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Nora – Commercial Rubber Flooring Solutions

Nora Systems GmbH is The Flooring Group supplier that develops and produces resilient rubber floors. The Company’s headquarters is in Weinheim, Germany. Nora has been shaping and dominating the development of rubber floor coverings over 60 years and is a leading manufacturer worldwide. The company’s mission is Safe. Fast. Universal.

Nora embraces its social responsibility toward the environment and is committed to its sustainability. For many years, the company has given the environmental stewardship the same priority as every other company objective. Nora makes and sells products that are every step as ecologically sustainable as possible in terms of manufacturing, content, use and disposal.

nora® nTx – The new generation flooring system

Ingeniously simple – the nora® nTx self-adhesive rubber floor coverings carry their adhesive strength straight from the factory.

With them, installation can be reduced with times by up to 50% and even allows for carrying out renovations during this ongoing operations. Installation problems including bubbles, residual indentations, or seams are all things of the past. The self-adhesive floor covering is immediately ready for use. And the installation can be done over both existing floor coverings and the concrete/cement/screed subfloors that are typical for new construction, even if there is higher residual moisture.

With Nora flooring customers are certain to receive:

  • Reliable installation
  • Immediate usability
  • High efficiency
  • Suitability to all types of subfloors
  • Guaranteed use with residual moisture
  • Covering-over-covering installation

Create an environment that’s more comfortable, safe, and quiet with every step. Choose Nora rubber flooring.