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Commercial Flooring News


Our new partner is Thermogroup – a company that produces only top quality heating technology. A trustworthy manufacturer they have a wide range of products among which are underfloor heating, insulation, and adhesives, wall mounted heating, space, and outdoor heatings, controls, and accessories.

Their underground heatings provide comfort and are cost-efficient. Their designs are flexible and adaptive to every kind of flooring. They are fast and easy to install and can be used as primary heating on low costs. Thermogroup uses only the industry-leading materials and production technology to ensure durability.

The company supplies thermostats for better temperature control and easy maintenance of the running costs. The designs are quite slim and innovative to appeal to every taste.
Thermogroup also offers quite a bit of tile adhesives, insulation boards, and self-leveling compounds to ensure a full heating system in place. They have focused on keeping the heat inside the house and spreading it evenly throughout the property with minimal loss.

Especially for bathrooms and other space with lots of fumes or dampness, Thermogroup provides inexpensive luxury items such as demisting mirrors and towel rails. They are all available in different styles and colour shades to match the requirements of every customer.

Also for the lavish areas as halls, public areas and other open-plan premises the company produces panel heating systems. Using patent technology they have turned the infrared panel design into a must-have item.

And they do not tend to limit their products for internal use only. The company provides care and protective heating solutions for the outdoor areas as well. Ice, snow and cold weather, in general, are quite destructive. Thermogroup have created frost protection and driveway heatings to combat that.

More detailed information about the product range can be found on our underfloor heating page.