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Maxzara Flooring

Maxzara (UK) Ltd is the latest supplier of The Flooring Group. It is a newly established company for wooden flooring, which distributes across the UK and has a background of manufacturing in Asia. This manufactory with over 200 employees based in Asia produces a monthly capacity of 50,000 square meters of various wood floorings and sell to more than 20 different countries in Europe, North America and Asia. They approach the UK market aiming at providing closer and better services to satisfy British customers.


Here you will find the logical answers.

  • Price Advantage – they have an own factory in Asia, which is a huge advantage in labour cost.
  • High Quality – the oak floors are French Oak, widely considered to be the finest oak worldwide, based on its attractive colouring, figuring and durability.
  • Hand-Selected – boards are being selected and graded by hand, which ensures a consistently high quality.
  • Wide Range – boards are available in variable widths, grades, styles, lengths, and colours.
  • Experience – a huge experience in advising on best flooring choice, fixtures, fittings and aftercare, perfected over the years.
  • Reputation – a constant reputation for quality. With a Maxzara flooring, customers can rest assured that the company will go out of their way to exceed the expectations.

Maxzara Flooring can be found in all The Flooring Group showrooms now. We are thrilled to partner with them for better and more reliable flooring options.