 24m²


Welding Rods

Marmoweld Solid (plain colour)

After installation, Forbo’s linoleum floorings can be hot-welded for functional, decorative and/or hygienic reasons. Marmoweld Solid is available in plain colours to match our Marmoleum colours. 

Order Unit: 50 lm
Colours: all Marmoleum colours

Marmoweld MC (multi colour)

After installation, Forbo’s linoleum floorings can be hot-welded for functional, decorative and/or hygienic reasons. The patented multi-coloured Marmoweld MC allows creation of invisible seams.

Order Unit: 50 lm
Colours: all Marmoleum colours

Subfloor and Underlay Systems

Forbo Quickfit Panels

The Forbo Quickfit system comprises self-adhesive MDF panels and moisture resistant, sound insulating Forbo foam. 

Forbo Quickfit offers: A rapid, smooth finish. Quick and easy installation. No visible subfloor seams. Excellent moisture barrier. Easily removable. Improved impact sound insulation in combination with Forbo Foam (ΔLw = 23 dB according to EN-ISO 140-8 and 717-2). 

Suitable for:
Marmoleum sheet (inc. Marmoleum Acoustic)
Marmoleum Modular planks & tiles

Order Unit: 1 pack (3.6 m²)
Gauge: 7mm
Width: 1200mm x 600mm panels

Forbo Foam

Polypropylene foam for use with Quickfit panels laminated with metallised foil. The foil top layer incorporates a self-adhesive overlap of 20 cm for secure seams.

Order Unit: 1 roll (25lm))
Gauge: 4mm
Width: 1mm
Length: 25lm


Corkment underlay can be used in combination with regular Marmoleum to achieve an impact sound reduction of 14dB. 

Suitable for
Standard Marmoleum sheet & Marmoleum Modular

Not recommended for use with Marmoleum Acoustic or Marmoleum Decibel

Order Unit: min 1.25lm x 2m
Gauge: 2.0mm
Width: 2.0mm


Acoustic underlay with 18 dB sound reduction. 

Suitable for
Standard Marmoleum sheet & Marmoleum Modular

Not recommended for use with Marmoleum Acoustic or Marmoleum Decibel

Order Unit: 1 roll
Gauge: 2.0mm
Width: 2.0mm
Length: 35 lm


Loose lay underlay system for damp or contaminated subfloors.

Suitable for 
Standard sheet Marmoleum

Not recommended for use with Marmoleum modular, Marmoleum Acoustic or Marmoleum Decibel

Order Unit: 1 roll (35 lm)
Gauge: 1.5mm
Width: 2.0mm
Length: 35 lm


One of Forbo Flooring System’s most popular carpet tile collections, Tessera Teviot has received a stylish colour refresh with new classic, contemporary and high impact shades now included. Designed to enhance the creative versatility of this practical yet high performance flooring option, Tessera Teviot’s diverse new colour palette will make it the go-to collection for commercial, educational and public sector applications.

Design. Safety. Performance: Allura Safety Tiles

Forbo Flooring System’s popular luxury vinyl tile offering, Allura, has been expanded to include an equally sophisticated safety tile range. The innovative new Allura Safety Tile combines the consistently stylish designs, flexibility and performance of Allura with sustainable slip resistance properties.


Forbo Flooring Systems is pleased to announce that Hazel Pearson from Michael Laird Architects (MLA) will be jetting off to Chicago this June following the company’s win at this year’s Fly Forbo competition – due to its impactful design at the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) premises in Edinburgh. 

For the winning project, MLA created an efficient layout that clearly defined key areas within the RICS building. MLA achieved this by specifying Forbo’s Allura Wood vinyl tile and Tessera Mix carpet tiles in a very neutral colour palette, which acted as a backdrop for the striking accents of rich purple from Forbo’s Marmoleum range that helped to zone off the key areas. 


Forbo Flooring Systems’ Tessera Alignment collection has recently been refreshed with a new contemporary colour palette, to provide specifiers with the ability to create truly individual designs. 

The multi-height loops of the Tessera Alignment range provides a distinctive bold, directional theme, which is tempered by the introduction of intersecting random blocks of rich cut pile. The result is a highly effective broadloom appearance and a unique linear style. 

