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Ulster Carpets

The Flooring Group has been selling Ulster Carpets for many years now. Below, Ulster Carpets further detail their products;


Everyone has a story.
Our story is just better!

Manufacturers of the finest axminster & wilton carpets since 1938.

Ulster Carpets have long held a reputation for the highest quality and most luxurious carpets in the market place. Over the years, Ulster has vowed to uphold this reputation by focusing on design, innovation and the pursuit of excellence. Although a global player in the world of carpet, the business remains family owned and generations of skilled local craftsmen and women have proudly woven Ulster carpet at the original Castleisland site in County Armagh.

It is the dedication of the people at Ulster combined with the commitment to local manufacturing which ensures only the finest carpets bear the Ulster name. Every part of the manufacturing process is managed within the UK, from the processing of the wool at Ulster Yarns (Dewsbury), through to dyeing, weaving and finishing at Castleisland. This level of control results in the unrivalled quality of an Ulster Carpet.

A superior floor covering is not just defined by quality manufacturing but also exceptional design. Our Kidderminster based design team; translate their creative talents into producing stunning carpet ranges and colourways which appeal to every taste. test.

Located on the edge of the picturesque Bann River, our surroundings at Ulster Carpets are a constant reminder of our responsibility to the environment.

This is something we have always taken very seriously and to this end Ulster has a strict Environmental Policy, which covers all areas of manufacturing from carbon emissions to waste management as well as its social responsibility to its surrounding area.

?Currently 96% of all post industrial waste is diverted from landfill via a number of different waste streams including the equestrian industry. We are also very proud to have reduced carbon emissions by 52% since 2001 and continue in our effort towards becoming completely carbon neutral.

As many visitors to Ulster Carpets can confirm, the atmosphere at Ulster, while being one of progress and innovation is also that of a family owned, local business. This culture has stayed strong, with many generations of the same families being employed at Ulster over the years. It is this connection with our employees and the proximity of our headquarters to the residential area surrounding it, which drives our responsibility to support the local community.

The company’s Charity Committee adopt a “hands on” approach to fundraising for local charities while the John Wilson Memorial Trust seeks to actively support organisations and projects which aid the community.

Ulster Carpets are also keen to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage participation in active sport and do so by sponsoring various sporting events. Most notably is an ongoing partnership with Ulster Youth Rugby to sponsor their Youth and High Schools Competitions.

You would never dream of spending lots of money on an expensive suit or designer ball gown and then allowing a dodgy seamstress to alter it. The same principle should be applied when having your luxurious new carpet fitted. Our best piece of advice is to use a reputable carpet fitter, recommended by your Ulster stockist. The quality of workmanship here can mean the difference between a top notch finish and a disappointing result. A good carpet fitter will be able to join a carpet so that seams are invisible and will ensure widths match perfectly.

Many people also forget the importance of underlay and do not factor this into their total flooring budget. A good quality crumb rubber type underlay will not only increase the comfort and warmth of your carpet, but also its lifetime. Your local stockist will be able to advise you on the best type of underlay dependent upon the area of your home, the carpet you have chosen and how to maximise the output of your underfloor heating.

You have made the purchase of a luxurious Ulster Carpet for your home, but how can you protect it from the thrills and spills of family life?

We have provided a comprehensive After Care Guide to help you deal with those unfortunate incidents with muddy paws, sticky fingers and rogue red wine. Every stain is different so make sure to read the Guide after your purchase. Better yet, why not download a copy to keep on hand for emergencies.

Tufted Carpet

In tufted carpet the pile yarn is sewn through a backing membrane and secured by latex to a secondary backing. Tufting is less time-consuming and therefore a less costly process than weaving but it lacks the colour and design flexibility of axminster.

Twist pile carpet

A type of carpet that uses yarn with a higher twist than usual to create a textured surface.


Carpet made with low-twist cut-pile yarn, giving a plush, velvety surface.


Wilton weaving is one of the oldest methods used in creating a machine made carpet. It has limited colour choice but a variety of textures can be achieved. It is the perfect way to produce quality textured plains.


In contrast to tufted carpet, this process brings together the pile and backing yarns to form the woven cloth, offering unrivalled strength and stability. Axminster and wilton carpets are two different types of woven carpet.


