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Timbertherm in Our Hampstead Flooring Showroom – come and see it yourself!

Haven’t you heard about Timbertherm? The manufacturer of world’s finest wooden flooring with integral electric heating is available exclusively in our Hampstead flooring showroom in North London! But this is not our biggest pride – we are pleased to announce that we ourselves use their flooring solutions at our showroom!

A combination of sleek looks and incredible durability – ain`t it looking good in our Hampstead flooring showroom?

Many people think that underfloor heating is expensive to run but actually it is great value for your money considering both the initial installation and the ongoing running costs. What can be a better example that a product is of utmost quality than installing it in our own property? The Flooring Group is more than happy to offer the products of Timbertherm Flooring – you can experience the real benefits of wooden flooring with integral electric heating.

Timbertherm – Flooring Solution with the Heat Built In

The flooring solutions of Timbertherm can be laid on most dry, level surfaces. From plywood to concrete, you can install them on top just like a standard multi-layer engineered wooden flooring option. You should place the power cord along the edge of the room connect it with the first board. The panels are connected using female and male connectors joining them and the boards are tapped together. The installation process is quick and easy – why waste time and money on other alternatives when this obviously is the smartest one?

No more pads, costly plumbing and screeding!

This is a revolutionary way to heat up your residential or commercial property – Timbertherm relies on non-carbon fibres that can result in temperatures rising up to 26 degrees Celsius in less than 5 minutes! Pipes and pads are so outdated – enjoy low installation cost, maintenance and running cost. All of that available in over 20 finishes with sleek design options that can meet even the most sophisticated interior demands. You can select the finest maple, elm and walnut flooring solutions – don`t forget that Timbertherm is committed to using ethically sourced timber from sustainable sources.

The Flooring Group is very pleased with our new underfloor heating in our Hampstead flooring showroom!

If you need more information about Timbertherm products and want to see some samples, please stop by – our London flooring professionals we’ll be more than glad to help you and guide you through the process!