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Quadrant Carpets

The Flooring Group retails Quadrant Carpets to our customers. Below, Quadrant Carpets further explains their products;

About Us

We are a British company that focuses on quality, providing outstanding flooring solutions for all key sectors.

At Quadrant Carpets we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect flooring solution for your commercial projects. For almost 20 years we’ve been building relationships with our customers that are two-way conversations, helping us to better understand your needs and helping you to see fresh perspectives and better solutions.

By uniting our expertise as carpet tile specialists with the expertise of leading commercial flooring manufacturers we are able to provide outstanding flooring solutions across diverse product platforms, including carpet tiles, broadloom, woven vinyl and matting. Each of our standard product platforms offer coordinated styles, extensive colour ranges, and a variety of patterns and textures that enhance the appearance of any interior, while addressing a number of budget alternatives.

We understand that specifiers seek single-source solutions and Quadrant Carpets are unique in providing innovative flooring solutions across all key market sectors.

Top Tips How to Avoid Sending Carpet to Landfill

The total volume of carpet diverted from landfill has continued to rise, reaching 113,000 tonnes in 2014 according to CRUK’s latest figures.

Carpet Recycling UK worked with WRAP to develop a practical guide to show how used carpet can be a valuable resource, how to prepare used carpets for re-use and recycling, and best practice for selecting new carpet.

Quadrant’s Essentials Collection Meets the New Trend

With an increasingly positive economic outlook, organisations are moving away from austere and functional interiors. Once again customers are beginning to embrace a level of creativity in the design of the work environment. However, this is clearly tempered with practical considerations of cost, quality and flexibility.

In this spirit, we are launching a new Essentials Collection. With three coordinated carpet tile styles, it complements the latest interior expression, and moreover offers an incredibly affordable baseline.

Jim Scully, chief designer and managing director, Quadrant Carpets said, “2015 is a very exciting year for the interiors industry. We are already working with integrators on a number of incredibly interesting projects. We conceived the Essentials Collection as a result of our close collaboration with flooring contractors. Understanding their clients’ requirements for high-end carpet capabilities at an affordable price point is our priority.”

The combination of the three-carpet tile ranges, Oriel, Resolute & Domain, provides a total of 18 customer selectable colours and patterns, achieving innumerable options for the new trend in work environments.

For more information on the products in the Essentials Collection, click on the individual links Oriel, Resolute, Domain.

Food Bank Thrives on Creativity

Relationships and community matter to us, so when architects and interior designers Gensler asked for our assistance on a Foodbank project we were delighted that we could help.

The First Love Foundation coordinates the Tower Hamlets Foodbank and over a number of years has seen its local community become increasingly reliant on its services. This recently led to a move to larger subsidised office space in Poplar Business Park, allowing the charity to draw all of its services into one space. The charity has had links with Gensler for a number of years and this project offered a clean slate opportunity to create a space that reflected the very nature of the charity and would also be familiar to the community.

The concept is eclectic leaning towards an upcycling and multi-use inclusive aesthetic. The visual impact of the space lifts it out of the ordinary to create a collection of furniture, lighting and flooring that melds into a funky, modern uplifting working environment, finished off with lots of real plants. In discussion with Gensler, we supplied the woven resilient flooring for the downtime and kitchen area.  The colour selection inspires a sense of the outdoors, whilst offering a hardwearing and easy clean floor that will last for years.

James Scully, Managing Director, Quadrant Carpets, stated, “We consider community awareness and involvment to be a central element in our business culture. It was a pleasure to be involved in the Tower Hamlets Foodbank project. Gensler created an off-beat environment that absolutely mirrors the ethic and temperament of the team at the Foodbank.

Frequency Inspires the Individual

Frequency, the latest carpet tile creation from Quadrant Carpets, is gaining momentum with numerous of its architect and interior design clients. Its myriad combinations, from light, subtle hues, to vibrant iridescent colours and blends of textures, allow the designer a truly personalized palette.

The subtle colourways within the range provide a smart choice for open plan spaces creating a platform to positively influence the work environment. Floor colours can be dialed up or desaturated, exploiting the boundaries between both form and function making the range perfect for transitional space between office and breakout. The Frequency range allows the designer to create statement designs, way-finders and floor zoning, using standard and customized tiles blended with solid tiles to showcase the designer’s creativity.

James Scully, chief designer and managing director at Quadrant Carpets stated, “Frequency has captured the current design mood in highly personalized environments. As the platform on which to build a unique project space, architects and designers are allowing this product’s extensive possible combinations to cascade, and add emphasis across a design.”  

Colour Heals in Rehabilitation Trust’s New Therapy Room

Together with a number of Maidstone-based organisations, including the Borough Council and Gallaghers, we have provided expertise and carpet tiles for the superb new craft studio at Blackthorn Garden, the local medical care and rehabilitation charity.

The previous dilapidated pink portkabin has been demolished with help from the 36 Engineers and replaced with a purpose designed, permanent ‘Craft and Stained Glass Studio’. The new building provides more than double the workspace so more people recuperating from illness can learn new skills and help rebuild their lives.

Through our discussions with Ray Mepstead at Gallaghers and Emma Halpin, Trust Manager at Blackthorn Trust, we discovered the importance the trust places on the use of light and colour as a restorative element in any environment. Not only had the flooring to be hardwearing and resilient, the colour and texture were essential to the ambiance that the new craft room needed to create.

