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The History Of Linoleum

The Linoleum has been around for years, providing a cheap and affordable flooring. Inventing the product came as a mistake back in 1855. Frederick Walton forgot to properly seal the linseed oil that he used as paint thinner. This resulted in a layer of rubbery linoxym forming across the top. Walton immediately saw the potential in this new mix and began experimeting with it. he even came up with the name as he mixed the Latin words for flax (Linum) and oil (Oleum). He even patened his invention and began producing the new flooring. The product was so liked that many compnaies took the opportunity to create their own version. The bespoke features of the Linoleum were adopted into the US and Royal Navy as a preferred flooring. When Vinyl stepped onto the stage the Linoleum popularity steadily declined. Yet, in the recent years with the rise of new technology it has been gaining attention again.