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Printed Vinyl Flooring – No Limit of Imagination

When it comes to printed vinyl flooring the sky is the limit of imagination. No more boring shapes of geometry or straight lines with just two colours. You can let your imagination lose and create a whole new world of emotions, landscapes, and adventure. Bravely embrace the opposing colours schemes and dive deep into the unknown universe. Creativity and innovation are all you need to transform the room into something more. Do not feel limited only by the practicality of this type of flooring – experiment with sizes, pattern combinations, and place for installation. Whether the printed vinyl is on the floor or the walls you are free to create your own designs as most producers nowadays can do everything. Just browse through our website and experience perfection. The Flooring Group has also a few showroom all across London for practical samples and expert advice. We will be happy to welcome you and assist you in your choice of purchase.