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Stairrods UK – Luxury Carpet Accessories


The Flooring Group and Stairrods UK have been collaborating for many years now. This fruitful relationship is based on the fact that Stairrods UK manufactures only high-quality carpet accessories and maintain extremely client focused policy. When it comes to decorations, the company provides expert advise custom made products and excellent final service. No matter of the design of the runner or staircase carpet – with Stairrods UK the perfect rods will be found and produced, tailored to the taste of each customer. And not only will the rods correspond with the design, but will enhance it and keep the carpets fitted. Stairrods UK supplies its products worldwide and have designed products to match international demand. Prioritising on quality and tight in-house design, the management keeps strict control over production. The collections of Stairrods UK have an item for every taste or that final thing to tight every detail together. Moreover, this UK manufacturer has been keeping this high standard for over 30 years.