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Telenzo Carpets

The Flooring Group has been selling Telenzo Carpets for a long time now. Telenzo Carpets are ideal for both residential and commercial flooring spaces. Below, Telenzo Carpets further detail their products to our customers;

Welcome to Edel Telenzo Carpets UK

Edel Telenzo have been selling carpets in the UK since the 1970s but the company’s roots go back to 1918 when the E de Langes (Edel) and Zoons started to produce rush matting in Genemuiden in Northern Holland. Edel Telenzo are known for its 100% wool and wool mix tufted carpets and also for its high quality man-made fibre carpets for domestic and contract use. Its striking and sophisticated designs are sold through more than 1,000 carpets shops around the UK and through a network of contractors and wholesalers. Edel Telenzo are certified to ISO 9001:2008.

Why Edel Telenzo carpets?
Edel Telenzo use only the best materials and yarns in our carpets to ensure top quality products. Most are Scotchgarded during the manufacturing process to provide inherent stain repellent qualities and many ranges are produced using high quality New Zealand wool.

About Us

Edel Telenzo has been selling carpets in the UK since the 1970s but the company’s roots go back to 1918 when the E de Langes (Edel) and Zoons started to produce rush matting in Genemuiden in Northern Holland.

After the Second World War, rush was replaced by the more hard wearing coir fibre. But by the late 1960s, the company realised that its future lay in finding a niche with the then new technology of tufting and making the most of the growing consumer enthusiasm for wall-to-wall carpeting.

Edel Telenzo Carpets today is part of the Edel International group of companies and is benefiting from the group’s continued investment in research, design, development and production technology and services, producing quality products that are especially made for a demanding market. Great attention is paid to factors such as ease of maintenance, durability, colour fastness and light resistance, anti-static and fire-proof properties.

All production takes place under one roof – allowing for a quick response to customer and market demands. The company manufacturers its own synthetic fibre in its own extrusion plant, producing solution dyed fibres that guarantee fast colours and easy stain removal. Dying, steaming washing, cleaning and drying; winding, and twisting are all carried out using highly automated processes and latest technology. All carpet backing – whether actionbac, gelbac or jute – is also carried out in house. The latest tufting machines are used to create the carpets themselves. The company’s background in weaving with natural fibre stood it in good stead when it came to developing special tufted wool qualities. It was one of the first companies to develop qualities with a multi-ply yarn system.

Why carpets?

Carpets are the ideal choice because:

  • They are warm and cosy underfoot
  • They are gentler on your feet and joints
  • They are environmentally friendly, offering good insulation, preserving warmth and lowering heating bills
  • They absorb sound and help to keep noise levels down
  • They are easy to clean and maintain
  • They help to trap allergens in their fibres rather than allowing them to be kicked into the air and breathed in

Why Edel Telenzo carpets?

  • They’re successfully styled with fashionable subtleties of natural tones and shades
  • They are exceedingly well made
  • Most are Scotchgarded during the manufacturing process to provide inherent stain repellent qualities
  • They use only the best backing materials and yarns
  • They are what they say they are – many ranges carry the prestigious Woolmark guarantee of quality
  • They are easy to maintain and very hardwearing

Carpet Care

We felt you might welcome advice on care and maintenance that will help to maintain the appearance of your Edel Telenzo carpet and ensure satisfaction for many years to come.


A quality installation is critical to ensure optimum performance of your carpet. We advice the hiring of a professional installer who has the right qualifications and experience with carpet installations. Please find here some general guidance for the professional installer.

Cleaning & Maintenance

A simple maintenance programme including regular, interim and periodic cleaning will keep your carpet looking as good as the day it was installed!

Regular Maintenence

The simplest and most frequent maintenance involves vacuuming and spot removal, as well as preventative measures.


Regular and thorough vacuuming once a week (more often in heavy traffic areas) is an economical and effective way to remove soil and dirt particles before they become embedded into the pile of the carpet. For best results, empty your vacuum bag when half full.

An upright vacuum with a beater bar/brush is best for cut pile and loop pile carpets and is strongly recommended by Edel Telenzo.

Spot & Stain Removal

With spot and stain removal, speed is of the essence.