This is the ratio of wool (80%) to nylon (20%) used in the surface pile yarn, a blend that provides the softness, lustre and luxury of wool with the strength and resilience of nylon.


The axminster name refers to the construction method of one type of woven carpet. This technique offers excellent pattern definition. Most axminster carpets are patterned.


Modern berber carpets use yarn with small flecks of dark colour blended into lighter shades of background colour. These resemble natural undyed version of the traditional berber carpet of North Africa.


A type of carpet yarn made from more than one fibre colour, resulting in a flecked, multicoloured effect.


The pile is the yarn used to form the surface of a carpet. The ‘total pile weight’ refers to the amount of pile yarn used in the carpet, generally quoted per square metre. Higher specification carpets can have a longer “deep-pile” which will feel more luxurious, or a higher density of pile rows making them harder-wearing.


A unique method of axminster weaving patented by Ulster Carpets. PSYLO™ is the most technologically advanced method of weaving in the world. It renders the traditional form (jacquard and electronic jacquard) obsolete and enables carpet to be manufactured to a greater degree of design intricacy, an enhanced spectrum of colour and at an unrivalled level of efficiency.

What is an axminster carpet?

Axminster refers to the method of weaving used to create the beautiful patterned Ulster Carpets.

What is a wilton carpet?

The oldest method of weaving, used to produce luxurious plains such as Ulster Velvet, Grange and York Wilton.

Can I buy direct from Ulster Carpets?

Unfortunately we do not sell directly to the public. Please use our Stockist Finder to locate your nearest trusted Ulster retailer who will be able to discuss your requirements and many recommendations of the Ulster Carpet best suited to you. You can however order samples directly from our website to help you make your decision.

Is my carpet manufactured in the UK?

All our wilton and axminster carpets are manufactured in County Armagh, Northern Ireland. Our loop pile ranges are made by Danfloor, in Denmark, an Ulster Group company.

Where does the wool in my carpet come from?

We source the best quality wool from around the world, including Britain and New Zealand. Wools from different climates have different qualities and colouring which are combined at Ulster Yarns to produce the most durable and luxurious yarn possible ready for dyeing and weaving in County Armagh.

How do I measure my room and find out how much carpet I need?

Measure the widest and longest parts of your home to find out the carpet you need to order. Make sure you measure to the back of the door frame to allow for fitting. Multiply the two longest measurements to find out the total square meters of carpet you require.

Our carpets come in a variety of widths to save on cost and waste. For more complicated areas such as a stairs and landing, we recommend that the Ulster retailer you will be ordering from or an experienced carpet fitter visit your home to measure professionally. If this is not possible, it is a good idea draw a rough plan of your space and bring this along to the store.

Which carpet fitter should I use?

As a company we do not employ any carpet fitters, but we suggest that you use a professional, reputable fitter, recommended by your Ulster retailer. Many carpet shops will employ their own fitters, and can arrange this for you.

What if my room is wider than 4.57m or 5m?

Inevitably if your space is larger than Ulster’s widest offering, there will have to be a join in your carpet. A good fitter will be able to achieve a seamless transition and ensure the patterns fit together. Speak to a carpet fitter or Ulster stockist about how to order matching widths and the fitting possibilities.

What Underlay is best for an Ulster carpet?

We recommend purchasing the best quality underlay possible as this will improve the wear and increase the lifespan and comfort of your carpet. The type of underlay you will need depends of various factors, including the tog rating of the carpet you choose, whether or not you have underfloor heating and the area in the home you intend to lay your Ulster Carpet. Our experienced Ulster retailers will be able to advise you on the best kind of underlay for your individual needs.

When do I have to return my Ulster samples

There is no time limit for returning your Ulster samples and we are happy for you to keep hold of them to help you make those important interior design decisions. All we ask is that to help lessen our impact on the environment and reduce waste that unwanted samples are returned via the freepost bag provided.

How long will it take my Ulster Samples to arrive?

Generally your sample order will be on its way to you within 2-3 working days. During exceptionally busy periods or if the sample you requested is out of stock, this may take slightly longer.

Is Ulster carpet durable enough for non domestic use?

Many of our Ulster Carpets ranges are regularly used in a commercial setting such as B&B’s and churches as they are extremely hardwearing.