The new building offers three main spaces for storage and activities. For the administration office and craft area we recommended and supplied our Zone carpet tile in Ego Trip, which provides a calming blue base which complements the neutral wood furniture, while the textured banding across the tile gives depth and breaks up the floor space. In the entrance area and locker room we supplied our functional and hardwearing Resolute tile, in Indian Red.

Emma Halpin stated, “Quadrant has been incredibly efficient and professional in its support for this project. The craft studio is one of our most important rooms as it is calm and quiet. For many patients it provides an environment to gently recover from trauma and learn new skills.

Essential Broadlooms now available from Quadrant

 The 6 broadloom products have been designed to provide a broad choice of construction, texture, colour and budget, offering in total 72 customer selectable options.

This attractive and highly functional collection of broadloom carpets increases Quadrant Carpets’ capability to offer specifiers products that are perfectly suited to their individual projects.

The ‘Broadloom Essentials’ collection includes 3 loop and 3 cut pile products: Affinity is a classic level loop pile quality in practical, modern colours, while Frisson combines beautiful metallic accents with fresh base colours. The simplicity and luxurious texture of Chimera’s linear design is both elegant and timeless. Enigma is a clean, crisp cut pile velour, both practical and very cost-effective, while Panache introduces twisted yarns, texture and discreet colour mixes. The final cut pile is Zephyr, a classic heavyweight plain velour that oozes style and quality.

Fitnice Flooring a la Mode for Quadrant Carpets

One of the most stunning recent developments in high performance commercial flooring has been attracting stellar contracts from around Europe, and is now available through Quadrant Carpets in the UK. Fitnice is a beautiful woven vinyl floor covering available in sheet or tile format, and available in a wide variety of textures and colours.

 With its modern textile look and feel Fitnice is being installed in a variety of prestigious locations, such as the Armani store and cafe in Milan, the Mango offices in Barcelona, Maserati’s European showrooms and the Kenzi Hotel Spa in Marrakech. Along with these leading names there are many more shops, hotels, offices and public spaces where this highly resilient, high quality flooring has already created a striking impression.

 Fitnice has a very contemporary look and feel, but it also works hard. With its “Strong Yarn” technology and thermoset surface, which prevents dirt and dust penetrating the pile structure, Fitnice can withstand intensive use, and remains easy to maintain. Constructed on a special backing containing recycled vinyl, Fitnice is comfortable for sustained use and offers impressive acoustic insulation.

 James Scully, Managing Director of Quadrant Carpet said. “Fitnice is a product that captures the current move towards luxuriant finishes that many customers, architects and specifiers are selecting to raise their installations out of the ordinary.”

 The introduction of the Fitnice range demonstrates Quadrant Carpets’ current drive to expand its capabilities from UK carpet tile manufacturer to single source solution provider, partnering some of Europe’s leading and most innovative flooring producers.

New ‘Riva’ Range Catches the Light

Quadrant Carpets, a leading UK manufacturer of commercial carpet solutions, has launched the ‘Riva’ range of richly coloured carpet tiles. Riva extends the Company’s cost sensitive ‘Essentials’ Carpet Tile collection.

The new range has been developed to offer customers contemporary styling by using a mix of coloured yarns interwoven with contrasting metallic highlights.

Consistent with the Company’s product programme, the Riva range has been created to add colour and style to the Essentials collection, with its durable level loop pile construction, which is class 33 rated, providing a carpet tile suitable for heavy-traffic commercial environments.

James Scully, Managing Director of Quadrant Carpets stated. “It is important for us to extend our portfolio with new colours and design. Riva sits within our Essentials collection and offers Quadrant Carpets’ quality and vision at specifically targeted budget price points, with the added bonus of a ten year wear warranty.”

New ‘Frequency’ Range Catches the Imagination

Quadrant Carpets, a leading UK manufacturer of commercial flooring solutions, has created the ‘Frequency’ range, a highly dynamic and adaptable carpet tile which provides the designers with a wide spectrum of mood and narrative pathways for their interior design concept.

‘Frequency’ has been developed to offer designers, specifiers and end users, a contemporary tile in a palette of twelve soft through to vibrant colour ways, set on a mid or dark grey base note. ‘Frequency’ offers countless design possibilities providing the scaffold for the total environment concept to take shape. The carpet design permits the blurring between linear and geometric shapes creating visual drift where defined borders previously occured.

James Scully, Frequency’s designer, and Managing Director of Quadrant Carpets stated. “I was inspired during a meteor shower, watching in the darkness as it was shot through with translucent light. We had great fun developing Frequency, and wanted to retain the feeling of dynamic movement within the tile modularity, while the depth of colour across the range provides myriad possibilities for designers. It is a single carpet that has the capability to transform itself and the space around it.”

This bold concept is manufactured in the UK using the finest components, including Antron Lumena fibre; the unique hollow filament profile of the fibre guarantees increased texture retention and high long-term resistance to matting and crushing. The fibres are solution dyed providing the highest luminosity and colour performance over the life of the carpet. The tiles benefit from Quadrant’s high density 12th gauge construction that ensures a high performance, heavy traffic commercial flooring solution.

Quadrant adds Fitnice woven vinyl flooring to its expanding product portfolio

Quadrant Carpets, one of the UK’s leading commercial flooring specialists, has extended its product portfolio with the introduction of the Fitnice woven vinyl flooring collection. This stunning new collection, comprising four unique woven patterns, each available in a selection of modern colours and in sheet or tile format, has been developed to provide specifiers with incredibly beautiful, yet extremely durable textured flooring.

