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Commercial Flooring News

Our New Hampstead Flooring Look – Come and Check It Out Yourself!

The Flooring Group is glad to share with you that we revived our Hampstead Flooring Shop and it looks better than ever! We are very proud that the carpet racking we have installed is very functional and our customers can truly experience our carpet selection.

Our precious clients can see an incredible carpet collection and get the real feel of our products!

The Flooring Group has always paid special attention to the arrangement and selection presented in our showrooms and Hampstead Flooring shop makes no exception. Here you will not only be able to see a wide range of products that suit every taste and budget but our assistants will guide you through the process and provide you with professional help and advice.

We offer a full warranty on our carpet selection in our Hampstead Flooring shop!

The Flooring Group has over 40 years of practice in the industry and our rich experience and constant strive for improvement makes our company better each and every day. Our team of flooring professionals will give their best and provide you with immaculate results when taking up both commercial and residential projects.

Get professional assistance from the moment of purchase, through delivery to the installation process!

With us it’s easy, fast and convenient – become one of the hundreds happy customers who chose The Flooring Group!