  • Blot up liquids with paper towel or absorbent cloth. Scoop up solids with the end of a knife or spoon.
  • Use a light, colourfast cotton cloth for the treatment of spots.
  • Always work from the outer edge toward the centre to prevent spreading. Use only small quantities of spot removal agent. It’s a good idea to replace the cotton cloth as soon as it is soiled. (Do not rub excessively since that can cause permanent damage to the pile fibre).
  • After cleaning, carefully rinse the area with clean water and a sponge after having cleaned it. Do not soak.
  • Afterwards, blot as dry as possible with a clean towel.
  • Always brush cut pile carpets in the direction of the pile.
  • Do not use household cleaners such as soft soap, neutral soap, ammonia solution, turpentine or benzene. Only use removal agents which are only recommended for textiles.
  • A few layers of white absorbent tissue placed on the treated area and then subject to weight (e.g. a heavy book) will help absorb the remainder of the stain and accelerate the drying.

Preventative Measures

  • It is suggested that a non visible test area is done to ensure the cleaning agent does not harm the colour of the carpet.
  • Place absorbent mats at entrances to your home, change or wash when they become dirty.
  • Regularly change filters in your heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Periodically clean traffic lanes and areas in front of frequently used chairs with a suitable cleaning agent, such as WoolClean Clean & Fresh.
  • Do not apply stain repellent treatment that contains any silicone, because they tend to accelerate carpet soiling. Note: We do not accept responsibility for complaints where such treatments have been used.
  • With castor chairs the use of keyhole mats at desks is strongly recommended.

Periodic Maintenance

Thorough cleaning is required periodically to remove the deepest soiling. There are many cleaning methods you can use to ensure the lasting beauty and life of both your wool and synthetic pile carpets.a wool carpet or rug.

We recommend you employ the services of a professional cleaner and frequency will depend upon traffic density on the carpet in question as well as its proximity to soiling carried in from outside.

Entry mats reduce the need for professional cleaning – don’t forget to clean entry mats.

Machine recommended – hot water extraction models.

Scotchgard Treatment

Many Edel Telenzo carpets are treated with Scotchgard which is sprayed on during the backing process.

Scotchgard reduces susceptibility to staining and makes removal of stains and soiling easier. It renders the carpet stain resistant but not stain proof.

Do not overlay Scotchgard with any other type of soil repellent treatment. We do not accept responsibility for complaints where such second treatments have been applied.

Dealing with common carpet stains

A copy of our guide to dealing with common carpet stains is available for you to download here in PDF format.

Guide to Contract Carpet Care

Our comprehensive professional guide to care of contract carpets, packed with detailed advice on how to care and clean carpets in heavy usage commercial applications.


Summer holidays have come and gone and we are up for the busiest time of the year. And to start, we kick-off at Harrogate! We would love to welcome you on our brand new stand, featuring, amongst other things, the latest developments Diversity and Liberty. Also on display will be our POS-materials including the new displays, the first of which are currently being sent out into the market. So, we have a lot to show you and are looking forward to seeing you! And whilst you’re there, come and say hello to our new National Sales Manager, Mark Rooney. He will be happy to see you, as will we all!

The Flooring Show in Harrogate will take place from 20-22 September 2015 in the Harrogate International Centre. You will find Edel Telenzo on stand C37.


Edel Telenzo are proud to present Liberty. Liberty is the latest addition to the wool loop pile collection and in fact, a very exciting one!

Liberty is a striped loop pile with a unique construction, giving it a woven look. The three available colour ways are different and exciting. Using only the best 100% 3-ply wool, this quality product will make any family home staircase or hotel hallway a joy to look at. If you’re looking for that stunning combination: Diversity is a two-tone loop pile in the same construction and coordinating colours; perfect to combine with Liberty!

Liberty will be available at retailers from September 2015.

Visit us at BGNFS!

On May 12 and 13 Edel Telenzo are present at the Buying Groups’ National Flooring Show in Solihull.

Come and visit us to see our new ranges and point of sale developments.

“We are very focussed on strengthening our position amongst the independent retailers and are aware that we need to work tirelessly to achieve this,” says Phil Hartley, Managing Director at Edel Telenzo. “We are looking forward to showing everyone our new wool range Diversity and the two new lecterns which will be on display for the first time.”


We are proud to announce that we received very positive feedback from our customers in the customer satisfaction survey, held earlier this year. Our customers proved to be very satisfied, with an average satisfaction of 7,9. The satisfaction amongst our UK customers is even higher, with an average of 8,3.
The customer satisfaction survey was conducted as part of the Edel Group quality policy – stating our goals for the coming years – and the ISO 9001 certification. One important aspect in both these items is high customer satisfaction.
Satisfaction consists of several elements and especially our service and quality were valued highly. Our focus now is put even further on the quality of our products to ensure we maintain our high standards.
We would like to thank customers for participating in the survey and the feedback they have provided. It will help us in putting more focus on the important areas as defined by our customers.