Fitnice is manufactured in Spain by Vertisol, global leaders in the production of woven vinyl fabrics for window blinds, wall coverings and flooring. Fitnice woven vinyl flooring was designed without any compromises on quality. Colourfastness is unrivalled and easy maintenance assured by Vertisol’s unique thermofixing process, which effectively seals the flooring surface preventing the ingress of dirt. Durability is guaranteed by the use of Vertisol’s own Strong Yarn technology wich features a PET core sheathed in a phthalate-free PVC skin. 

Designers will love Fitnice because it offers so much scope for creative expression. As standard it is available as 2 metre wide sheet or 50×50 tiles, but the full potencial of Fitnice can be realised by exploring myriad combinations of shapes and colours made possible by the state-of-the-art tile cutting equipment. Wherever Fitnice is installed it is sure to provide a tough and uncompromising floorcovering, but with Fitnice you get that extra dimension that only comes from outstanding design and a total commitment to quality.

James Scully, Managing Director of Quadrant Carpet, explains. “We were extremely keen to work with Vertisol to bring this exciting product to the UK market, because it genuinely ticks all the boxes. The quality of the product is superb, but equally importantly it looks amazing, with texture, lustre, sophistication and style in abundance. We are very proud to be the exclusive UK distributor for Fitnice, and very excited by the buzz that the product has created since we introduced it in March 2014”.

Recycling Initiative Captures Gold Award

Quadrant Carpets’ ethos of recycle and reuse of carpet products, which led it to become one of the founding members of CRUK (Carpet Recycling UK) is pleased to announce that the association’s work is continuing to win prestigious awards.

The latest accolade to be gained is a Gold Zero Waste Award organised by ‘’ and is open to all groups from private and public sectors as well as communities and charities.

CRUK impressed the judges with its commitment to applying the waste hierarchy on difficult waste streams, helping to increase the UK’s carpet recycling carpet rate from 2% six years ago to 21.4% in 2012.

James Scully, director Quadrant Carpets commented.

“CRUK is our industry’s initiative and it has inspired our sector to be increasingly creative concerning ways to take landfill out of the lifecycle of carpet products. New products and energy use are ensuring that waste is becoming a redundant term in our market.”

CRUK’s stated aim includes a commitment to landfill diversion of 60% of waste by 2020, and with the aim to eventually eliminating landfill use for carpet products. The scheme is continuing to capture converts across the flooring industry as more businesses realise the benefit of aligning their recycling policy with an industry-wide programme.

Quadrant Carpets Launches New ‘Essentials’

Quadrant Carpets, a leading UK manufacturer of commercial carpet solutions, has launched its new ‘Essentials’ collection of cost sensitive carpet tiles. Selected to create a comprehensive catalogue of styles, colour-ways and textures, the Essentials range offers 6 products providing a total of 62 customer selectable options.

This highly functional collection of carpet tiles increases Quadrant Carpets’ capability to offer specifiers and clients products specially designed for cost conscious projects, whilst retaining the quality and durability of the company’s wider ranges.

The ‘Essential Carpet Tile’ collection includes two new carpet tile solutions designed and manufactured in the UK, as well as four of the company’s leading lower cost products, available in a single box.

James Scully, Managing Director of Quadrant Carpets stated. “Essentials allowed us to work with customers to create a set of practical cost-effective carpet tile solutions in one collection. We believe this delivers a diverse and comprehensive capability to the commodity sector. “James Scully continued, “This expansion of our range of solutions now allows us to target price points from the high-end executive lines to the price conscious projects.”

Winning the Landfill Battle with Recycling

As a founding partner of award winning Carpet Recycling UK (CRUK), the first meaningful scheme to divert carpets from landfill, Quadrant Carpets is continuing its drive towards recycling and extending product life with a number of in house initiatives. 

CRUK has recently been recognised at the Resource Revolution Awards 2013, winning the Landfill Diversion Strategy category, demonstrating its industry-leading role in combatting landfill use.
The key news from CRUK is positive, with diversion of carpet waste from landfill having increased to 21.4% in 2012, a rise of 30% on the previous year’s 16.5% rate. In real terms 85,000 tonnes of waste carpet were diverted which included 36,000 tonnes in recycling and reuse and a further 49,000 tonnes sent for energy recovery in cement kilns and for power generation.  However this represents around one fifth of the total 400,000 tonnes of waste carpet produced every year in the UK. 

For our part, Quadrant Carpets is working to extend the ‘first life’ of carpets, ensuring a more sustainable product range.  This initiative is not only concerned with product design and quality, but also with how carpets contribute to the whole building environment. 

James Scully, director, Quadrant Carpets commented. “A key for the future is to create products with a longer ‘first life’ in order to keep them out of the waste cycle for much longer.” 

Another Quadrant Carpets’, customer friendly, initiative is the ‘Carpet Tile Recovery Scheme’ that is continuing to win customers with its positive action towards recycling carpet tiles at a cost comparable to landfill charges.  

CRUK director, Laurance Bird commented. “We are delighted to have received the recognition of our peers. This award honours the efforts, support and commitment across the entire supply chain including, manufacturers, flooring contractors, distributors and retailers. The industry understands the need to drive this initiative forward and capture the rising waste tonnage and divert it from landfill.” 

The Resource Revolution Awards recognise and reward transformational modern waste management by championing those revolutionising the concept of waste and the way society deals with it. The Carbon Trust sponsors the awards.

500,000 square metres and counting

Designed to work in a broad spectrum of environments and engineered for value and long term durability, the Elements carpet tile collection from British manufacturer Quadrant has now been installed in 500,000m2 of commercial floor space in the UK – the equivalent of covering the Olympic Stadium in Stratford more than 55 times.

