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The Flooring Group retails Tarkett Flooring to our customers. Below, Tarkett Flooring describe their brand and products in further detail;


Every year Tarkett adds new designs to its ranges so that the collections offer something for everyone and are right on trend. We go behind the scenes with Tarkett’s design team to find out how they’re selected and produced.
Behind the scenes
Next time you’re choosing a floor, spare a thought for all the people who made it possible. Behind the scenes there are teams of people working to ensure that you get the best new ideas and techniques to create your dream look.  According to Valerie Pavard a designer at Tarkett’s Western Europe Design Centre, “Floors are a wonderful canvas for design.  They offer different materials – wood, laminate, vinyl – each with their own properties and potential. As designers we have to find solutions that combine the looks that people want with the right technical performance. And with new trends and techniques developing all the time our work is constantly changing.”

Tarkett’s designers come from diverse backgrounds ranging from textile to product design, but they share a common belief that your floor can be the most important design feature in your home.

Trend setting

Each new collection represents a full 12 months of work. But before you get to see the new ranges, the design team are out and about identifying what’s hot and what’s not, and keeping a finger on the pulse of changing consumer tastes. Sandrine Bellavoine heads up Tarkett’s Trend Competence and Forecasts Centre which makes sure that the designers have the best possible information and inspiration for their work.  “Fashions change so quickly we have to be alert for the next big thing. By traveling to trade fairs around the world and maintaining contacts with architects and designers we know that our products will reflect current trends.”

A design for every style

One of the challenges for the designers is the sheer number of choices presented by different materials – whether vinyl, laminate or wood.  “For example,” says Valerie Pavard “with our vinyl floors there’s simply no limit to the designs you can use.  Nature, abstract – whatever you like – you can reproduce it on vinyl. And the same is true with laminate. These modern products are so versatile they’re a pleasure to work with.”

New looks for a more traditional product

Wood has an image as a very traditional product, but new techniques are providing an enormous range of new possibilities that capitalize on its natural qualities while emphasizing or changing its appearance.
Applying different coloured lacquers, and even two lacquers, for example, will let different colours appear depending on the light. “In Salsa Ash White Pearl, we’ve taken inspiration from the jewellery and the car industry!” says Sandra Bengtsson – Design & Range manager for Wood products. “The result will remind people of the pearly look of sea shells – a completely new concept for a wooden floor.”

Design & Product innovations

Developing new products and improving existing ranges is very much a collaboration between the designers, product managers and the R&D department.. Together they use the feedback from external sources, including architects and designers, as inspiration for new developments. This year that can be seen in the launch of products such as  ‘Aquastyle’.  Aquastyle is our first laminate flooring suitable for kitchens and bathrooms – a development made possible by MRTech, a special treatment that stops water infiltrating the joints. As well as being very practical, it’s also available in a range of wood and stone designs that are right on trend.

Also new this year is Floor in a Box, which was a favourite project with the design team. “Trying to create something completely new is very exciting” says Hubert Dugast – Head of  Vinyl Residential product design “and Floor in a Box is a real innovation.  It’s a complete 2 square meter floor in the form of an adhesive roll, small enough to fit into a small box.  It’s so quick to do.  You simply take it home, roll it out and smooth down – and you have a new floor.

What’s cooking?

What better way to show the potential and virtues of vinyl than through an everyday activity that appeals to all the senses?  “ Cooking by Tarkett” is an exhibition designed to highlight vinyl’s extraordinary range and potential in the form of food. Chocolate, fruit sweets, biscuits – all the colours and shapes of the kitchen are here.  It’s an opportunity, in the words of Beatrice Mange, Tarkett’s Vice President for Design, “you can explore new sensations and take a new approach based on all the things that happen when we cook – play, pleasure, touch, imagination, contemplation…”

What’s coming in 2010 – 2011

So what has the design team produced for the 2010 – 2011 season? “There’s one theme that runs most clearly through all the trends for the coming year” says Sandrine Bellavoine “and that’s environmental values.  It doesn’t matter whether the general style is natural, technological, simple or elaborate, everyone is doing their bit for the environment in different ways.”

As for the year after that, the design team is already hard at work on their next collection.


Tough, practical and hygienic, modern vinyl also offers an extraordinary choice of designs: from brilliant colours, abstracts and black and white, to perfect reproductions of natural materials such as wood and stone. It feels good too offering cushioned underfoot comfort as well as a variety of finishes to provide touch sensation that match the looks. Hardwearing, waterproof and easy to clean, vinyl is the modern option for modern lifestyles.


Ultimate barefoot comfort for living and sleeping spaces designed to create a cosy ambience at home in a range of traditional wood, ceramic and stone decors.


A welcoming collection of wood and stone effects wide collection of design suitable for the home.

