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Commercial Flooring News

Timbertherm – The Wood Floor With The Heat “Built In”

The Flooring Group is happy to announce that Timbertherm Flooring is now available exclusively in North London at our Hampstead Flooring showroom. Timbertherm is the world’s first wooden flooring with integral electric heating that offers an alternative to dual wood floor and underfloor heating specifications.

No more costly plumbing, no more pads and best of all no more screeding. Timbertherm is the revolutionary new way to heat a home. Unlike conventional underfloor heating Timbertherm uses non-carbon fibres embedded in the wood to provide heat using the far-infrared part of the spectrum. By heating the fabric of the building and objects in the room rather than the surrounding areas Timbertherm can reach temperatures up to 26℃ in under 5 minutes. Timbertherm is quick and easy to install. Simple connections mean that wiring is kept to a minimum and installation is done in half the time. The Timbertherm heated floorboard surface is waterproof to IP65 which makes it perfect for every room including kitchens and bathrooms. With low running cost, low installation cost and no ongoing maintenance Timbertherm flooring is an unbeatable alternative to pipes or pads. Timbertherm underfloor heating is 40% more efficient and 60% more cost-effective than any other forms of heating. Timbertherm is available in over 20 finishes with design options to suit all interior styles – perfect for makeovers, renovations and new builds.

To find out more, visit our Hampstead Flooring showroom or check the online brochure here.