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Vorwerk Carpets

The Flooring Group has been selling Vorwerk Carpets for many years. Below, Vorwerk Carpets explain their products in further detail;


Vorwerk has been manufacturing carpets since 1883. The small factory of yore has become an enterprise operating on a global scale. And out of the craft to design high-grade textile floor coverings has grown a responsibility for ecological, economic and social balance.

Sophistication, creativity and intelligence revolving around the floor as central theme – they make Vorwerk Carpets one of the leading international suppliers of high-quality carpets for the private and commercial sector. One of the decisive factors: the design. Design is form, function and colour. But not only that: Design is materials and construction, too. The collections encompass a multitude of different models, address specific needs at business locations, and display even luxurious creations produced custom-made upon request. Vorwerk regularly exhibits collections and special editions which have arisen in co-operation with internationally renowned architects, designers and artists. These and other projects form the cultural substance that makes up the brand, the driving, creative force behind Vorwerk Carpets.

Before any company-wide decision is made, at Vorwerk Carpets a priority is given to the question of ecologically accountable, of sensible action. Innovation, quality and a combined ecological and social balance are the basis for all activities – fully in alignment with “Eco Balance”, the programme agenda at Vorwerk with which we bring the different aspects of sustainability into a symbiotic context. Essential towards accomplishing this are our years of know-how in producing and selecting our materials for production. Vorwerk Carpets fulfils the highest international standards for quality and banks on novel, low-emission and resource-conserving technologies and methods within the entire product-creation process – for instance, the fully automatic dye dosage and batch preparation station, or the cold-dyeing method.

Yet not only production pursues this demand for sustainability; the products do so as well. That our TEXtiles technology refrains from using bitumen and PVCs is just one example. The comprehensive quality heralded in the new LIFE BALANCE label is ensured via strict regular inspection control by gui-lab – an association of well-known independent environmental institutes. gui-lab certifies compliance with the highest standards and guarantees the product attributes “tested for harmful substances”, “tested for presence of fine dust”, and “recommended for people suffering from allergies” vested in the “Life Balance” label. We have ourselves audited regularly by international auditing councils. The result: Vorwerk Carpets has even been certified with the coveted “Green Label Plus” from the USA.


Vorwerk Carpets. Eco Balance.

Vorwerk Carpets thinks and lives in alignment with a systematic programme objective through Eco Balance. It places ecological, social and economic aspects regarding sustainability in a symbiotic context.

Taking this thematic content as a basis, Vorwerk Carpets defines new international standards and enacts them effectively for every product, every process, every member of staff and, in short, for everybody. A well-balanced claim to sustainability is the initial starting point and target all in one.

Because balance is important

The continuing, counterweighted enactment of this programme objective creates a sustainable balance: Vorwerk Carpets Eco Balance. Innovation and experience are in consonance with one another. Research, studies and analysis along with acquired know-how in practice are the ongoing regulative factors in Vorwerk Carpets Eco Balance. The underlying constant in this process: Vorwerk Carpets has been exercising a pioneering role for more than 20 years.

Confirmed rather than merely promised

Those who want to remain in balance have to move. That’s why Vorwerk Carpets regularly subjects itself to international audit committees on a proactive basis. The result: Carpets from Vorwerk bear all the fundamental German ‘eco-product’ labels, numerous internationally renowned seals such as HQE and Green Label, as well as certificates with a relevance to social factors and health. “Today Vorwerk Carpets is already laying the foundation for a comprehensive sustainability status quo oriented towards the future on which research and further development can be based, whereas the very first projects of this kind are just starting to be enacted on the market,” according to Dr Andreas Winkens, managing director of GUI, the Society for Environmental and Indoor Space Analysis.

Vorwerk Teppich – Legendary green

As far back as 1994 Vorwerk Carpets already used the slogan “Our logo has always been green” to formulate an orientation that conforms more than ever with today’s spirit of the times. At Vorwerk Carpets, the issue of ecologically correct, of sensible action stands first and foremost above each corporate decision. “In contrast to many other suppliers, we have always placed great weight on dealing responsibly with society. This applies within all production processes, fully in the sense of Vorwerk Carpets Eco Balance. Nowadays we enhance this belief with a ‘hands-on’ programme objective. Vorwerk Carpets Eco Balance is in effect for all of our business sectors, is developed further on a continual basis, and is transposed to apply for all products,” says Johannes Schulte, CEO at Vorwerk Carpets.