Preferred by designers and specifiers for its beautiful textured structure that is available in a wide ranging colour palette of 27 plain shades, from contemporary greys through to lime green and aubergine, Elements is the ideal carpet for a variety of environments, from office spaces and education buildings through to retail outlets and leisure facilities. 

“The fact that Elements carpet tiles are now used in more than 500,000 square metres of floor space in buildings across the UK speaks volumes about the collection’s versatillity and appeal,” comments James Scully, Director, Quadrant Carpets. “Sitting at the heart of the Coordinate Series One range, Elements works with Balance, Zone and Metro carpet tiles, and has forged a reputation for delivering superb value, exceptional durability and lasting good looks.”

With its BRE A rating, Elements is also the carpet tile of choice for eco-conscious projects looking for stylish and environmentally friendly materials. Most recently, 6,000m2 square metres of Elements tiles were installed at the UK headquarters of global property management firm Lend Lease thanks to its green credentials and unbeatable performance.

Carpet Recycling UK and Quadrant Carpets at Ecobuild

Carpet Recycling UK has grown to become one of the flooring industry’s most recognised environmental  initiatives and as a founder member, Quadrant Carpets has long been involved at the heart of reducing the amount of carpet sent to landfill.

 With initiatives such as its Carpet Tile Recovery Scheme that promotes positive action towards recycling carpet tiles in a hassle-free manner and with costs comparable to landfill charges, Quadrant Carpets is a pioneer of workable sustainable solutions.

 Carpet Recycling UK and Quadrant Carpets are teaming up for the organisation’s seminar programme at Ecobuild, which takes place on Thursday 7th March at London’s Excel in South Gallery 3 from 1100 to 1430hrs. The free-to-attend seminar will showcase emerging outlets for carpet waste and focus on the latest innovations in sustainable carpet design.

  Quadrant Carpets will look at how pioneering design can make carpet more sustainable, providing a solution with a long first life, keeping carpet out of the waste or recycling stream.

 “At Quadrant Carpets we believe that long first life, keeping carpet out of the waste stream for as long as possible, is fundamental in making our products sustainable,” comments James Scully, director, Quadrant Carpets. “Through design we can ensure that carpet is not a temporary element of the interior, but a long-term solution that provides a durable aesthetic.”

 Other names presenting at the Carpet Recycling UK seminar include Anglo Recycling Technology, Protomax, BMW Associates, Avid Advantage and Greenspec. Carpet Recycling UK is exhibiting at ecobuild on stand S472.

New opportunities with Quadrant

Quadrant carpets is a British company that focuses on quality, providing outstanding carpet solutions for the commercial sector.

We are committed to being at the heart of the interior design community, striving to create products that add something special to the design  mix and that draw upon the values of quality, sustainability, design and originality.

We are looking to expand our sales network in the Midlands & North of England and wish to appoint two well-connected agents with proven track records selling to specifiers in the commercial sector.

Ingeus flooring refurbishments are zero waste to landfill

National employment services company Ingeus with 74 offices in UK have partnered with Quadrant Carpets to uplift and recycle old carpet tiles and replace with new ones. This resulted in zero waste to landfill plus the recovery of raw materials for their energy content as well as for other purposes.

This ongoing programme of refurbishment involves more than 30,000 square metres of carpet tiles, so more than 130 tonnes will be kept out  of dwindling landfill spaces.

Quadrant offer their Carpet Tile Recovery Service to all customers so that they can build on their sustainability credentials. Facilities Manager Scott Wagstaff at Ingeus said that Quadrant were selected as their partner not only because of the fantastic colours and textures in Elements tiles but for the total service in recycling the old tiles: ” I prefer to use Quadrant Carpets to ensure the carpet we have to dispose of is either recycled or reused. Seeing usable carpet skipped because we have to create a uniform finish is always frustrating, so by using their service I can cost-effectively reduce our environmental burden rather than just greenwash.” 

Cost effective carpet solutions from Quadrant

The Balance carpet tile range has proved hugely popular since its launch a year ago. Why? Because in tough economic times Balance offers a cost effective carpet solution that does not compromise on style or performance.

Designed and manufactured in Britain, Balance is a sophisticated textural tile, combining subtle tonals with shimmering silver highlights in an organic pattern, Balance has a texture that flows throughout the floor plane delivering sophisticated and dynamic pattern to commercial interiors in a balanced and considered colour palette.

Created with sustainability very much in mind, Balance has been designed to have a long first life, as confirmed by its impressive Class 33 heavy contract wear rating. And when the time comes to replace the carpet it can be reused, repurposed or recycled through Quadrant’sCarpet Tile Recovery Scheme. It is BRE”A” rated and Ska accredited, and uses fibre that is EPP certified, to provide the perfect design-focused solution for environmentally conscious, budget-sensitive projects.

As James Scully, design director of Quadrant Carpets explains, “Balance offers designers and specifiers a versatile addition to the Coordinate Series 1 collection, and also provides a dynamic aesthetic when used on its own.” It is designed  to coordinate with Elements, Zone andMetro and is available in 12 stylish colourways.

Specify carpet with confidence with our latest RIBA approved CPD

 From raw material selection through construction types and design considerations, the Quadrant Carpets RIBA approved CPD investigates the specification of carpet tiles. Including advice on the latest performance standards and issues of sustainability facing the carpet industry and carpet tile specification, the CPD “Specification and Selection of Commercial Carpets” will provide the knowledge to make an educated carpet tile choice.