Modern Living

The ultimate design range where inspiration has no limits. Over 1OO ideas to express the unique characters and lifestyles. Bright bathroom concepts, crafted vintage and coloured woods, moody metallics, crazy effects and the harmonious world of white.


A range of natural wood and stone designs with added textile-backing that gives outstanding acoustic and walking comfort. This cushioning underlayer also makes it ideal for simplifying home.


A great combination of colours and designs for the modern or traditional home with all the practiicality of a cushioned floor.

Luxury Stone and Tile

Our essential range of modern stone and ceramic tiles that combines outstanding comfort and resistance with easy care for your well-being.

Luxury Wood

Our essential range of natural wood, modern stone and ceramic tiles that combines outstanding comfort and resistance with easy care for your well-being at home.


Our wood floors celebrate the charm and warmth of style and heritage with a range that mixes traditional with contemporary. Using only wood from sustainable and renewable sources, we add the best modern techniques to the beauty of nature. They are easy to install and designed for stability, strength and long-lasting resistance to stains and scratches. And after years of use, these environmentally friendly floors can be removed and reused or recycled.


Accessories give a floor the perfect finish – personalising and protecting, and providing safety and signage. Tarkett’s accessories range provides solutions for use with all our heterogeneous and homogeneous vinyl and linoleum floorings. With a wide range of colours they ensure that you have the right product, for the right place and at the right price. Assistance with installation and customization is available on request.


Tarkett is a leader in environmentally responsible manufacturing and sustainable product development. Our approach is all about giving customers simple and clear information so they can make the right choice of flooring, balancing their project and budget requirements beside the need for sustainable solutions.

Sustainability is something we put in practice everyday in the way we design and make our products. We have focused on four key areas where customers can make a balanced choice:

Choose to use better materials – natural and renewable where possible
Tarkett gives you detailed information about our flooring and its content to help you select more environmentally-friendly products.
To enable you to make your balanced choice, every Tarkett product now has a tag showing the percentage of:

  • raw materials that is natural and renewable
  • how much recycled material it contains
  • if the product can be recycled
  • level of VOC emissions (TVOC in ?g/m3 after 28 days)

Select flooring produced with fewer resources
Every Tarkett product is manufactured to the highest environmental standards in facilities certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, with regular independent audits to assess environmental risks. We closely monitor key indicators of our consumption of water and energy, our recycling levels and the waste we generate to ensure we continuously improve in our use of resources.

Ensure safer, healthier products that contribute to well-being in people-friendly spaces 
When you choose a Tarkett product, you share our aim to enhance quality of life, particularly by improving air quality inside buildings and homes. Tarkett’s products:

  • contribute to the best indoor air quality in the flooring marketplace, through VOC emissions ten times lower than current European standards
  • reduce the use of chemical cleaning agents and water and energy consumption, through unique surface treatments

Reuse and recycle materials  
Your balanced choice also contributes to the continued reuse and recycling by Tarkett. Since 1966 Tarkett has collected post-installation waste in different countries to recycle into new floor coverings, as well as recycle flooring at the end of its life into products ranging from road signs to piping. Tarkett recycles over 77,000 tonnes per year.

Tarkett’s Balanced Choice tag
Tarkett’s Balanced Choice tag provides simple and transparent information for our customers about the content of our products and how they contribute to sustainable development. This tag is a significant innovation in the flooring industry and will be marked on all Tarkett product information.

For each product, the tag uses percentages to show:

  • portion of raw materials that is natural and renewable
  • how much recycled material it contains (mainly from waste during production and installation)
  • if the product can be recycled
  • level of VOC emissions (TVOC in ?g/m3 after 28 days)

Better indoor air quality Tarkett’s commitments to VOC* emissions
Currently, all floorings that Tarkett manufactures have VOC emissions of less than 100 ?g/m3 (TVOC after 28 days) contributing to better interior air quality. This makes Tarkett an industry reference for VOC reduction with floorings that have ten times less VOC emissions than current European standards. 

Tarkett’s ambition will go further in terms of VOC reduction, in order to ensure better air quality in buildings and homes. In addition, Tarkett has introduced Tarkospray, a unique water-based glue that improves conditions for installers for laying floors, while also considerably reducing emissions during installation. Tarkett is developing further eco-design innovations to bring its customers the best indoor air quality.

*VOC: Volatile Organic Compound.


With over 120 years of experience and a presence in 100 countries, Tarkett is a worldwide leader in creating flooring solutions for the home and professionals.

A worldwide leader

Founded in 1886, Tarkett is a worldwide leader in the flooring industry. We manufacture and sell wood, laminate and vinyl floors for the home in over 100 countries worldwide, as well as providing a broad range of products for professional use. Many of our integrated flooring solutions are part of numerous prestigious architectural references.

Creating the ultimate flooring experience

Our floors make a very real contribution to improving quality of life for everyone who lives, works or enjoys leisure activities wherever they are installed.

