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The Flooring Group and Van Besouw Carpets

The Flooring Group is happy to introduce Van Besouw – the Dutch manufacturer that has been in the industry and leading it for the majority of the time. Established in 1839 it has been producing excellent high quality products ever since. Initially, the company has been producing and weaving jute bags and growing and developing to the top industry position on the market. During 1967 Van Besouw has created the loop carpet that proved to be a breakthrough innovation. This invention brought the company fame and recognition. Yet, the motto is being kept the same from the very beginning – creation above imitation. Van Besouw’s range and collection of products is ever evolving, never stable or kept fixed. The traditional craftsmanship of the company is easily recognised in every product or theirs and combined with Van Besouw’s unique knitting and weaving techniques they are the epitome of aesthetic delight.