To find out more about this CPD and to book your seminar with Quadrant Carpets please send your enquiry to or call customer service on 01622 719090 and our fully trained support team will guide you through the booking process.  

Further coordination from Quadrant Carpets

The first random lay product from Quadrant Carpets, Metro has been especially created to harmonise with the existing styles in the Coordinate Series 1 range, Elements, Balance, Zone, drawing from the same colour palette to encourage a multi-design approach to interiors.

Particularly suited to large, open areas, Metro features tonal blocks that deliver a striking, large-scale geometric look when randomly laid. Available in nine on trend colourways that aim to complement other interior features as well as the rest of Coordinate Series 1, specifiers and designers can choose from the light charcoal tones of Streetscape to the moss green hues of Suburb.

Crafted from resilient Antron Lumena solution-dyed fibre, Metro is exceptionally hardwearing and offers brilliant colour clarity. This strong yarn facilitates rigorous cleaning without causing fade or damage to the carpet tiles, making Metro suitable for challenging commercial environments that require regular maintenance.

As James Scully, design-director of Quadrant Carpets explains, “Metro offers designers and specifiers a versatile addition to the Coordinate Series 1 collection, and also provides a dynamic aesthetic when used on its own. Specifically designed for large spaces, the geometric patterns created by the random lay format deliver a contemporary and trend-led look, and also help to conceal soiling and any signs of wear.”

Created with sustainability very much in mind, Metro has been designed to have a longer first life, and can be reused , repurposed or recycled. It is BRE A Rated and Ska accredited, and uses fibre that is EPP certified to provide the perfect design-focused solution for environmentally conscious project.

Pioneering design for long-term carpet sustainabillity

This case study, commissioned and published by WRAP, the government agency set up in 2000 to help recycling take off in the UK and to create a market in recycled materials, focuses on Quadrant Carpets and highlights the overarching approach that we take to address and integrate sustainable manufacturing processes within our business.

It shows how Quadrant Carpets employs:

  • Pioneering design combined with clear environmental objectives to set the business apart.
  • Manufacturing process that use minimal water, conserving resources and reducing costs.
  • Sustainable design principles that could extend product life by 5 to 10 years.

Quadrant Carpets is using resource efficient design to create an environmentally sustainable business. Our initiatives from the use of recycled content in products, minimising water usage and materials in manufacture  to take back and reuse of sampling and final product.

Coordinate your space with Quadrant Carpets

The adaptable functionality of Coordinate Series 2 has been launched to the market by Quadrant Carpets, high quality manufacturer of carpet tiles for commercial environments seeking the best in style and performance.

Three designs inspired by the works of Bridget Riley, one of the foremost proponents of the Op Art movement, come together in nine matching colourways to deliver a series of products that coordinate perfectly within any space. Abstraction, Rhythm and Perspective utilise the latest in highly complex long creel production technology to produce large scale pattern that can be laid in three ways for three completely different looks.

With an ethos of enduring quality for a long life, all Coordinate Series 2 carpet tiles are created in a high density 12th gauge constructions from 100% Antron® Lumena carpet fibre, one of the most hardwearing fibres currently in use. This progressive construction ensures that not only are Coordinate Series 2 products easy to maintain and resist signs of wear, but also that they can be used in the most demanding of commercial environments, while retaining the capability to be repurposed and reused or recycled at the end of their first life.  All Coordinate Series 2 carpets are BREEAM A rated and Ska approved.

For projects requiring a custom twist, Abstraction, Rhythm and Perspective feature an accent stripe that can be used to easily incorporate corporate or theme colours, while retaining the overall aesthetic of the designs. Complete bespoke colourways can also be commissioned.

The collection was designed by Quadrant Carpets design-director, James Scully:

“The abstract geometry of artists such as Bridget Riley and Barnett Newman have inspired the lines and patterns of the collection, but I also thought carefully about how the carpets could be used within a given space. Each design can be used in any of three layouts that give a unique visual aspect, giving not only versatility between but also within designs. Colour palettes too have been carefully thought-out to be functional and usable and rather than a broad palette with many unworkable and unbalanced colours, I’ve opted for a closely controlled bank of nine colourways that work perfectly together.”

An evolution of the 2007 launch, Abstraction, Coordinates Series 2 has been warmly received by existing Quadrant Carpets customers and has already been put forward for several specifications.

Quadrant Carpets and CRUK, keeping carpets out of landfill

With spiralling waste disposal costs, the repurposing of carpet tiles is becoming even more of a concern for contractors and specifiers, but keeping carpet out of the waste stream has been a primary goal for Quadrant Carpets since 2008.

As a founder member of CRUK, the carpet industry’s recycling body, Quadrant Carpets is always striving to build awareness of carpet recycling opportunities to its customers and is working with partners in key areas:

  • Recycling-Carpet diversion rate for the seven UK-based manufacturers from CRUK grew to 6000 tonnes, an increase of 50% on 2010. This represents a diversion rate of 85% in 2011. All these manufacturers will achieve zero waste to landfill during 2012. Recycling was by far the majority outlet at 5000 tonnes with only 1000 tonnes used for energy recovery.
  • Energy recovery from waste-Practice has shown that calorific value of bitumen-backed carpet tiles is acceptable for replacing hydrocarbon-based fuels in cement kilns. The statistics are: carpet diversion rate from landfill of 66 000 tonnes, represents an increase  from 10% in 2010 to 16.5% in 2011. Recycled and reused portion was 32 000 tonnes and 34 000 tonnes was used in energy recovery  mainly via cement kilns.

