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The Manhattan Collection From Elements London

Elements London promises quality and style throughout their new luxurious and modern carpet collection. The fresh Manhattan range is no different–consisting of seven luxury TEKSILK composition carpets, each design ensuring total indulgence and a super soft underfoot surface in a fabric surface that is hardwearing.


The Manhattan collection is unique in that it is produced in three distinct heights of weight and stack, named after popular landmarks like Wall Street, Broadway, Times Square, and the Big Apple. Each variation is presented in seven softly muted colours, drawing their names from some of the most iconic cocktails in New York. Choose the cool shades of Martini, Mai Tai and Cosmopolitan from the sumptuous tones of Whiskey Sour and Margarita.


The pile in the collection of Wall Street is thickest. This exquisitely soft carpet, with a 12.5 mm cut pile, creates a floor covering that you can sink your toes into, making it best suited to bedrooms and living spaces.


The range of Broadway is medium in pile height, making it easier to maintain than a thicker carpet, but still soft and bouncy enough to enjoy. The Times Square range has the collection’s shortest pile length, however, Its thickness of 8.6 mm is ideal for installation in areas of high traffic such as halls and stairs. 


Each design is easily combined with the ingenuity of the TEKSILK structure of Element London to provide a luxuriously cushioned yet hardwearing carpeted surface. This distinctive fresh yarn system is designed using Nylon 6.6 to feel as smooth as silk and yet carried as hard as Teflon underfoot, accompanied by the world’s first carpet support to contain no butadiene styrene. This gives the final product a number of advantages including reduced flammability, lack of odour and is the perfect solution for those who are environmentally conscious.


View the Manhattan collection and its quality for yourself at our showrooms.