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Modulyss – The Carpet Tiles Heaven

Our newest supplier and latest partner is the innovative Modulyss – the designer, supplier, and manufacturer of carpet tiles. The company has over 25 years of experience in the business and has been setting the trends every year all over the world.

Modulyss has met the needs of both commercial and residential clients with the sole purpose of inspiration and perfection. The Flooring Group is proud to announce them as an environment oriented manufacturer, that is also innovative and creative in their solutions. Not only are they so eco-friendly, but are sensitive to the source materials they choose.

Their greatest achievement is the customer satisfaction and they have that in excess, as Modulyss exceeds their needs and challenges perception. Our partner is the pioneer of the carpet tile industry and provides quality and exceptional standards. Modulyss sets the bar higher and keeps the performance to the fullest.

We at The Flooring Group are always punctual and keep the deadlines and Modulyss adapts that perfectly, They are flexible and strict with focus on the customer and bound to their promises. They deliver everything they stand for and do that with professionalism and reliability.

Modulyss designs are amongst the best in the world and provide at least 15-year guarantee of sustainability and durability. The perfect symbiosis of creativity and functionality, our partner is a valuable asset in our portfolio.

Experience the carpet tile heaven at our catalogue.