ISO 9001 certified

Edel Telenzo are pleased to inform you that as of today, Edel Group’s quality management system is certified to ISO 9001. The certification includes Edel Group and the companies trading under the names Edel Tapijt BV, Edel Backing BV, Yarnco BV and Edel Telenzo Carpets Ltd.
ISO quality management systems show that Edel Group and Edel Telenzo Carpets Ltd control its processes, evaluate and also optimize on a continuous basis. Adding to that, customer satisfaction is a high priority. From our quality manifest we give high priority to customer satisfaction via our quality management system as well as through a customer satisfaction survey.
Having officially received the ISO 9001-certification you may assume Edel Group and Edel Telenzo Carpets Ltd. to fulfil all criteria of the standard, as tested by the accredited certification body Bureau Veritas.

Visit us at DOMOTEX 2015!

Visit Edel Telenzo carpets at DOMOTEX 2015. DOMOTEX 2015 is held in Hanover (Germany) from Saturday 17 – Tuesday 20 January. You will find us in Hall 5, C16, as part of the Edel Group stand.

For the second year in a row, Edel Group has been selected by the jury of Innovations@DOMOTEX. This year, Edel Group introduces Majestic, the 100% sustainable carpet. Majestic is produced using yarn, primary and secondary backing produced from recycled post-consumer PET bottles. Majestic at Innovations@DOMOTEX can be found in Hall 6.

Further introductions include Diversity, a 100% 3-ply wool looppile in a unique construction and Cocoon, a polyamide 6.6 looppile with a soft cotton look and feel.

For more information about DOMOTEX, please visit We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Telenzo in DIY SOS

On October 21, the episode of DIY SOS The Big Build – Basildon was aired. In this episode Nick and the DIY boys, aided by designer Naomi Cleaver and many Essex trades designed a wonderul home for nine-year-old Brandon who suffers from an extreme form of epilepsy. Perhaps you noticed the beautiful carpets that were being fitted? If not or if you missed the episode, you can still watch it via the BBC website.

PS. In case you were wondering, the carpets fitted were Mainline 122 St Paul’s and Paddington 136 Gravel.


The Flooring Show 2014 takes place from 21-23 September in the Harrogate International Centre.

Edel Telenzo will be present, showing the latest additions to our wool collection as well as presenting some unique polyamides. You will find Edel Telenzo at stand C37. We look forward to your visit!

NEW: UK stockholding

Edel Telenzo are pleased to confirm an agreement with Alliance (Kidderminster) to provide all aspects of stocking, cutting and logistics, for all ranges, effective September 1st.

Moving stock from the head office in the Netherlands to the UK is an important, strategic step, underlining the market’s importance to the company and allowing the company to be as competitive as anyone in the UK market place with regards to delivery.

From September, Edel Telenzo will be able to deliver 2 days a week to all main conurbations; delivery to outlying regions will take between 3-5 days. Phil Hartley, CEO Edel Telenzo UK: “This is a very significant and positive strategic step for the company. It will allow us to be amongst the most competitive in terms of delivery in the UK, further enhancing the high service level that we already provide.”

Introducing: Bloomsbury & Harrow

This month we are launching two beautiful new wool products: Bloomsbury and Harrow. 

The array of garden squares in Bloomsbury formed the inspiration for a beautiful textured loop in 100% 3-ply New Zealand wool, showing a subtle checkered pattern. Bloomsbury is one of Telenzo’s most luxuriously thick carpets. The colour palette consists of six elegant and contemporary neutrals. A tip sheared coordinate, Harrow, is also available. Tip shearing the highest of the loops has resulted in a subtle stripe and gives Harrow a velvet look and feel. Harrow is available in the same colour palette, allowing for beautiful combinations. 

