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Commercial Flooring News


The Flooring Group presents you Perfilstar – one of the leading producers of accessories for wood and laminate flooring in Europe. The aim of the company is to provide high-quality products using the essential technological improvements. The Flooring Group is happy to work with such a prominent manufacturer that shares the same business values.

Perfilstar has facilities of over 2, 000 sq m and they owe their success due to the fact that they perform their production processes internally – digital printing, moulding and wrapping/ packaging are carefully supervised so the product is of highest quality ready to satisfy customer’s needs.

PerfilStar customises their collections of laminated wood, laminate flooring and vinyl adjusting on the sample design of the floor and offer a collection of lacquer and metal which can be combined with any design of their flooring products.

The Flooring Group appreciates the fact that Perfilstar is concerned with environmental sustainability and make sure they buy from suppliers that have gained international environmental certification such as PEFC and FSC. The company also places emphasis on separation of waste for treatment and reuse of materials so waste generation is avoided.

As for The Flooring Group, the human capital is very important for Perfilstar – the company makes sure that their employees can develop and prosper in their professional career. We look forward to making together more and more customers happy with our service!