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MasterWeaver – High-Quality Axminster & Wilton Carpets

The top producer of high-quality Wilton & Axminster carpets MasterWeaver is the latest addition to our supplier’s chain. They manufacture delicate carpets for both commercial and residential clients in the United Kingdom.

The MasterWeaver pride themselves in their eight genuine wool rich Wilton carpet designs, which they have available in more than 70 colour ranges. The manner this style is woven makes it the highest quality carpet one can own. It possesses greater dimensional stability, that is of particular importance when it is installed in high-traffic areas or such of frequent use. The specifications of the weaving process involve looms that carry out up to five frames that hold the pile of yarn. This gives a maximum of 5 separate colours in the carpet. The surface pile yarn is taken from the back of the carpet and then woven over a flat wire of a fixed pile height in order to create the carpet pile. And the backing is done as part of the carpet with the weft being inserted by a rapier or shuttle. The guarantee that MasterWeaver provides and the sustainability of this type of carpet make it suitable for hotels, public houses, leisure clubs, care homes and residential usage.

The company also provides 6 diverse wool rich Axminster carpet designs in over 45 colours. The construction of this type of carpet is even more interesting and is generally described as involving a far greater proportion of yarn. The pile of yarn is precisely cut to the required length. It then is woven from the top, between the warp yarns and then turned around the weft. Afterwards, it is taken back out the top before the presentation of the next row. Axminster style carpets are always cut pile, due to their manufacturing method.

MasterWeaver has one of the largest design collection of these spectacular carpets and The Flooring Group is proud to announce it as the new supplier partner.