Successful BGFNS

At the time of writing we are all just returning from a busy Buying Group Show at Cranmore Park Solihull. Telenzo look back at the successful launch of several new products, both wool and polyamide, and were honoured with a second place for best stand at the show.
Phil Hartley, CEO Telenzo UK, says “We were happy to be able to present our customers the new ranges at the BGS and the feedback was overwhelming!” The latest addition to the Tube Collection – Circle Line, Docklands and new colours in the Centre Point – proved to be a real winner. The colours Sky, Willow and Mustard were extremely well received. Bloomsbury and the tip sheared coordinate Harrow are also new in the Telenzo portfolio. These elegant 3-ply 100% New Zealand wool products are available in six contemporary earthy shades, providing any interior with a sophisticated look.
Being part of the Edel Group, Telenzo have access to a large collection of luxurious polyamides which are now also being introduced into the UK market. The world’s softest carpet Pamina, the shiny and lustrous Amore and Wild Romance and Casablanca – with a subtle stripe – were on display at the show and drew a lot of attention. It showed the growing interest in high quality polyamides in the UK flooring market. “We have had a very busy two days. The show is important to us; it provides us a good opportunity to meet our customers and showcase our latest developments. We were happy to be there and are already looking forward to next year!”

Welcoming Terry Cragg to the team!

In January 2014, we welcomed Terry Cragg onto the team.

Terry will be our Sales Manager, with his key areas of responsibility being customer development, sales team support and product and point of sale development. Up until last year, Terry has been in retail with his own business for more than 30 years. He is well known and respected, with extremely relevant experience and knowledge of the sector. Phil Hartley says: “We have appointed Terry to help us further understand our customers and to make us even more ‘tuned in’ to improving our service and offer to them, in every regard.” We are very pleased to be welcoming Terry to the team and wish him all the best!

Edel Telenzo introduces a 100% SBR-free carpet backing

At DOMOTEX 2014, Dutch carpet manufacturer Edel Group introduces Ceneva®, the world’s first carpet backing containing no styrene-butadiene. Instead, Ceneva® uses a compound based completely on vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE). VAE provides a number of advantages to the carpet and is the solution for those who are environmentally conscious.
Traditional compounds used for backing carpets contain a latex from styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR). SBR has for decades been unrivaled however, in recent years, some health issues surrounding the use of SBR have arisen. Therefore, Edel Group developed Ceneva®, a backing based on vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE). Backing products with Ceneva® has two advantages: it is 100% SBR-free and it also improves several aspects of the final product. Edel Group is the world’s first tufted-carpet manufacturer to completely switch to the use of VAE for its carpet backing.

The advantages of using VAE include an odourless carpet and lower emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as tested by the German Testing & Flooring Institute GmbH (TFI). The reduced flammability, another feature of the VAE dispersion, makes Ceneva® backing ideal in commercial locations such as hotels and offices where fire safety is a high priority. Ceneva® backing is also more consistent and flexible than traditional backings and has excellent tuft bind and lamination qualities.

From 2014, Ceneva® backing will be the standard for all Edel Group and Edel Telenzo carpets.

Edel Telenzo appoints new agent for Ireland

Dutch carpet specialist Edel Telenzo has appointed a new agent, Larry White, to cover the bulk of the Republic of Ireland on its behalf.  Larry will be looking after the provinces of Munster and Connacht, while Gary O’Boyle will continue to be responsible for Ulster and Munster. “Larry – who has a wealth of carpet sales experience under his belt – is a welcome addition to the team” says Edel Telenzo UK chief executive Phil Hartley. “It’s a large area for one person to cover, so we are sure Larry will strengthen our performance in Ireland considerably.” Adds Larry: ”With over 35 years’ experience of working in the flooring industry in Ireland I am delighted to have joined the team at Edel Telenzo and I look forward to developing the brand here.”


“We were really pleased with our stand at Cranmore Park,” said Edel Telenzo’s new chief executive Phil Hartley. “There was a real buzz about the place. We thought our new Hammersmith bold multi-stripe (looking simultaneously bold and subtle in shades of greys and browns, in the Westbourne Park colourway) looked really fabulous on the floor and, judging by the reaction, so did retailers!”

Similar colourways added to the ever popular other striped collections, Piccadilly, Bakerloo and Mainline look set to receive an equally favourable reception as do other recent additions to the range  – the nicely textured plain, Mayfair in 100% wool; plus Pamina, a  superb addition to the company’s ‘Soft Touch’  thick and silky qualities in top quality, hardwearing 100% 6.6 Polyamide yarn which is extra long and extra thick and comes in 13 stunning colour-ways – including some right on trend fashion shades, such as Dolphin, Moss and Mustard.

“Shows are always a good time to get some initial reaction to new developments in the pipeline,” adds Phil. “And we’ve got some crackers, in both wool and synthetic qualities, which really are different and innovative – we can’t wait!”