Social commitment

Alongside ecological factors, social and economic components equally define Vorwerk Carpets Eco Balance. Sincere commitment towards charitable institutions such as “SOS-Kinderdorfer”, relief villages for children all over the world, are an expression of social accountability to which the company obligates itself each and every day. At home, the same goes for family and health management for its own staff.

A balanced product: FreeSCALE “Mesh”

The model “Mesh” from the innovative Vorwerk carpet-tile collection FreeSCALE represents the concrete enactment of Vorwerk Carpets Eco Balance. Developed by Hadi Teherani, the line opens up new horizons for interior architecture in terms of shape, function and design. “Mesh” displays an exciting free-style form without any right angles. Sophisticated tufted varieties, a differentiated colour scale and the basic figure itself enable the greatest diversity of options in designing. “Mesh” can be laid in an ‘open form’. The contour of this textile floor covering remains free to style, allowing it to fit in excellently in today’s modern architecture at business-site ‘objects’. Vorwerk FreeSCALE is one of the first design tile collections developed on the basis of the new Vorwerk TEXtiles technology. TEXtiles is a particularly environmentally conscionable coating process that can replace the PVC or bitumen coatings customarily used for tiles until now. The innovation thereby is a self-laying backing made of polyolefin together with a strongly needled and calendered polyester fabric, which is fully recyclable. In addition, these tile products are manufactured with a particular focus on conserving resources and environmental suitability. They are comprised of a 60 % share of recycled material while utilising carbon-neutral energy for their production. Above and beyond these factors, TEXtiles provide a definite plus point for health. Products manufactured using this process have been awarded the “LIFE BALANCE” seal issued by gui-lab – an association of well-known independent environmental institutes.The products are tested for harmful substances and for fine dust and are recommended for people with allergies. 

The TEXtiles line is one current example of how Vorwerk Carpets Eco Balance is already being concretely applied these days in products from Vorwerk Carpets. Nearly all carpet collections are conceived, created and produced under aspects pertaining directly to Eco Balance.
For more information on the topic of Eco Balance, please refer to the LIFE Balance Report 2014:


High concentrations of fine dust in the air have been shown to be a health hazard, as they trigger allergic reactions. Allergy sufferers, and health-conscious consumers generally, are therefore strongly urged to protect themselves more effectively against toxic fine dust in the house. 

Tested by GUI  

Since 2006, manufacturers have been able to have their products tested by the GUI (Gesellschaft fur Umwelt- und Innenraumanalytik) in Monchengladbach, in a recently devised procedure designed to determine the properties of a product in reducing fine dust. Vorwerk was the first company in the floor covering industry to send its carpets for testing. The tests showed that Vorwerk carpets “have an outstanding capacity for tying up fine dust, and succeed in reducing toxic concentrations of fine dust in the air of a room to a significant degree – in comparison with hard flooring, by more than 50 percent.” 

Carpets reduce fine dust by half 

As long ago as 2005, the Deutscher Allergie- und Asthmabund [German Allergy and Asthma Society] commissioned the environmental institute GUI to investigate fine dust pollution in indoor surroundings. The published results of the highly regarded GUI study, based on the analysis of more than 100 households, showed that where there was a smooth flooring the concentration of fine dust in the air was 62.9 µg to the cubic metre. This is actually higher than the statutory permissible maximum for fine dust in the air outside, which has been set at 50 µg per cubic metre on a maximum of 35 days in the year. In carpeted rooms, on the other hand, the concentration of fine dust was found to be 30.4 µg per cubic metre, or less than half! This is a particularly significant fact, seeing that people on average spend more than 90 percent of their life in closed rooms. 


Going directly to the customer with superior products

The firm Vorwerk & Co. KG was founded in Wuppertal, Germany in 1883. Over the course of 130 years of company history the erstwhile carpet factory evolved into a broadly aligned global corporate group. Vorwerk has remained a family-owned enterprise to this day.
The direct sale of high-quality products has been the core business at Vorwerk since 1930. The spectrum of products includes household appliances (the Kobold vacuum cleaner and Thermomix food processor), as well as high-grade cosmetics from JAFRA. The portfolio is rounded off by the akf Group (bank for leasing and financial services), HECTAS building-facility services and Vorwerk Teppichwerke, the carpetworks. Superior products and special access to the clientele are common to all of these fields of business and are what set Vorwerk apart. 