The creation of an economical and viable carpet collection infrastructure to facilitate easier recycling is also being pursued by CRUK, working with waste management companies that are experienced in commercial and industrial separation for recycling. Recycling capacity for carpet tiles has increased as specialist facilities for reuse, recycling and energy recovery have grown. There are now 32 outlets contributing to diversions from landfill.

Driven to Abstraction with Antron

Antron® Lumena fibre is the core component in Abstraction carpet tiles from Quadrant Carpets, combining bold aesthetics with exceptional performance  to provide the ideal flooring solution for variety of demanding commercial locations.

Featuring within the just-launched Coordinate Series 2 collection by Quadrant Carpets, Abstraction tiles have found the ideal ingredient in Antron® Lumena fibre. Hardwearing and offering inherent stain resistance, colourfastness and outstanding soil resistance, Antron® Lumena solution-dyed nylon fibre ensures that Abstraction tiles offer performance levels needed by busy environments.

The colour retention and clarity offered by Antron® Lumena fibre ensures that Abstraction tiles will withstand high-impact use without any compromise or style. Encompassing nine striking colourways all with subtle contrasting accent stripes, including jet black Rebus, stylish charcoal Covenant and warm green-beige Eve, Abstraction tiles can be laid in either horizontal ashlar, vertical ashlar or in a quarter-turn formation, with the extensive solution-dyed colour bank of Antron® Lumena fibre making it possible for specifiers and designers to commission bespoke Abstraction tiles for a distinctive look to suit specific projects.

 “Abstraction tiles have an almost hypnotic effect that is really truly captivating”, explains James Scully, design director of Quadrant Carpets, “and this is certainly facilitated by the colours of Antron® Lumena carpet fibre. The inclusion of this durable yarn in Abstraction means that designers and specifiers have access to a product that is not only incredibly functional and robust, but that also delivers a unique and edgy look that will suit commercial environments. The striking geometric patterns that can be created encourages exploration of the relationship between blocks and lines, and the refined colour variations within each tile allow for great coordination with other interior design features.”

Easy to maintain, Antron® Lumena fibre allows for rigorous cleaning of Abstraction tiles. Designed and manufactured in the UK, all designs within the Coordinate Series 2 collection are BREEAM-A rated and Ska approved and can be repurposed, reused or recycled at the end of their first life.

A Foundation for Future Graduates

Quadrant’s product Zone has been used in the BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rated New Academic Building at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Some 3,500m2 of BRE ‘A’ rated Zone modular carpet has been used throughout lecture theatres, meeting rooms, breakout spaces, corridors and staircases of the building, designed by architect Stride Treglown.

Suggested as a suitable carpet tile by the Department of Estates and Facilities, Goldsmiths University of London, the carpet had to meet the criteria necessary for the building to achieve its BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating.

In the colourway of Gromit’s Nose, the carpet tile also had to be durable and easy to maintain, qualities possessed by Antron® Lumena carpet fibre. Thanks to the special features of polyamide 6.6, Antron® Lumena carpet fibre retains its original height without noticable wear and tear or loss of structure and its hollow cross sections scatter the light making dirt and stain less visible. Solution dyed where the colour is a pemanent part of the fibre, Antron® Lumena is also easy to maintain and where carpets are cleaned frequently, sometimes using harsh cleaning products, there is hardly any risk of fading or colour change.

Goldsmiths University of London commented:

“With our aim of making sure the New Academic Building became BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rated, we had to consider the selection of our carpet carefully making sure that it would positevely contribute to our goal, while also providing beneficial in long term use and complementing the interior scheme. We selected Zone from Quadrant Modular not only because of its BRE A rating, but also because it met our needs in terms of being durable and easy to maintain. Its design also helps to minimise the appearance of soiling and the colourway fits well with the building’s interior scheme.”

Get in to the value with Quadrant Carpets’ latest launch

Delivering designers a carpet tile that doesn’t sacrifice style or performance for value, but that delivers all, Zone is the latest introduction from Quadrant Carpets.

Providing that a designed and made in Britain approach to carpet doesn’t mean prohibitive pricing, Zone joins the Coordinate Series 1 collection, offering sophisticated styling and great performance. Created by Quadrant’s in-house design team, led bydesign director James Scully, Zone typifies the British company’s approach to carpet tiles:

“Our innovative approach to design and manufacture means that we can respond almost instantly to shifts in the market and Zone has been created to meet the growing demand for carpet tiles that retain intelligent design, but that also help specifiers to meet budgetary restraints,” explains James Scully. “We’ve achieved Zone’s stunning design through the clever use of colour and pattern to keep costs down, without sacrificing design integrity or performance. The new Zone range is highly flexible and with its cost sensitive nature, it is suitable for a wide range of locations.”

Zone is made from Antron Lumena carpet fibre with recycled content and is BREEAM A rated. Manufactured in Scotland, Zone employs Quadrant Carpets 12-gauge tufting process for a carpet with greater density and in-built quality.

Coordinate Series One

Coordinate Series One from Quadrant Carpets heralds a new way of thinking about carpets, where perspective shifts from individual products to ranges coordinated by timeless and functional colours.

The series is centered on the Elements textured plain carpet, available in 27 colours, with Balance, Zone and Metro carpets providing complementing design and texture options. These styles use the same colour palette, to give designers maximum flexibility in floor design.

Coordinate Series One delivers carpets with an ideal blend of design consciousness, regard for performance and recognition of environmental impact.


It’s easy to talk about the environment, but harder to take responsibility, make tough decisions and take action by actually doing something to protect it.