They inspire, motivate and provide comfort, wellbeing, security and confidence with a combination of practical, sensorial and ecological benefits – from easy installation and hardwearing surfaces, to diverse colours and designs, to safety and sustainability.


All our floors are easy to install and have unique surface treatments that make them easy to clean and look after and ensuring that they last longer in good condition.


Our floors put quality of life first, with a wide range of colours and designs, excellent acoustics and underfoot comfort.  They are an ideal way to add a personal touch to your interior spaces.


We are always improving our environmental performance. We recycle and reuse as much material as possible and design floors that are safe and contribute to better indoor air quality. 

And due to our unique  surface treatments, our floors need less water and chemicals for cleaning and thus help to preserve resources.


  • around 8600 employees
  • 28 production sites
  • 50 Sales and marketing companies
  • Sales in over 100 countries
  • Over 1 million m2 of flooring sold everyday
  • Learn more on Tarkett’s Corporate Website

All the news

Welcome to the Press Room.

Discover all the Tarkett news starting with the most recent.


Trends are the phenomenon that influences our lives. Our home life has become our center. We spend more and more time at home and it’s become essential to feel well inside our space.

Better indoor air quality – Tarkett’s commitments to VOC* emissions

Currently, all floorings that Tarkett manufactures have VOC emissions of less than 100 ?g/m3 (TVOC after 28 days) contributing to better interior air quality.

Think slip-resistant laminate – A world-premiere!

Every floor can become a potentially dangerous walking surface. With Select 933 and Select SRS 1133, Tarkett designed a unique consistent slip resistant solution to provide safe walking and working…

Epoque – Aged concept

The all new aged concept from Tarkett is an exclusive addition to the high-end range of Epoque 1-strip planks. 4 different styles, colours and surfaces create a modern and trendy version of classical…


The Starfloor Collection is a well-balanced range of 26 planks (Classique, Trend and Vintage) & 6 tiles (Ceramic). The Starfloor collection is inspired by today’s major design trends!

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building Information Modelling known as BIM enables flooring designers and architects to download three dimensional components directly into their drawings.

BIM design can help to support decision making, speed up construction time and create a record of assets that can be stored for future reference and used to identify life cycle costs after construction.

Our components can help you identify and resolve problems early in the design phase especially when decisions can have the greatest impact on cost, schedule, and sustainability.

Tarkett’s commitment to sustainability the whole process more environmentally friendly from planning and design through construction and into operations.

SYR – Ultimate Scrubclean

For the ultimate cleaning and maintenance of our vinyl floors Tarkett recommend…

The new SCRUBCLEAN™ system from SYR. 

This unique product ensures that the mop and the water stays clean and so will the floor.

  • Flat mopping with battery powered mop-head laundering
  • Wringer clips on/off bucket
  • Pick up and go handle on wringer
  • Ergonomic height with “No Strain” leverage
  • Deep sump under heavy duty grid
  • Portion control
  • Vase shaped bucket
  • Water volume reduced
  • colour coded
  • 13 litres

CPDs from Tarkett

As a member of the RIBA CPD Providers network, Tarkett is continually working towards supporting specifiers in the improvement of their knowledge and understanding of issues relating to the flooring industry.

We currently offer 8 CPD seminar presentations, developed to address specific issues within this industry, which can be presented at your premises at a date and time to suit you.

Floorcraft Design Service

The Floorcraft Design Service helps designers, architects, planners and building owners make the most of this creative opportunity.

This service offers almost unlimited scope for stunning effects and eye-catching concepts. Designs that can harness your imagination and make it happen – precisely.

As well as customising your environment, the Floorcraft design service has a comprehensive range of standard elements that can be incorporated into our flexible floorcoverings with a fantastic range of colours and effects.

Flooring to give you an identity – A logo and image is an important element of an organisation’s identity. Floorcraft can incorporate this into the overall floor concept to create a welcoming and recognisable atmosphere.  Sonic cutting can be used to create intricate designs that will fit together precisely

We have an extensive collection of features already designed, just waiting for you to add your own personal touch, whatever its shape or size, whether single room or entire building, think of the flooring environment as a blank canvas. It’s an opportunity to create something very special.

Healthcare – A Solutions Guide

Tarkett believe it’s possible to improve the hospital experience to make it more pleasant.

For us, flooring is not just a material on the floor; it’s part of good interior design and can affect people in many ways contributing to patient recovery and medical staff efficiency.

The widest solutions portfolio for healthcare buildings is complemented by our range of services. We want to be part of this challenge and support you throughout your project from specifications, to installation and maintenance.  

Tarkett has more than 130 years of experience in commercial flooring. We are the pioneers of the flooring industry, and through the years we have continued to develop innovative and high quality products with the objective to better answer user’s needs.