A down-to-earth company writes history

Innovation has a tradition at Vorwerk & Co. Since its creation in 1883 the company has grasped how to foresee customers’ changing needs and changes on the markets, or how to respond to them quickly.

This flexibility is fostered due to the legal form of the family-run company with its short routes for decision-making. Vorwerk was a purely textile enterprise at first; its own machine-operated factory works was adjoined as of 1908. The newly developed hand-held vacuum cleaner that arose from the crisis of the economic depression in 1929 was a ‘white elephant’ at the beginning due to its nondescript appearance. Faced with this situation, August Mittelsten Scheid, the head of the company at the time, ventured what is probably the greatest innovative leap in the company’s history: He introduced direct sales & distribution, a method that his son, Werner, had become acquainted with during his stay in the USA. This form of sales ensures a continuous exchange back and forth with the customer. The expert consultant demonstrates the appliances while accruing new ideas and suggestions at the same time. This way the customer is directly involved in product development.
This basic stance towards the customer helped to make the direct sale of electrical appliances and fitted kitchens a success. Yet it also ended up being transferred to all the other fields of business at Vorwerk & Co.: broadloom carpets, commercial services and specialised sales outlets. Vorwerk sees the basis for its further growth and ongoing internationalisation in the dialogue conducted with the customer and the constant innovation that results from it. Customer orientation is a key to success all over the world, whether in India, China, the USA or Europe. From its long tradition of working with change Vorwerk & Co. gathers the strength and assurance that it shall remain successful on the global market and for a long time to come, too.


Vorwerk presents 23 different borders towards producing individualised bordered rugs that can be combined with broadloom carpets of the Fascination collection (excluding Modena design and Alva design) and with broadloom carpets „Frame“ and „Cover“. This way ‘looks all your own’ can be created that match the widest variety of decorating styles: regardless of whether highly contrasting in terms of colour and material for a trace of extravagance, or set discreetly tone-in-tone to obtain aesthetic harmony. Each bordered rug is manufactured in a rectagonal format in the individually desired size (max. 4 x 6 m). This enables the rug to be adapted perfectly to fit the given spatial situation.
In addition to various colours, you can choose between 3 different materials for the border:

is a material with a velour/leather look, including 12 colours and optional piping, with a visible width of 1.5 or 6 cm. 

is the name given to a patterned cotton border in 6 colours, with a visible width of 6 cm

in a look just like leather in 5 colours with a visible width of 6 cm.


The development of skilled and management staff and particular of talented employees is an integral part of our corporate culture. We want our people to be ideally prepared to meet the challenges our markets may pose at any time in order to assure the long-term success of our company.

That is why we have set up development centers, at which we can determine where the strengths of our talented employees lie and which individual development measures would be appropriate to prepare them for their next step on the career ladder. Individual coaching, mentor programs, Vorwerk Academy leadership programs and action learning are the prime focus here.

What’s more, international development programs for skilled and management staff create the ideal conditions for making the most of synergies, sharing know-how and networking with other colleagues across individual divisional and continental borders.


Being committed to family values and at the same time to promoting the prosperous growth of a company – even to international dimensions – is perfectly possible. In fact, this is something Vorwerk has been doing for more than 125 years: with an unique sales concept, a distinctly family-oriented community feeling and by offering its employees a great deal of freedom to shape their careers plus long-term prospects.


As a family-owned company operating in an international area, we offer our employees a host of development opportunities. Our broad product portfolio alone demonstrates that we have real challenges to suit every talent and every natural gift.


A sense of personal responsibility, independence and passion is what Vorwerk looks for in its staff.   

Jens Irmer, Vice President Local Market, Vorwerk Carpets


As a family-owned company, values such as tradition, sustainability and social awareness are not only integral to the Vorwerk philosophy, but also resonate with everything we do. Equally, all of our business activities are conducted in a spirit of trust, respect and fairness.


I can organize my working hours to suit my family.