Find us in Solihull on 15 May

Edel Telenzo UK is a founding exhibitor at the Buying Groups National Flooring Show in Solihull and is looking forward to returning on 15 May with an exciting, fresh new presentation for its carpet collections.
On display will be the new ranges, the Mayfair textured loop pile in 100% New Zealand wool and the exciting new bold stripe, Hammersmith, mostly in soft, muted shades of greys and beiges – but with one option which is a blast of stronger maroons and plums!  There are great new, muted colourways in our other popular striped collections, Bakerloo, Piccadilly and Mainline as well. And a new contract stripe in our Edelon Protect polypropylene fibre – Lima Stripe, in a comprehensive colour bank.
Visitors will also be able to say hello to the company’s new chief executive, Phil Hartley, who will be no stranger to most, having been in the industry for 25 years.

N.B. Sorry – this is a trade only event!

New chief executive for Edel Telenzo UK

Industry stalwart Phil Hartley has started work this month (April) in his new role as chief executive at Edel Telenzo UK.

Phil has been in the carpet business since 1987 – for the past five years with Whitestone Weavers. Says Phil: “I have had most enjoyable and successful few years at Whitestone and it was a difficult decision to move on, but the opportunity arose and it felt the right new challenge at the right moment. I’ve long been an admirer of Edel Telenzo and appreciated the style of the business and the brand’s reputation. I’m looking forward to both protecting and building on that.”

Lesley Inman, Edel Telenzo UK’s operations manager says: “I’m delighted that Phil is joining the UK team. He is very knowledgeable about our trade and well respected so I am certain he will be a welcome addition to the team.”

Domotex shows the way

“Domotex is always a good show for us. We see a lot of our UK customers” says Edel Telenzo Carpets UK operations manager, Lesley Inman. “It’s such an important showcase for the flooring industry – anyone serious about keeping their finger on the pulse of trends and innovations really should be there.

The company introduced UK retailers to several new collections going into production for sale in early spring. The best-selling 100% three-ply wool Tube Collection of stripes, coupled with the co-ordinating Centrepoint, is set to take centre stage for 2013.  Brand new is the bold multi-stripe Hammersmith in three colourways, featuring shades of greys, and browns with one more brightly coloured with maroons and plum as well. It’s available in 1m and 4m widths. Each of the other ranges in the collection – Piccadilly, Bakerloo and Mainline and the plans Centrepoint – is also benefitting from the addition of two new colourways in combinations of various shades of greys, beiges and browns.

 Also new and expected to do well, is Mayfair, a new rough-textured looppile in 100% 3-ply yarn  in eight earthy shades.

Edel Telenzo attends Domotex with high hopes

Edel Telenzo  at Domotex Hannover, January 12-15
Hall 5 stand C18

Edel Telenzo Carpets is looking forward to a strong performance in the UK in 2013 on both its domestic and contract qualities.

There have been some strong performers in 2102, including the year’s new introductions, the Barbican two-ply 100% wool multi-stripe and two-tone semi-plain combination; and the 50-50 trio, Hampton Court, Islington and their striped companion Highbury.

As always, Domotex will see the next stage of product development on prototypes trailed at Harrogate. High hopes lie with Hammersmith, the new addition to the hugely successful 100% 3 ply wool striped Tube collection, a bolder multi-stripe in three colourways – plus there will be new colours for the best selling Piccadilly and the collections plain counterpart, Centrepoint.

On the contract side, two recently introduced 100% polypropylenes reached the company’s top 10 best seller list for 2012: the new two-tone 8mm cut pile, Balmoral, with a heavy duty impervious backing in nine colourways; and the value two-tone 6mm twist, Taurus with a Gelbac backing in eight shades.  Again, some exciting new products are in the pipeline – look out for Lima Stripe an exciting, jazzy striped version of the popular Lima range.


Lesley Inman, Edel Telenzo UK operations manager says: “Once again we’re pleased to say we had a very good Harrogate. We are truly grateful to all our customers – old and new – who took the time to come to the show and to visit our stand. Overall it seemed as though footfall was down – it’s just a shame the retailers don’t support the event and the exhibitors more.

