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Van Besouw Carpets

Van Besouw is a Dutch manufacturer with a long lasting history, great market position and amazing products, and is one of The Flooring Group’s valuable and reliable partners.

The company has been in the industry since 1839, starting as a jute bags weaver. The manufacturer has endured bravely both World Wars and developed innovative approaches and methods to remain on the market against all odds. Around 1967 and during the time of the industrial revolution the company was heavily influenced by the industrial designer Benno Premsela. With his help, Van Besouw created the well-known cotton loop carpet – a breakthrough invention.

Over the years the company stuck to the simple motto of creating over imitating. Van Besouw’s collection of products is never stable, but rather evolving constantly. The company’s international team works tirelessly over every product so that each will bear the characteristics of the unique Van Besouw style.

The company embodies its core values such as:

  • Authenticity: a Dutch craftsmanship with an eye for details
  • Progressiveness: innovative products with lifelong sustainability
  • Honesty: high-quality with raw and pure materials

The Flooring Group is certain that with Van Besouw, every room would have its correct final look.