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Vision Space

There are three forms of visual art: Painting is art to look at,
sculpture is art you can walk around,
and architecture is art you can walk through …..Dan Rice

As the design arm of the Flooring Group, Vision Space aims to combine the three forms of art in their everyday work. With the vast experience in property development and the vision for high style and excellent standards, Vision Space is amongst the leaders in their business field for a reason!

A strong and flexible team with in-depth knowledge of the real-estate market and development, willing to take any size responsibility for design and development of excellent contacts with architects, suppliers, and interior designers – this is what makes Vision Space stay ahead of their competitors.

The company has an excellent track record over the last 15+ years completing both small and prestigious projects to the full satisfaction of their clients, meeting their aspirations and expectations. Whether it is a lifestyle choice or simply a practical solution sought, Vision Space always works with their clients to achieve the best results possible.

Among the main activities of the company are:

  • Advising clients of the best options for renovating and improving space to maximise the benefit from any property;
  • Determine best planning & layout options as well as the fitting and fixtures to achieve the optimum interior design and the best quality and finish;
  • Creating a project plan with continual monitoring and supervision of the project progress;
  • Sourcing major items (e.g. kitchens, bathrooms, etc) direct from manufacturers in Europe as necessary to reduce the cost to the client;
  • Interior design expertise to create your perfect style;
  • Managing the marketing and the promotion of the completed projects, if applicable, by choosing and communicating with suitable marketing channels

The Flooring Group is glad to have such a business partner by their side – the driving force of both companies is providing customers with 100% satisfaction on every project they take up and they do it right!