The Eternal Look with Forbo

From chic metallic and bright sparkle designs to sophisticated natural wood and stone effects, Forbo Flooring Systems inspires designers with a far reaching range of designs as part of its new look Eternal general purpose vinyl collection. 

Colour and pattern are staggeringly influential in transforming a space, affecting the mood and atmosphere intrinsically. Forbo’s new offering to specifiers – across all segments – certainly reflects this by capturing a very fresh, vibrant look and feel, whilst retaining all the practical performing elements that have always made Eternal a hugely popular flooring choice.

Marmoleum Modular Lines

It is not often a floor covering collection comes along that provides so many opportunities to play and experiment in such a dramatic fashion. Mix, match, combine or contrast – create your unique expression as the new Marmoleum modular collection from Forbo Flooring Systems offers the possibility to create the floor of your choice.

Tessera Diffusion

Forbo Flooring Systems’ latest addition to its carpet tile collections builds on the continuing trend of softening geometric structures. Tessera Diffusion is a progressive move away from more angular shapes, instead incorporating a beautiful prism pattern that artfully relaxes the organised design through a play on light and shade. The result is a beautifully oblique design that still meets all the current requirements for commercial applications, creating fascinating contemporary floor spaces.


Nuway, the market leading rigid entrance flooring system from Forbo Flooring Systems, has been enhanced to provide specifiers with even more choice. Along with the reliable high performance characteristics that Nuway is known for, the collection now boasts a more design-orientated approach as well as sustainable options. 

Janet Lowe, Market Manager at Forbo Flooring Systems comments: “By simplifying the specification process of Nuway – as part of an overall flooring scheme – we hope to open up more options for commercial and retail end users to create an entrance system that suits the specific needs of an entrance and the varied traffic.”

To find out more and to see other interior images available download the press release below or visit our Nuway web pages.

Flotex Colour

Bursting with bright, vibrant, refreshing, sumptuous shades, the new Flotex Colour collection from Forbo Flooring Systems packs in so many it’s clear to see why the unique hybrid product appeals to a wide variety of sectors and applications. 

Boasting a staggering 110 unique colourways, the new Flotex Colour collection also combines unbeatable bionic flooring performance with an Allergy UK Seal of Approval – making it ideal for all sectors, but particularly for education and hospitality; spaces where a visual stimulus and indoor air quality is important. 

To find out more and to see other interior images available download the press release below or visit our Flotex Colour web pages.

Flotex Linear

Durable and comfortable, quiet yet hygienic, warm while washable, safe but sound absorbing – all the characteristics needed to create better working environments in just one high quality floor covering: Flotex. Now Forbo Flooring Systems has introduced a linear ingenuity to its unique hybrid range. Flotex Linear encompasses the current directional trend and a sophisticated colour palette ideal for office spaces, with individual ranges created to work together to fashion integrated flooring design concepts.

To find out more and to see other interior images available download the press release below or visit our Flotex Linear web pages.


Forbo Flooring Systems offers a brighter choice when it comes to safety flooring with its newly launched STEP collection. Pioneering technical developments have resulted in a range of products that signify the very best of performance coupled with a fresh design direction – all fully guaranteed.

A step away from the more traditional “safety flooring” colours and designs, demonstrating that there does not need to be any compromise when it comes to combining the two key elements of safety and design. 

With an increased use of safety floors in the private sector the demand for warmer and more welcoming finishes is growing. Forbo’s advances in technology see revolutionary STEP safety crystals embedded throughout the wearlayer, providing a fully slip resistant solution. The entire collection meets with the prevalent UK slip standards; wet Pendulum test >36 and >20 surface roughness, as well as EN1385 for sustainable slip resistance. 

To find out more and to see other interior images available download the press release below or visit our STEP web pages.


As the luxury vinyl tile (LVT) market continues to grow across all sectors, demand dictates that new products push the boundaries of manufacturing capabilities and design, to offer collections that are even more authentic and which reflect current trends. Forbo Flooring Systems has responded to this with a cutting edge collection that captures the very essence of LVT design. 

