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Commercial Flooring News

Wallpapered Stairs

“Most people think that wallpaper is just for walls. But you can wallpaper almost anything – including a staircase that needs sprucing up. If you want to give some colour to your home, wallpapering the step risers is a great way to do it.

Light up the boring stairwell by adding extra style and life to this area. Go for different shapes and geometric designs in similar tones and shades, but with a visible difference in each following step. Do not fear to combine incompatible colours, as the contrast is exceptionally appealing nowadays. Play with the patterns and unique combos, there are no rules here. You can even paint just the middle of the borderline of each step and let the wallpaper do the rest of the magic.

Feel free to experiment but keep in mind that the design needs to be adapted to the general style of your home.”