At Quadrant Carpets we strive to create a business that is sustainable. We believe that sustainability is about meeting our current needs without threatening the future of generations to come. It is a genuine choice that we embrace wholeheartedly, one that is open to scrutiny and one that is as transparent as possible. 

Mankind’s chronic disregard for the earth’s natural balance means we must quickly find ways of using nature’s resources in a way in which they can be replenished naturally. This requires us to minimise, halt and ultimately reverse the environmental degradation caused through human activity. 

We’ve called this approach Tread Lightly, and it is an attitude that we take forward into every aspect of our business through four core principles of action. Any activity we undertake must uphold at least one of these four Tread Lightly principles:

  • Eliminate Waste
  • Eliminate Harmful Emissions
  • Minimise Consumption
  • Educate & Motivate

Carpet Recovery

Through our Carpet Tile Recovery Scheme we are facilitating the recovery and reuse or recycling of used carpet tiles

This forward thinking initiative is one of many positive actions we are taking as part of our Tread Lightly campaign. It allows you to take positive action now to recycle used carpet tiles, hassle-free and at a cost comparable to landfill charges. We have developed a number of high-value reuse and recycling streams that avoid landfilling or incineration, not only for our own products, but for any manufacturers’ carpet tiles.

How does it work?

  • Simply give us a call or email us your enquiry
  • We will provide a quotation for the recovery of the waste carpet tiles
  • Place your order and we will deliver pallets and bags to site
  • At an agreed time we will collect the carpet tiles
  • We will divert the waste tiles to our highest value recovery programme
  • Once completed we will issue you with a certificate of proof


As core funders of CRUK we are committed to diverting used carpet from landfill

We are proud to be core funders and Steering Committee Members of Carpet Recycling UK, a non-profit organisation dedicated to diverting carpet from landfill. CRUK drives innovation in end-of-life solutions for carpets and their vision is of a strong and diverse UK carpet recycling industry which recovers all carpet waste using the best environmental technologies.

The objectives of the organisation are:

  • Finding new end uses for recycled carpet
  • Facilitating relationships between people who want to recycle carpet and recyclers
  • Lobbying for a favourable policy environment
  • Providing practical support for carpet recyclers
  • Research and development
  • Dissemination of results at conferences, trade events and shows.

CRUK has set ambitious target for diverting 25% of carpet waste from landfill by 2015, and its achievements to date have been significant and impressive.


R4 is our unique carpet sample collection and recycling service.

R4 (return, reuse, recycle, reduce) reflects our determination to create policies and good practice that influences every area of business from product development and engineering, through distribution, marketing and promotion to business management.

The R4 initiative guarantees that unwanted carpet samples, supplied by us or any other carpet manufacturer, are efficiently recycled and will not add unecessarily to landfill. The service enables architects, designers and contractors to arrange for carpet samples to be recycled by us at ‘highest value end use’ recycling centres.

How does it work?

  • Simply give us a call on 01622 719090 or email your enquiry to us
  • We will collect the samples or alternatively we will arrange for you to send the samples to us using a prepaid return label option
  • We will deconstruct the folders and divert the waste to the highest value recovery programme


At Quadrant we look at carpet a little differently. We develop products that not only offer exemplary quality, but that also provide specifiers with authentic real-world designs to elevate floor space.

Using only the highest quality materials and recycled ingredients wherever possible, UK-made carpet tiles from Quadrant Carpets provide interiors with floors driven through the latest innovation, capturing unique textures only possible through pioneering carpet tile technology. With a belief that a long life is the key to a more sustainable floor covering, modular and broadloom carpets from Quadrant offer the superior performance levels required by the most demanding of locations.

Quadrant Carpets’ quality-based approach to development has resulted in a unique product line of carpet tiles, broadloom carpets and woven resilient flooring that work individually or in a tandem to create solutions for nearly every commercial environment.

  • Long first life
  • Designs developed in the UK specifically for UK environments
  • UK-based production
  • Innovative manufacturing technology
  • Exceptional underfoot comfort and appearance retention
  • Recycled content where possible
  • Active take-back scheme to repurpose old carpet tiles
  • Outstanding diversity
  • Bespoke options available


Schools and universities represent the future and so it is important that interior spaces inspire pupils and young adults.

At Quadrant Carpets we believe everyone has a part to play and that ours is to deliver outstanding and inspiring floorcovering solutions. Products that are designed to inspire users and enhance the learning environment, that are budget-friendly and as sustainable as possible, are at the heart of what we do.

Many educational environments will benefit from Quadrant’s broad portfolio of innovative flooring that offers unique features for educational interiors, including: 

  • Design flexibility
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Exceptional underfoot comfort
  • Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic absorption
  • Cost effective maintenance 


Our carpet tiles are manufactured in the UK using premium quality raw materials in progressive constructions.

The blending of these fundamentals with our spirit of innovation results in unique high quality products.

At the heart of everything we do is our desire to create sustainable products, and our approach to product development strives to minimise our environmental impact by creating products designed to last longer.

Our products can deliver:

  • Enduring product design and colouration
  • Increased resistance to crushing and matting
  • Outstanding soil hiding capabilities
  • Enhanced stain resistance
  • Better texture retention

Our carpet tiles are a sustainable, British solution for any commercial project. The majority of our products are BREEAM “A” rated and all are supported by a comprehensive warranty package.

We are so confident about the quality of our products that, at the end of their first life, we’ll take them back and give them a second life or recycle them.


Fitnice is a beautiful woven resilient flooring available in sheet or tile format, and available in a wide variety of textures and colours.

