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The Retail Ombudsman


The Flooring Group is glad to announce that the company is now a member of The Retail Ombudsman. Through the years, we have proven that customer satisfaction is of crucial importance for us and we always make sure that a service is provided professionally – high-quality before and after sales service is what our clients praise for our company. The Flooring Group is an esteemed provider of high-quality, long-lasting flooring solutions for over 40 years. In the following lines, you will find more information about The Retail Ombudsman.

The Retail Ombudsman is an Ombudsman for the retail industry in the United Kingdom. The main role of the Ombudsman is to resolve disputes between retail customers and retailers (both in-store and online). It is authorised by Government, Chartered Trading Standards Institute and Civil Aviation Authority to operate as an ‘ombudsman’. It is led by Chief Ombudsman, Dean Dunham. The Chairman is Sir Eric Peacock. The Retail Ombudsman provides an independent, impartial review and determination of consumer`s complaints within our jurisdiction.

The cadre of The Retail Ombudsman is known as ‘ADR Officials’ – they have been judged as being ‘competent’ in their expertise of the law so they can resolve consumer disputes. Their proficiency is measured by the Chief Ombudsman that uses a written exam method to judge the ADR Officials competent.

Being a member of The Retail Ombudsman means that the company will be contractually obligated to implement to the decision of the Ombudsman. The Flooring Group is proud to be a certified member – our top priority is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction every time!