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The History Of Tiles

We have used to see tiled flooring almost everywhere and do not consider their rich and ancient history. In this video, The Flooring Group will try to make a short summary of this glorious voyage lasting thousands of years. The beginning is believed to be in ancient Babylon around 3300 BC. Around that period a bright blue sheen tiles were made from cobalt ore glaze.

The resulting product was only used in the houses of the wealthiest people as a decoration of their homes and symbol of their privileged life standard. Roughly around the same time, the Egyptians started embellishing their tombs with similar materials. Later on, in China members of The Sang Dynasty started using tiles for building roofs. Тhis technique helped them keep homes dry in the heavy rains and during great floods. Their tiles were manufactured from baked clay, just like the famous Terracotta army.

The Arabic world saw a potential in these tiles as they used them to depict lifestyle in religious facilities. With the passing years, the craft became very popular and spread over Africa and India, reaching Europe eventually. The Europeans adopted all the influences from around the world. Nowadays, the tiled flooring can be found in most of the medical facilities, as well as in bathrooms and kitchens in private homes.