One of the most stunning recent developments in high performance commercial flooring is now available through Quadrant Carpets in the UK. Fitnice is a beautiful woven resilient flooring available in sheet or tile format, and in a wide variety of textures and colours.

Fitnice is manufactured in Spain by Vertisol, global leaders in the production of woven vinyl fabrics for window blinds, wall coverings and flooring.

Fitnice has a very contemporary look and feel, but it also works hard. With its “Strong Yarn” technology and thermoset surface, which prevents dirt and dust penetrating the pile structure, Fitnice can withstand intensive use, and remains easy to maintain. Constructed on a special backing containing recycled vinyl, Fitnice is comfortable for sustained use and offers impressive acoustic insulation.

The introduction of the Fitnice range demonstrates Quadrant Carpets’ current drive to expand its capabilities from UK carpet tile manufacturer to single source solution provider, partnering some of Europe’s leading and most innovative flooring producers.


Correct installation of all commercial carpeting is vital to ensure the carpeting not only looks it’s best, but that it performs properly throughout it’s lifetime.

Our installation guidelines are for experienced installers. Adherence to these procedures should result in a quality installation.


Our carpets are designed to perform in almost every flooring environment, and to look better for longer at less cost, providing users with cost-effective, sustainable flooring solutions.

A consistent, proactive maintenance programme can significantly improve appearance retention throughout the life of the carpet and defer the need for premature replacement. Planned maintenance not only maximises your return on investment but also represents sound environmental stewardship as lifecycle analysis shows that the overall environmental footprint of carpet is reduced by increasing the amount of time a carpet remains on the floor. Our guidelines are designed to provide you with the basic information needed to create an effective maintenance programme, however for detailed advice and implementation please consult a professional carpet maintenance company.

Preventative Maintenance

Keep outside areas clean: Outside maintenance helps minimise immediate sources of soil. The cleaner you keep the areas around the perimeter of your building, the less dirt that will be tracked inside.

Use soil barriers: Walk-off mats, grates and removable mats help collect soil before it can be tracked throughout the building. Be sure soil barriers are large enough to allow for at least 5 steps across. Vacuum daily, clean frequently and change often for best results.

Protect desk areas: Chair pads under desks prevent castors from crushing carpet and grinding in soil.
Specify eating & drinking areas: By restricting these activities to limited areas, you can help to confine certain difficult kinds of soil.

Manage your HVAC system: To remove any airborne particles before they are recirculated, regularly replace or clean filters on airhandling equipment. Airborne soil includes industrial wastes, auto emissions, tobacco smoke and pollen.

Manage Soiling & Stains

Vacuuming frequency: Heavy to moderate traffic areas such as entrances, receptions, lift lobbies, lift cars, busy corridors and walkways, funnel points, cafeterias, vending areas, should be vacuumed daily. Light traffic areas such as offices and conference rooms should be vacuumed at least two to three times per week.

Vacuuming Equipment type: Dual motor vacuums are very effective machines for thoroughly cleaning all areas of carpeting. This vacuum uses two motors to clean. One motor drives a beaterbrush bar that knocks dirt loose, while the second motor provides suction that pulls dirt into the vacuum bag. Vacuums must be capable of removing the dry soil without producing unacceptable pile distortion and without distribution of the particulate or volatile organic chemicals into the air. Consideration should be given to the use of vacuums equipped with High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters (HEPA). These filters are capable of filtering particles down to 0.3 microns, which includes bacteria and spores but not viruses. The HEPA filtered vacuums have a very healthy impact upon indoor air quality. Vacuum bags should be emptied frequently, and never allowed to become more than one quarter full. As bags fill up, vacuum efficiency   decreases. When vacuuming heavy traffic areas, bags should be checked and emptied often. Change filters and brushes before they become clogged or worn.

Promptly remove spills & stains: Although spills are inevitable, permanent stains do not have to be. Most stains can be avoided or removed by immediate, or at least same day, treatment. It is good practice to have spot and stain removal products and equipment on hand for immediate use.

Proactive, Programmed Cleaning

Interim cleaning: The goal of interim maintenance is to keep the carpet clean and maintain a consistent appearance level at the lowest possible cost, without sacrificing safety. The primary focus is frequent low-moisture pile revival and the removal of oily and sticky residues that would otherwise hold soil in the carpet and lead to overcleaning. The two most effective methods of interim cleaning are Encapsulation and Dry Compound Cleaning.

Periodic deep cleaning: Where an effective and consistent interim cleaning programme has been adopted, periodic deep cleaning should only be performed on an annual basis, or less often in light traffic areas, except in special cases such as poor scheduling of interim maintenance, flooding or otherwise extraordinary conditions. The most effective form of deep cleaning is Hot Water Extraction.

Maintain the fluorocarbon protector: Most Quadrant carpets have fluorocarbon applied to the pile fibres during the manufacturing process. This application protects the fibres from staining and allows soiling to be more easily removed. The fluorocarbon protection must be maintained, and should be tested following each extraction to determine if reapplication is necessary.

Cleaning frequency: Heavy traffic areas should be interim cleaned on a monthly or quarterly basis. Encapsulation cleaning is intuitive and anyone can achieve errorfree results without special skills or training, with no more time or effort than operating a vacuum, which makes it very cost effective. In moderate traffic areas interim cleaning may be carried our twice yearly, and less frequently in light traffic areas. Hot Water Extraction should be carried out annually in high traffic areas and less frequently in moderate traffic areas. Light traffic areas may never need Hot Water Extracting. We recommend that you contact your maintenance provider to assist in the identification of traffic areas and planning of cleaning and maintenance routines.