Solutions Guide
This guide will enable us to demonstrate our full healthcare expertise by promoting our multi-material offer based on our Ultimate Flooring Experience’s.
The Solution Guide consists of 4 main sections:

Healthcare Buildings Considerations – This section explains how floor solutions contribute to the main healthcare building consideration such as eco-building, cost-effectiveness, ergonomic, hygiene etc.

Recommendations – A quick overview of the product requirements and our recommendations by application area.

The Hospital – (Areas include:  Traffic and Common areas, Medical and Clinical areas, Hospitality, Administration and logistic areas). A detailed product requirement and Tarkett recommendations by application area supporting by fact based proofs.

Technical data – Includes technical results, as well as installation & cleaning information.

PVC in Sport

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a major plastics material which finds widespread use in building, transport, packaging, electrical/electronic and healthcare applications.

PVC has been in commercial production since 1933. It now accounts for about 20% of all plastic manufactured world-wide, second only to polyethlene. The UK produces approx. 500,000 tonnes of PVC per annum.

PVC is a very durable and long lasting construction material, which can be used in a variety of applications in the modern world including in construction, healthcare and automotive.

Indeed, we would struggle to live day-to-day without plastics, and more specifically, without PVC.
The same is true in sport where PVC can fulfill a number of roles in sporting stadia, equipment and accessories.

PVC in Sport
In celebration of the role that PVC can play at sporting events, the Vinyls Group have produced a brochure highlighting the use of PVC products.

For sporting events in London 2012, PVC fabric will be highly visible at a number of venues.

PVC products are also being used extensively for performance sports surfaces, protective barriers, and matting. In addition, behind the scenes, PVC products are playing a critical role in the vital wiring and piping infrastructure.

In total over one hundred and forty two thousand square metres of PVC fabric are being used to create new London sports venues.

ReUse Recycling

ReUse from Tarkett, Benefiting from waste material

Be part of our ReUse Programme in the UK, indeed throughout Europe, the concept of recycling is now intrinsic to our way of life and Tarkett’s commitment to continually improve processes and reduce negative impact on nature has never been stronger. 

ReUse is our terminology for recycling, where post installation vinyl waste is reformulated and then manufactured back into new flooring.  ReUse means just that, without any ambiguity regarding what actually happens to recyclates.

This service from Tarkett complies with Site Waste Management legislation.

Tarkett ReUse Waste Collection Scheme

No need to organise disposal of Tarkett flooring off-cuts.

Simply join the Tarkett ReUse programme

• Telephone Tarkett Customer Service and request special ReUse collection bags. T: 01622 854040
• Collect post installation off-cuts or roll-ends of all Tarkett ranges, ensuring that it is as clean as possible.
• When ReUse bags are full – call the Tarkett Customer Service for collection from site back to Lenham.
• New ReUse bags are delivered on collection of waste.
• Waste is taken to Tarkett factories for recycling in vehicles that would otherwise be returning empty.
• A certificate confirming the volume of waste collected and recycled can be issued to partners.
• Reusable waste includes: Homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl, luxury vinyl tiles, PVC sports floors, welding rods and end of rolls.
• This service is designed for onsite collection at large/medium contracts, or direct from a collection point at the contractor’s premises.

Tarkett ReUse is at the forefront of the flooring industry because we have the total commitment of our workforce, efficient logistics, advanced technology, rewarding

partnerships and the encouragement of knowing that our impact on the environment is ever decreasing.

Aim high with us – join the Tarkett ReUse programme and make a tangible, down to earth difference.

Balanced Choice

Our approach to sustainabity is called Balanced Choice. It’s a practice that begins with the conviction that everything is interconnected and that every person, project and environment is different, requiring different choices. We’ve been a leader in environmentalmanufacturing and the development of sustainable products for decades by doing four things: using bettermaterials, consuming less resources, creating people – friendly spaces and with ReUse and the recycling of floorcoverings.

Supporting people’s daily lives

Flooring solutions from Tarkett are found in numerous buildings all over the world. Their greatest task is to support every individual in their daily activities, offering a balance between aspects such as comfort, safety and aesthetic pleasure.

This interactive book presents a selection of all Tarkett flooring installations, just to give you some samples of our expertise in selected segments and how we develop flooring solutions tailored to actual project requirements and needs.

Documentation Center

This page gathers all of Tarkett’s downloadable documents.You can download directly a document by clicking on its document icon.

As of July 1, 2013, a new regulation in the European Union will be put in place for construction products which we, as a manufacturer of flooring and wallcovering solutions, will implement accordingly. This new regulation, the Construction Product Regulation (CPR), asks for a new CE-marking of our products, combined with a DoP (Declaration of Performance) that provides more detailed information on our products. This new DoP replaces the formerly existing Declaration of Conformity. Hereafter you will find the DoP documents available for our products.