Nina Haupt, Team Leader, Vorwerk Thermomix


At Vorwerk, personal development also means being able to work and travel all over the world. If you are interested in experiencing the big, wide world, Vorwerk of


A wide variety of jobs, exciting challenges, excellent prospects and an international environment. That’s Vorwerk. 

Vorwerk & Co. KG was established in Wuppertal in 1883. What started out as a small carpet factory has since grown considerably, and today Vorwerk provides jobs for 611,000 people around the world. Vorwerk’s core business is the direct sale of high-quality products. Direct selling lets our customers experience the many advantages of our products close up and in a personal atmosphere – person to person, during a detailed and informative consultation.

The direct sales concept sets Vorwerk apart from the competition as well as offering communicative and flexible staff very good prospects in a varied and above all family-oriented work environment. That’s because, even though it has grown into a global operation working in more than 60 countries, Vorwerk still places the emphasis very much on family values. It is like a powerful engine breaking new ground for people and their careers, and helping individuals to achieve their goals. Joining Vorwerk means becoming a part of an idea that has become a reality, part of a whole, part of an international success story. ALL IN ONE.


As a family-owned company, values such as tradition, sustainability and social awareness are not only integral to the Vorwerk philosophy, but also resonate with everything we do. We work in a spirit of trust, respect and fairness.

We cultivate a corporate culture in which people of all nations pull together for a common goal, and that is to satisfy our customers’ needs and wishes by supplying high-quality products and services and in so doing to become world leader in all of our markets.

The ALL IN ONE principle helps us to achieve our common goal because it stands for an unique connection, a link forged between the different Vorwerk divisions, between people and nations, between careers and cultures, and between products and services. It creates a single entity, a strong unit, a harmony in which people benefit from cutting-edge work conditions.


Everyone who works for Vorwerk is a member of the family. And that is exactly how we treat all of our staff. This, too, is what the ALL IN ONE principle means to us as a family-owned company. We are very well aware that our people can only bring the required performance and efficiency to their job if they can get the balance between their home and working lives right. That’s why we do our utmost to maintain that balance and to make our employees’ lives better.


As in every family, people have their own ways of doing things. That’s why our staff can rely on rules and arrangements adapted to their personal needs and changes in their circumstances.

To us, the family is and will always be the greatest asset of all. After all, we are one big family. The basis for trust, understanding and a sense of security and safety lies in the way we interact as a family. That is why we offer our staff benefits that promote loyalty and increase our shared pleasure in the work we do. 


Body and soul must be in harmony if someone is to do a really good job. Not least for this reason, the health of our staff is something we care about deeply. We promote the health and well-being of our staff by providing special facilities and activities.



As a family-owned company operating in an international arena, we offer our employees a host of development opportunities. Our broad product portfolio alone demonstrates that we have real challenges to suit every talent and every natural gift. With eight autonomous divisions to our name, we have a pretty impressive portfolio of products and services.

The holding company, Vorwerk & Co. KG, unites a family-owned company and tradition with a global field of activity and innovative products. At the holding company, we offer our staff a wide range of very different career  openings – most of them with international prospects. That’s why we are on the lookout for staff with individuality, drive and passion, people with the ability to inspire, people who stand out from the crowd. People who personify our ALL IN ONE principle.

Division Vorwerk Kobold is organized as a flat hierarchy and operates in a family environment, in which the emphasis is on respect and recognition of good performance. The people who work for Vorwerk Kobold are not just “a small cog in a large wheel,” but directly responsible for the success of the company. That’s why hard-working, persevering people with the ability to inspire enthusiasm in others are in demand here. 

The growth strategy of Division Vorwerk Thermomix creates a host of exciting career openings. In their day-to-day work with many different cultures, Thermomix staff need excellent communication skills and to be flexible and open. That’s why the right people for Thermomix are the kind who are always willing to lend a hand and to play an active role in developing the business by using their personal skills effectively.

JAFRA is a particularly innovative and performance-oriented company; its vision is to be the best company for women and their families. Thanks to the many different cultures that come together at Vorwerk, the company has an extremely rich corporate culture. At JAFRA, cooperation across national borders contributes in a very special way to the company’s success.