The ALLURA brand represents best quality on all levels, with European manufacturing advances opening up a wealth of possibilities to deliver bigger XL sizes and formats, new embossed finishes and creative colours; from reclaimed and vintage woods with paint effects to bright linear abstract designs, ideal for mixing and matching with new textured tiles. 

To find out more and to see other interior images available download the press release below or visit our Allura web pages.

Allura Form

Continuing to surprise when it comes to product range innovation, the new Allura Form from Forbo Flooring Systems, proves a step away from traditional luxury vinyl tile (LVT) ranges. This exciting new extension brings an opportunity to experiment with the latest on trend ‘form’ elements to create different design styles and effects. 

“Reflecting contemporary and emerging trends, the groundbreaking collection extends the core Allura concept with new shapes, bigger sizes, and the popular mix and match modularity format, as well as an earthy neutral palette and novel patterns. These distinctive themes and shapes are sure to inspire new floor design concepts in traditional LVT markets such as hospitality, leisure and retail,” Fleur Carson, Key Account Manager at Forbo Flooring Systems explains.

To find out more and to see other interior images available download the press release below or visit our Allura Form web pages.

Tessera Create Space

Generating an endless array of possibilities, Create Space is a refreshing new carpet tile collection from Forbo Flooring Systems, designed to unleash designers’ creativity and inspire striking flooring schemes.

Create Space features three richly textured ranges, in linear and plain designs, enabling designers and end users to mix and match as desired, using colour to connect across the installation or deliver eye catching contrasts. This truly flexible collection offers ultimate freedom to personalise spaces in a completely unique manner.

To find out more and to see other interior images available download the press release below or visit our Tessera Create Space web pages

Our Milestones

Focus on leading market positions through the sale of the industrial adhesives activity, including synthetic polymers, which belonged to the Bonding Systems division.

Continued development of building and construction adhesives activity by running it as an independent unit in the Flooring Systems division.

Acquisition of Bonar Floors, a major European flooring manufacturer in the contract flooring sector. With this, Flooring Systems strengthens its leading position as a systems provider of resilient flooring solutions in the commercial market. 

Forbo acquires the lightweight PVC conveyor belting business from Fenner Dunlop (Charlotte) Inc. North America as a further step to strengthen its Movement Systems division.

New branding and growth strategy; three core divisions – flooring, adhesives and belting – renamed Flooring Systems, Bonding Systems and Movement Systems, operating under the Forbo brand with an integrated business strategy.

2004 – 2006
Strategic focus on three core divisions reaffirmed. Restructuring and measures to raise profitability. Acquisition of Chinese adhesives manufacturer specialized in hot-melt and water-based adhesives.

2000 – 2003
Adhesives gains world stature by acquiring Swift, operating worldwide from the USA, Europe and Asia. Belting business expands in Britain. Linoleum and Vinyl merged to create Forbo Flooring. Now three strategic businesses: Flooring, Adhesives and Belting.

2000 and 2001
New strategy focusing on four divisions: Linoleum, Vinyl, Belting and Adhesives. Divestment of industrial activities, including extruded profiles, decorative products and coated textiles. Carpet business spun off in management buyout. A series of minor acquisitions to strengthen Adhesives business.

1996 – 1998
Divestment of wall-coverings and laminates activities.

Acquisition of Siegling, specializing in process and conveyor belt systems.

1975 – 1994
Forbo evolves into a worldwide group operating on five continents: acquisition of a flooring business in Britain; diversification into wall-coverings and high-pressure laminates. 

1973 and 1974
Adhesives activities hived off from linoleum business to be developed independently. Continentale Linoleum Union is renamed Forbo to reflect the wider portfolio of activities.

1950 – 1973
Diversification into related products such as carpets and vinyl flooring.

Three linoleum manufacturers – German, Swedish and Swiss – form the Continentale Linoleum Union.

The way forward

Forbo Flooring Systems strategy is based on the following building blocks:
• Focusing on customer solutions in public and private segments both in established and important growth markets
• Offering innovative resilient and textile products and services
• Positioning Linoleum as the flagship for its unique value proposition
• Fulfilling the customer needs by balancing the offering as needed by national requirements beyond resilient
• Ensuring excellence in all operations
• Attracting, developing and motivating highly qualified staff