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ROLS Wool Carpet

The Flooring Group is glad to collaborate with ROLS – they supply a great number of high-quality carpet solutions to residential and business premises and combine professional services with environmentally-friendly production policy.

ROLS has one of the largest productions plants on the carpet market that is equipped with modern high-tech machinery. The company is at the leading edge of both national and international carpet markets. ROLS has the highest level of diversification in carpet production in Europe and combines new technology and traditional techniques. The high-quality carpet manufacturer designs the widest range of products including plain carpet collections as well as specially-designed and customised carpets that are mainly made of 100% pure wool and 80/20% wool and polyamide. ROLS is successful because the company invests in creativity and has its own design team – all of ROLS designs are specially adapted to meet the customer`s demand.