Vorwerk Engineering offers exceptionally good career opportunities because whenever a vacancy arises, the company prefers to fill it with a suitably qualified candidate from within its own ranks. Excellent management development measures ensure that existing employees are generally also appointed to management positions. The development of personal skills and know-how also involves working on assignments abroad.

Vorwerk Carpets is a manufacturer of branded products that places equal emphasis on its customers and its employees. Within the Vorwerk Group, this division is at the forefront of staff development, offering its employees exceptional development opportunities and support, plus a considerable measure of freedom, for example in the form of flextime. 

Executives and managers alike remain in constant close communication with their employees and involve them in any changes and decisions to be made.

Vorwerk Direct Selling Ventures GmbH is an independent investment entity within the Vorwerk Group. Vorwerk Ventures combines the dynamic growth of young, innovative companies with the strong financial position and the extensive direct-selling expertise of the Vorwerk Group. Vorwerk Ventures is the ideal partner for entrepreneurs who seek to implement their ambitious plan for growth in cooperation with a long-term-oriented investor with an industry background. 

The akf group thrives on an open exchange of ideas and suggestions across all levels of the hierarchy – because transparency creates trust. And only trust can ensure long-term loyalty and best-possible performance. Our employees experience on a daily basis their importance as a part of the company, and this in turn develops their team spirit and sense of personal responsibility.

New developments are always in progress at this particular division, which is why we are constantly on the lookout for new staff. Lux Asia Pacific also pursues a policy of ongoing personal and professional development and therefore has not only exciting career openings to offer its staff, but also the basis for a secure future.


Personal development at Vorwerk also means being able to travel around the world and work with people of very different cultures.

Whether in Europe, America, Asia or Australia, it is always tremendously important to know the differences and special characteristics of each individual market in order to succeed there. If you are interested in experiencing the big, wide world, Vorwerk offers you ideal preparation for the challenges ahead: with advanced training, coaching and seminars on intercultural management. You will have a team of experienced experts at your side at all times, who are of course always happy to welcome dedicated and open-minded colleagues. After all, we have a lot of work to do every day and plan to expand our leading position on the world markets.


In line with our ALL IN ONE principle, the variety of job opportunities available at Vorwerk also means great variety among the people who work for us. People from all corners of the world are happy to tell you what their job entails and what makes working for Vorwerk so special. Read on, you will find their enthusiasm infectious!

Head of Filter Technology, Vorwerk Engineering

I am responsible for the development of new and maintaining the quality of existing filter systems – for both the Vorwerk vacuum cleaners and water purifiers. Creating important components for our appliances at a technical level and at the same time leading a team is a daily challenge that I thoroughly enjoy. In my job, I also have many opportunities for advancement at international level.   

Junior Project Manager, Vorwerk & Co. KG

I get to work on a variety of international projects every day. That’s why thinking and acting globally are central to my work. Vorwerk is a down-to-earth, family-owned company with a very good work climate and nice co-workers. At the same time, though, it offers me prospects and the typical career opportunities of an international player.   

Director Sales and Authorized Representative, akf group

I came to akf 28 years ago and learned all about sales from scratch here. Putting our customers and their wishes and needs first has come as second nature to me ever since. The akf group offers dedicated and performance-oriented staff the freedom they need to develop and implement processes, and also the freedom to pursue their own personal development in sales. Because in sales, every door is open to you!   

Team Leader, Vorwerk Thermomix

The demands on a team leader are so diverse that the job is always exciting. At the same time, I can organize my working hours to fit in with my family and earn a good income. I really enjoy inspiring other people with my own enthusiasm for the Thermomix and attracting new colleagues to the sales team. The best thing about my job, though, is being able to lead other people to success.   

Director Sales, Export Kobold Division, Vorwerk International

As an American living in Switzerland, I feel at home in two cultures today. Cooperating with people in more than 30 countries is all part of a day’s work for me. And plus, I frequently have the privilege of meeting international Vorwerk customers and hearing their opinion about our products “straight from the horse’s mouth.   

Vice President Local Market, Vorwerk Carpets

Vorwerk is a family-owned company rooted in tradition, a reliable employer and very much a household name in Germany. My work in internal customer service is extremely varied and also calls for short lines of decision, a sense of personal responsibility, independence and passion. Vorwerk Carpets in a nutshell: down to earth, open, close to its employees and with great team spirit.