“Response to some of the new ranges in the pipeline has been very encouraging – it would seem retailers enjoy the opportunity to have some input into what actually ends up going into production. Our new Tube Collection stripe, Hammersmith, with its bold wide multi-stripe pattern, was very well received, along with new colours (in the grey scale) for the existing Tube Collection ranges, Piccadilly, Bakerloo, Mainline and Centrepoint. Our new contract quality stripey 100% Edelon polypropylene, Rio de Janeiro, was also very well received. New collections in production – the 50-50 Highbury, Islington, Hampton Court and our velvety textured 100% polyamide, Casablanca – also continue to receive a chorus of approval.

Congratulations to James Browne, of Rodgers of York, winner of our prize draw to win an iPad.


Edel Telenzo at The Flooring Show, Harrogate
September 2-4 Stand: C43 Contact: Lesley Inman

Edel Telenzo Carpets is once again supporting the exhibition at Harrogate and will be making a strong showing in its usual spot in Hall C, with a brand new stand design based on the new corporate identity introduced at the beginning of the year.

As always, there will be plenty of new developments being unveiled for customer feedback but these are being kept closely under wraps until the show. Any new products that go into production will join this year’s clutch of successful newcomers – including the 50-50 wool/PP trio, the striped Highbury, and textured Hampton Court and Islington, the ultra luxurious 6.6 polypropylene Amore, and the aptly named contract carpet, Gloss.

Customers are also invited to attend a ‘Soiree’ on the first day of the show – complete with drinks, music (provided by the company’s very own sales director Robert Mulder who is a regular member of a blues band in his spare time!) and to take the opportunity to enter a free prize draw to win an i-Pad.


After 26 years of steady growth, Edel Telenzo Carpets UK has vacated its cosy but increasingly cramped four storey facilities in a Victorian former bank in the middle of Elland, for much more modern, spacious, purpose-built premises on the outskirts of town.

The new premises provides a full 50% more space than before – now across just two floors – plus plenty of parking. On the ground floor the company is setting up a proper sampling department; upstairs will be the offices and a brand new showroom (which will be fully operational later in the year).

The new address is Unit B7 Warhurst Road, Lowfields Business Park, Elland, West Yorkshire HX5 9DF. Telephone and fax numbers remain the same.


A superb new trio of 50% wool 50% polypropylene carpets has been added to the Edel Telenzo Carpets stable, providing a range of attractive, sophisticated hardwearing floorcoverings at a very keen price.

All three carpets are textured loop pile carpets on Actionback backing, with a pile height of 4mm, a pile weight of 840-860g/m2 and a tog rating of 1.4. They are all Scotchgarded for optimum stain protection.
Islington is a versatile ribbed loop pile, in four and five metre widths and in six subtle shades of grey to beige: hessian, chalk, lead, down, smoke and mist (pictured).

Hampton Court has a slightly more irregular textured high-low loop pile, also in six earthy shades and in four and five metre widths: nutmeg, cream, ash, shadow, cloud and mouse.

Highbury is a sophisticated two-tone stripe in four colours designed to co-ordinate with both Islington and Hampton Court: mother of pearl, ash grove, welsh slate and volcanic ash. It comes in four metre width only.

“There is no doubt that 50-50 mix carpets are a very attractive option in the current marketplace,” says operations manager Lesley Inman. “As Edel Telenzo extracts their own yarn, we have excellent quality control input and can create our own unique colour palette. This collection looks really smart, will be hardwearing, and is priced to represent very good value for money.”


We’re putting the spotlight on two high fliers for this year’s Flooring One show at Cranmore Park, Solihull on 16 May, namely Chelsea and Barbican.

Chelsea is proof, if proof be needed, that beautiful colours, great looks, demonstrable quality and certified durability will always sell, even in tough times (and will keep your feet warm in winter!). This winning number is a luxurious, Brussels Boucle style low level loop pile in 100% wool 3 ply yarn. It has an Actionbac backing, is available in four and five metre widths, and in rolls or cut lengths. Suitable for heavy domestic or general contract applications, it’s Scotchgarded and fully tested to confirm above par credentials for being insect and rot proof; and light, wet and shampoo fast. It comes in eight irresistible colours of the moment – sea salt, driftwood, ash, graphite, cream, sand, mud and cork.

Barbican is the latest addition to our acclaimed co-ordinated stripes and two-tone options – and really hits the spot for those looking for quality that will give them performance, but at very competitive price points. It’s a 00% two-ply multi-level loop pile, also suitable for both heavy domestic and general contract applications. It’s Scotchgarded and vigorously tested for colour fastness, against light, wet and shampoo. It’s also insect and rot proof. The range comes in a fabulous new multi-stripe design and a co-ordinating two-tone plain in six fashionable earthy tones: ashes, cappuccino, smoke (shown) aspen, wheat and parchment. Available in four and five metre widths (four metre only in the stripe).

