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Commercial Flooring News

The Benefits Of Cork Flooring

The cork flooring is to be found in commercial premises in general – gyms, offices, schools, etc. Yet, recently this particular type has been gaining a lot of interest from homeowners. We have gathered the main advantages to point out why it should be the next big trend.

The soft surface is extremely shock absorbent, adjusting to everything on top. Also, cork possesses natural sound insulation, which is extremely valuable for closed spaces. Another great feature is the ease with which the flooring makes walking on it, creating a minimal amount of resistance.

The main ingredient of the cork is called Subrin, acts as a mould inhibitor and produces no toxic fumes, meaning it is perfectly suitable for people with strong allergies and asthma. The material is fireproof and very sound.

Producing the cork does not hurt trees and is the most environmental friendly source available on the market. Another vital benefit is the installation which can be done on an existing floor or uneven surface and is quite affordable as well. Since the flooring needs to be re-sealed every 5 years, we at The Flooring Group can provide the affordable prices and reasonable rates.