Look out also for Balmoral – new for 2012 – an exciting addition to our in- house produced synthetic yarn collection, ideal for contract installation It’s a two tone cut pile – 8mm pile height – in 100% polypropylene with a heavy, impervious Gelbac available in 4m width and nine exciting colours: ash, cinnamon, grass, oyster, cappuccino, rose, velvet, iron and coal.

Our Beautiful Domotex!

We’d like to extend a big thank you to all our customers and colleagues who took the time to come and visit us at the Domotex trade show last month. The new stand looked fabulous and attracted lots of positive comments. Although we couldn’t help noticing that the show seemed a little smaller than in previous years and footfall seemed a little lower in general, Edel Telenzo had a good show and we in the UK were pleased with the attendance and interest.

Edel Telenzo Predicts a Winner

Edel Telenzo is a stalwart at Domotex and returns for 2012 at a new, improved location – stand C18 in Hall 5, alongside other broadloom producers. The manufacturer’s strength lies in its depth of offer, with expertise in both wool and wool mix qualities and polypropylenes on gelbac, thus covering both retail and contracts markets comprehensively.

Visitors to the stand will be able to see the latest additions to the wool collections, earmarked to be a real winner in 2012. Barbican is 100% two-ply multi-level loop pile suitable for Heavy Domestic and General Contract applications. It’s Scotchgarded and vigorously tested for colour fastness, against light, wet and shampoo. It’s also insect and rot proof. The range comes in a fabulous new multi-stripe design and a co-ordinating two-tone plain in six fashionable earthy tones: Ashes, Cappuccino, Smoke (shown) Aspen, Wheat and Parchment. Paddington is a chunky high-low loop pile in 100% three-ply wool, Scotchgarded and in six versatile colours: Cafe au Lait, Mink, Tan, Khaki, Gravel and Saffron.

Harrogate Beckons

Edel Telenzo Carpets will have a larger, new look stand at Harrogate this year and is looking forward to unveiling a number of new qualities in both its wool/wool mix and polyamide/polypropylene programmes. These include an exciting new two-ply 100% wool quality, Barbican, a striking variation on the striped theme in up to eight colourways.

As always Edel Telenzo will be using the show to test market new ideas and developments as well as unveil hard launches and the team looks forward to welcoming customers old and new to come and see for themselves what lies behind the company’s reputation for cutting edge textures and colours in tufted of high quality but also good value.

Showing Off

All of Edel Telenzo’s current commercial and domestic ranges will be available for viewing on the stand at Domotex 2011, along with some exciting new developments, still under wraps, which can only be described as “very different; very exciting!” Find us in Hall 6, stand E42 – same as usual.

We are, we know, in an enviable position, offering as we do comprehensive programmes of wool, wool mix and synthetic ranges for domestic and contract markets. Quality and value are equally at the heart of our ongoing commitment to new product development – designed to help retailers obtain business on all fronts, at all times!

The latest 100% wool carpet to go into production is Chelsea, a tough, Scotchgarded 3-ply level loop in 4 and 5 metre width and nine earthy colours, ranging from cream to graphite. It joins popular recent additions such as the multi-stripe Bakerloo with naturals, plus plum and mulberry; the luxuriously thick Alpine Collection in deep cut pile and boucle options, representing amazing value for money in the luxury sector; and the new, very affordably priced, roll only wool options, textured Hudson and plain Lawrence.

Two new synthetic carpets in hard wearing but luscious, high quality polyamide 6.6 yarn are Verdi and Wild Romance. Verdi is a luxurious 3/8th gauge twist, with a 36mm pile height and a lustrous shine in 12 rich colours; Wild Romance is a versatile 1/10th gauge option with a 14mm pile height, in 15 colours.

We are also planning more commercial offerings for the UK market in 2011, in wool, wool mix and synthetic constructions, including our own, in-house produced Edelon Protect 100% polypropylene yarns, which lock the colour into the product to produce superior stain and bleach resistance, as well as being moth proof and non-allergenic. Aquarius is the latest Edelon Protect offering, a keenly priced, attractively homely looking cut pile carpet, designed specifically with the care home market in mind.